Friday, July 23, 2010

Crisis on Infinite Arts - Marko Djurdjevic's SDCC'10 X-Men Poster

Cick here for the ridiculously huge full sized version.

Marko Djurdjevic wow'd us with his Spider-Man mural a few weeks ago.  He's back again for Comic-Con with an X-Men version.  Hit the above link and enjoy the beautiful eye candy.

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twobitspecialist said...

This guy is awesome.

Matt Duarte said...

Hey, Havok and Polaris are there! I guess we might see them again sometime this year then?

Flip The Page said...

Daken Daken Daken Daken Daken JUBILEE!

... Yet no Chamber. to not have chamber in his apocalypse-lite form yet have Apocalypse in the image bodes poorly for me (though it's clearly not continuity-based, as Shatterstar indicates to me)

Ivan said...

Magneto on the "evil" side.

Radlum said...

The only that annoys me is the absence of the New Mutants; I mean, the Blob hasn't had powers for the last five years and he is there, while Sunspot or Karma are completely absent.
Ok, fanboyish whinning aside, this is an awesome picture. I'd like to have Djurdjevic's posters decorating my apartment walls

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