Friday, July 2, 2010

Crisis on Infinite Arts - Wonder Woman #600 Pin-Ups

DC marked Wonder Woman's 600th issue with a series of short stories, a new costume and origin and, acting as the spotlight for this edition of the Crisis on Infinite Arts, a series of pin-ups from popular artists, such as Francis Manapul, featured above as my favourite of the bunch, Greg Horn, Adam Hughes, Jock and more.  I've gathered several of these for your viewing pleasure below. 

Adam Hughes contributed this piece.  He was on cover duty for much of Wonder Woman's recent volume before it was renumbered to 600.

Greg Horn, another popular cover artist, handled this piece.  I was actually surprised at how good it looked.  A lot of Horn's work recently has looked stiff and awkward with the more CGI-like drawings. This was my second favourite to Francis Manapul's.

A unique image from Guillem March, of Gotham City Sirens fame, playing up the magical armlets/bracelets.

An eye catching piece from Jock, who had a recent stint on Detective Comics. Love the colouring on this one.

Nicola Scott, of Secret Six and Blackest Night: Wonder Woman, handled this piece.  Odd layout, but I suppose if I could fly, I'd be up posing on pedestals as well. 

Phil Jimenez contributed this beautiful collage. 

There were more pin-ups included in the 600th issue, such as an Ivan Reis page, but I couldn't find scans of all of them.  You'll just have to go pick up a copy of the book to see them all!

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loran16 said...

The Greg Horn one makes it look like the boobs are literally popping out.

The Dude said...

the ones from Jock and Adam Hughes are my favourites among these.
just got #600, plan to read it over the weekend and really looking forward to it!

BUNo. 4 said...

I feel like Manapaul's especially demonstrates how the traditional WW costume works. He makes it look fantastic!

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