Thursday, July 8, 2010

Kirk's Soapbox - A Collection of Random Thoughts Vol 7

It's been a while since I've done one of my Soapbox posts, but I'm here to remedy that today.  In these soapboxes, I pool together a collection of random thoughts on anything comic related that's struck my fancy.  Today's post includes comic book binding, thoughts and speculation on a new Avengers title (yes, another one), vampires and more.  Hit the jump for more and, as an aside, I've re-enabled Anonymous comments (this includes the Name/URL option) for the time being.  If it's abused again, it'll be disabled.  We accept negative or dissenting opinions from our own, but there's a right and wrong way to do it.  If we can't be civil about it, we'll simply have to disable it again.  For now, feel free to let me know what you think in the comments below with whatever commenting option you prefer!

Another Avengers Title?

Fred Van Lente announced on Twitter he'd be writing a new, note the lowercase, Avengers title in the near future.  He was mum on the details, but later said, "When it's announced, I think you'll agree it's the most "Van Lentean" AVENGERS title ever...".  

Additionally, he's been coy with fans, joking about Eurovengers, Great Lakes Avengers and even the Australian branch, the Ozvengers.  The only hint I've been able to glean was the possibility of an Iron Man appearance with the following quote, "Best part of this new project? I get to write my all-time favorite Avenger IN-continuity. Most exciting.".  Van Lente is currently writing Iron Man Legacy, which seems to fit the bill for out of continuity (or set in the past/not current continuity).

However, I'm still pulling for a Cosmic Avengers, which would hopefully come out of his Chaos War, which features several former Avengers, and the Thanos Imperative, the latter of which could offer members from the Guardians of the Galaxy or rebrand them.  Could the image to the left for the upcoming Chaos War be a preview of a possible Cosmic Avengers or other related team in development by Fred Van Lente?

The Vampire Bandwagon

We all know about Twilight and True Blood and the glut of vampire related projects in the works.  Even Neil Gaiman is fed up with it. between novels, television, movies and even comics with the upcoming X-Men: Curse of the Mutants storyline, but it looks like Marvel is taking it one step further with vampire variant covers.  

I have to admit, while I hate the idea of variants propping up sales (a remnant of my 90's collecting during the whole speculator boom and crash), these are actually pretty decent covers.  They aren't just homage covers with vampires on them, which was something that bugged me with the other strings of variants they did, and the few on preview look amazing.  I particularly liked the Iron Man and Red Hulk covers.

This does, however, beg the question - how long until Marvel Vampires is announced?  It can be followed up with Marvel Werewolves and a Marvel Zombies vs Vampires vs Werewolves.

This is Why Male Star Sapphires Should Wear Clothes

Now you see why the Predator will be wearing so much more clothing than the female Star Sapphires.

Greatest Band in the Galaxy

This is easily the greatest band in the galaxy.  

Does Batman Have a "Perfect" Soul?

The above image is from Grant Morrison's Invisibles.  I made mention of it on Twitter a while back, but as more and more plot is revealed with each passing issue of Batman: Return of Bruce Wayne, I keep thinking back to this panel and can't help but think this is exactly what Morrison is using as the basis for Bruce Wayne's return and why the other heroes are trying to stop him from returning.  

Darkseid has set Batman up for infinite lives with his Omega Effect and through these hardships, he will eventually 'perfect' his soul and then it will detonate with a five-dimensional blast and end the entire space-time continuum. 

Meanwhile, at one of the Marvel retreats...

I'm 60% sure this is 100% accurate. 

Why Hasn't DC Announced a JLA Movie Yet?

You know you want it.

Marvel vs Capcom 3 - SHORYUKEN

I meant to do a follow-up post on the original announcement for Marvel vs Capcom 3 during E3 last month, especially when I saw how good this looked in motion and that they gave Deadpool a shoryuken, but never got around to it.  Well, here's the confirmation image for you.  Oh, and why does Deadpool have a shoryuken?  Here's why...

One of the greatest moments for Deadpool ever.  Glad to see Capcom had a sense of humour and let him use the move.

Why I'm Not a Fan of Alex Ross

Don't get me wrong, Alex Ross is exceptionally talented and I can understand his appeal a great deal.  Hell, I still love his Marvels work, but just look at the above image and you'll notice some striking similarities in both models used and composition, right down to the lighting and poses.

We could argue that it's an intentional juxtaposition between the much older JLA image and the recently announced Avengers Assemble print, but this is a common problem I personally have with his work both on covers and in the actual comic - they all look like models posing and the number of models used are limited.  Also, because they are models, they are limited in their ability to pose.  They can't do motion or action poses due to time constraints.

Not all of his art follows this pattern and I'm sure I can find examples that break this pattern, but it happens far too often for me to really enjoy his work.  Similar to how I just see porn faces and tracings from Greg Land whenever I see his work these days, I now only see the one or two sock stuffing models and poses whenever I see Alex Ross, even if I'm not actively trying to find fault with it. 

