Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Crisis On Infinite Arts: Marvel's Thor and Captain America Teaser Posters

Marvel have just released two advance teaser posters for their next two big flicks to hit the big screen, Thor and Captain America: The First Avenger. Both are only concept art but that doesn't stop them being gorgeous and indeed very awesome, and as they are to be given away at this week's SDCC I think that's pretty cool. Both films are a little way off hitting screens but it's nice to get a look at these widescreen paintings and hope it gives us some kind of indication of what the movies will feel like. Hit the jump to see the images in full....with commentary!

This is the sort of smoky epic I'm looking for in my Thor viewing pleasure. He's got the big hammer, Loki's got the massive horns and a spear just as sharp, and they're fighting on what I can only hope is some sort of shifting lava based platform. The pundits of Asgard watch on as these brothers fight towards only one victory. It might be a slight riff on the battle between Thor and Beta Ray Bill and I'm fine with that. It's a great set up and I honestly don't think cinematic audiences are ready for the horse headed Korbinite.

This teaser image gets an A+ from me because it shows that their movie is going to be relatively heavy metal. Though the live action images released so far have been a little too shiny for my liking this sort of production art shows me the emotion they are hoping to convey in motion. This movie is going to put the thunder into the god, I just wonder if they'll use some Led Zeppelin and have the same amount of balls that Iron Man had in using Black Sabbath.

Also, don't get this confused with the Doctor Voodoo covers which I think it bears a striking resemblance to.

It might look like a production still but it's actually just concept art. This piece is interesting in its duality. The brightness of good behind Captain America as he comes storming into the mired darkness of warfare. It looks like this WWII Cap flick is going to do its best to show us the brutalities of war in gritty, visceral detail. I'm hoping for a very Saving Private Ryan vibe, just with a guy with a bright blue helmet leading the charge.

The Cap suit looks extremely functional, which I dig, but I wish we could see more of the helmet. It looks a little too sleek in the forehead for my liking in this image which leads to some very creepy eyes. I get the feeling that there will be plenty of time for Steve Rogers in the war with the suit on but the helmet off as he talks to troops and the helmet will only be used in battle scenes. Comic characters always come out of the mask/helmet/cowl because studios pay big money for these actors and the audiences want to see them to. So, in saying all that I can completely see Evans looking great in just the suit, sans helmet.

This teaser image gets a solid B from me because it gives me some idea of what the character will look like, and the war setting, but these aren't new things. I've seen plenty of WWII in images and movies, whereas I've never seen Asgard before. I would like to see some Cap images give me a more specific feel or setting to how the movie will go. If it's going to be a straight up WWII flick like we've seen before then maybe show Cap doing something more than just deflecting a bullet with the star spangled shield.

Speaking of the shield, I have to say I'm possibly a little disappointed that he not wielding the more elongated shield instead of the circular model. Who knows, maybe he switches to the round deflector later in the flick and that period is what this art reflects. I won't try and call it too early or complain.

Overall, this teaser image is pretty decent and gives a further idea of the more raw path this movie might take. I, for one, am happy with this decision.


If I were at SDCC I'd snag both of these if I could. They're pretty damn cool and they look forward to two films I am very keen to see. It's nice that Marvel is even offering anything for flicks that won't be released for a year or more away. As far as free swag goes, this is top shelf. What do you think of these posters, let us know in the comments.

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twobitspecialist said...

I thought Thor and Loki were fighting in space in the concept art. Still cool.

Matt Duarte said...

The Thor one is clearly the superior one. It's pretty damn epic.

I'm not completely sold on the Cap costume. I kind of miss the red stripes.

Wez said...

I think these are both incredible.

I prefer Thor as a character but the Captain America one reminds me of the end battle of Saving Private Ryan.

Ill be hunting these on ebay for sure.

Anonymous said...

the Thor one totally has a 1994/95 fleer marvel trading card vibe which i fricking love. Loki's horns are awesome.

Kirk Warren said...

@Anonymous 4 - There are some photos floating aroudn showing off Loki's horns from the movie if you haven't seen them yet. I know most were disappointed that one close up shot with Odin, Thor and Loki didn't show him with horns, but he does have them in the film and they looked great.

Nuv said...

The Cap one is pretty cool looking, but it's made to look plain next to the epic Thor one. If they capture the mood of this piece in the movie, it's going to kick loads of ass!


twobitspecialist said...

@Matt - Don't forget the wing tips on Cap's helmet.

Wez said...

Caps costume will most likely change when he's unfrozen and you have another chance to get wingtips and stripes!

His WW2 outfit looks more functional than anything.

Anonymous said...

I really want movie cap to be a bit more like ultimate cap . I mean overall mainstream may be better. I want the badassry of ultimate cap. Can't remember when 616 cap was badass.

Anonymous said...

Yahoo. I agree I bought cap super soldier and I was like good story but sneaking into a building isn't badass not for cap I mean

Anonymous said...

Take the ultimate cap badassry and make him live up to being a super soldier . Being a super soldier is not peak human. But u do not want the ultimate attitude

Anonymous said...

Theyy should make the movie all ultimates. Can't think of a decent avengers in the past five years

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