Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Dan Slott on a Batman/Daredevil Crossover

Dan Slott considered on his Formspring page what he would write if he had to come up with a Batman/Daredevil crossover. Yes, Dan, you should definitely be getting paid for this, but sadly I don't think we are going to see it any time soon.

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Ivan said...

That DOES sound pretty fun, actually.

Kirk Warren said...

Based on the current status of Daredevil, Bats would probably be investigating Shadowland for possible Ra's al Ghul connections or some such. But I liked how Slott went with Scarecrow/Mr Fear. Most just go straight for Joker stories with anything Batman related in the crossover realm. This one is actually pretty cool in the setup and an unexpected, but great choice for villains. Bendis probably be upset if Slott got the call for a DD/Batman crossover though, ahahaah.

Ryan K Lindsay said...

Sounds like just a strange hash of the original crossover which had Two-Face and Mister Hyde in it (geddit?) but with Slot actually doing it, instead of Chichester, I'd certainly buy it and it'd most likely be pretty awesome.

I'd rather see Dakota North investigate an occurrence only to be lead straight into the arms of Bruce Wayne, and you know she's just gonna love him. She's investigating fires around town and it leads to Dr Phosphorous who attacks Iron Fist. We then get a threeway team up of the Fist, the Bat, and the Devil as they hunt the Dr who is hiding out with Man-Bull and the rest of the freaks who can't go out in public. Then, hilarity ensues, as you should expect.

I'll accept my Spider-Cheque in the mail, thanks.

Ivan said...

How about a Luthor vs. Kingpin turf war?

Luthor can be an awesome Batman villain, IMO.

The Dangster said...

Iunno I like the idea of joker and how daredevil would react to him.

other than that this idea seems solid.

M├ędard said...

They should relase a huge fat Batman Daredevil crossover graphic novel, with Dan Slott's story in it, but also Brian Michael Bendis and Alex Maleev's take on it and a few others.
That would be fantastic.

cheetahmaster said...

Ryan K Lindsay, I'd want to read yours, because I would love to see Luke Cage meet Batman.

Michael said...

I'd love to see pre-crazy Frank Miller write a Batman/Daredevil crossover.

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