Comic Book Binding

Unofficial Thunderbolts HC

Comic book binding is a relatively new, but fast growing past time for many collectors these days.  Simply put, it is the act of taking a collection of single issues to a local book binder and having them bind them into hardcovers.  I'm sure there are many collecting purists slack jawed right now at the utter shock and horror of, gasp, ruining the value of their single issues, but many collectors are tired of keeping their books in the closet or storage areas and never reading them again.

These self bound hardcovers provide a viable way to collect out of print collections or those runs, like the Thunderbolts depicted above, that did not even receive trade paperback versions.  They can then display them proudly on their bookshelves for easy access and remove the bulk and clutter of the numerous plastics and longboxes and be able to read and shre their favourite, uncollected stories with ease.

My Brother's Unofficial Flash TPBs

I actually stumbled upon comic binding several years ago and introduced my brother to it and he's really taken to the craft.  He's bound dozens of books, including older, uncollected runs from Batman, Superman, Spider-Man and X-Men as well as Flash and other characters.  He's even experimented with softcover binding, as the above Flash trades show off.  I've seen people post images of rare, out of print runs, like Marvelman or Flex Mentallo, and some have sold on eBay for hundreds of dollars because of how rare they are to find in comic form, let alone a hardcover collection.

Of note, these are labours of love and costs can vary from region to region, depending on the bindery you choose.  Many binderies will likely not have done it before either, but will still do it with proper guidance and a little work on your end.  The process is quite simple and it really comes down to how much you are willing to spend.  I'm going to try and put together a comprehensive guide to binding in the coming weeks, so stay tuned for that. 

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Frank said...

Who is the gal dressed up as Wonder Woman in that pic? She looks spot on! I had always though Bridget Regan from Legend of the Seeker would make a great WW also.

I'm really looking forward to reading more about comic binding. I'm still a little stunned by the idea of permanently altering the books from my collection, but would love to hear more on the process.

Wez said...

Ha. Those Thunderbolts bindings looks incredible.

Anonymous said...

the reason there is not a Jl movie is that it is not beleivble enough or grounded enough for mainstream audiences

Anonymous said...

I dont think they will ever pull of a Jl movie. kinda works only in comics thing

Anonymous said...

"the reason there is not a Jl movie is that it is not beleivble enough or grounded enough for mainstream audiences"

And Star Trek was?

Ian @ Trade Reading Order said...

Very interested in that binding guide. Looking forward to it!

Anonymous said...

yes . sci fi has a large market.

think about it . it takes like 4 good movies as a prolougue for avengers and to rake in viewers. It took like 4 moviesto get batman right . suprman has never been right. superman returns was awful. wonder woman non existant. or flash or aquaman nor is any other dc superhero. Nolan has batman in his own universe and putting people that can flyy would ruin the tone, setting and belief of batman. maybe in 15 years though.

I am a dc fan but that is the truth

Anonymous said...


sadly I agree . I doudt they will ever pull off a JL movie

Anonymous said...

yyay for anonymous people !!! we generate more debate and discussion thenthe bloggers ;) :L

twobitspecialist said...

My Two Cents:

Cosmic Avengers - So now we'll have 5 Avengers titles? I hope the roster will not be re-using members like the Avengers and New Avengers have.

Vampire Variants - I don't necessarily go for variant covers, especially when they have nothing to do with the story, but, man, Jessica Jones as a vampiress? Me want!

Marvel Execs - I have always thought that Joe and crew don't care about comics like the fans do.

JLA movie (also response to that anon) - The Justice League worked exceptionally well in the animation department for several years. I don't know if that means anything, but I think a movie could be done. I mean, Marvel is doing an Avengers movie, but that movie is building off material established by 5 movies. JLA would work great if it did the same thing, I think.

Deadpool - Didn't even know he had a shoryuken. Great stuff.

Comic Book Binding - I would freak out at the thought of having my funny books "disassembled" (see what I did there?), but, boy, does that look at a great business venture right there.

Also, I wish they would collect the early Thunderbolts stuff.

MisterSmith said...

Those bindings are awesome looking. I definitely would like to see/read more on it.

twobitspecialist said...

BTW, you anonymous people better behave! I did not miss one of you. Not one!

Anonymous said...

@twobit. Ow a dagger in my heart LOL. Well someone did as it seems after 2 comments a feature the weekly crisis seemed to want us back. I don't know what your problem is really. The discussions were always better (apart from the odd bad ones) and after the anonymous was gone the site only got 1 or 2 comments

Anonymous said...

Shut up twobit. You are a hippocrit. You exactly like the people saying that the site is biased just to cause a fight. The comments have all seemed to be positive and intresting apart from one. Yours

Eric Rupe said...

I wouldn't be surprised to find out that Time Warner is waiting to see how the Avengers movie does before they go forward with a JLA movie. Personally, I think the Avengers movie is going to flop badly since a)it requires three franchises (Iron Man, Thor and Captain America) to produce big hits, which is counting on a lot, and b)everyone who liked Iron Man might not care about Thor or Captain America, which Marvel seems to be forgetting. That kind of genre mash-up(sci-fi, fantasy and war/spy) might work in the comics but I doubt it would with a mainstream movie audience. I could end up wrong though.

Also, the last thing comics need right now is another Avengers book. Seriously, there are too many as it is.

Brian Dickey said...

Yeah, book binding was an excellent discovery I made earlier this year. Managed to get my Morrison pre-B&R Batman run collected into two nice black volumes. Then went ahead and slapped a nice, ostentatious R.I.P. on both volumes' sides, since well the entire run is Batman R.I.P. to me, not just the arc entitled that.

Anonymous said...

Spartan Twobit. Grow up and stop trying to cause tension. If you didn't miss us why are joining in on a disscusion that three anonomous people started. Please stop trying to cause a fight it is childish

twobitspecialist said...

You're a coward, anonymous #14, for insulting me while not giving a name. Let me finally stoop down to your level like this:

I'm better than you because I sign with my name. End of story.

Anonymous said...

It won't flop. Script plot and story aside many people will won't to see a blockbuster with special effects and big actors . Avatar for instance was terrible but did well

Anonymous said...

How am I a coward you are the one that made the comment. How am I ? I do not like to give out personal info plus I was thinking about it but the site did not generate much discussion lately so I did not bother. It may be an insult but it is the truth . You were the one that insulted the anonymous comments when they were having a great and positive discussion for this feature. Grow up.

twobitspecialist said...

Anonymous 19 - If you missed TWC, why didn't you comment in the last three weeks? I did. Someone else wants to be the troll, and that's you.

MisterSmith said...

I can feel my commenting privileges going away any moment now. Thanks guys.

Anonymous said...

Spartan Grow up two bit it seems 19 wants to be the bigger man and leave but seem desperate to derail the discussion. Just stop. Anyways here is a Q I they were a JL movie who would be the big 7?

Anonymous said...

Would twobit and the other anomouz shut the fuck up and stop ruining this

Anonymous said...

Ignoring twobit and others can someone explain to me what's the big deal with collecting comics and binders. Is it just for collecting or are you wanting to sell them later in like twenty years or just because it looks nice. It's I am a non geeky reader (no offence intended) but I do buy comics mainly on the iPhone like invincible for plane journeys or car ytrips or just plain fun .

Ryan K Lindsay said...

I am super-psyched for an Avengers movie but it is a stretch to see how all those genres will mesh. I guess some of those characters will just have to leave their tropes behind and work with the scene at hand.

@Anon25 - I think the idea for book binding is that it then fits on a shelf easily and is more accessible to be re-read. I don't think many are doing it for some perceived up in value, at least I hope not because I can only think this action would only cause a drop in what it's worth - it's not the actual collection and it's not mint floppies anymore. I figure it's just for people that want them easily put together, not in bags, and easier to transport for reading on long journeys - no one wants to sit on a plane with 30 floppies, ha.

And finally:

Alright, I for one am happy to have full comments back, so let's keep it that way one and all, and it's simple with this policy: Do Not Feed The Trolls. Plenty of anonymous' are here for real comments so let's discuss, those who aren't can be ignored. Completely ignored. Alright, let the good times roll people!

twobitspecialist said...

Just for the record, it was anonymous #9 who started this whole thing with his "anonymous are better than bloggers" non-sense. Never mind that I contributed to the discussion (as I normally do) in the next comment.

twobitspecialist said...

Dang it, I was posting at the same time as Ryan. Sorry, man.

Anonymous said...

@Ryan and what about the people that sign are total trolls aka twobit? and what comics would you like to see on the iPhone? Mine is deadpool and young avengers and adventure comics conner era

Kirk Warren said...

@Anonymous #25 - I believe most enjoy reading them first, but many treat it like how others collect cards or stamps or other random things in that the hunting down and searching through backissue bins and what not are a major part of the hobby and fun to them. That moment of finding a great deal on a rare backissue you were missing or goign through quarter bins for random finds means a lot to many. I doubt anyone is seriously collecting for monetary gains down the road, but mroe for the joy of collecting and reading the books.

As for the binding aspect, I like the ability to display the books on the shelf and pick one up and read it at any time without fumbling through plastics and longboxes in the closet to find what i wanted to read. It's similar to getting the trade or hardcover, but for comics that will never get a trade, like the Thunderbolts and Flash trades shown above. Those won't get trades, let alone hardcovers. My brother even went and made replica index and other back matter for the trades with pages he printed out that look and match up with official trades of newer runs from DC so they look and read like official copies. He can now just read it at any time and they end up taking up less space.

Now, obviously, you aren't someone this will likely appeal to since you read primarily digital copies and on the go, but for people that find themselves switching to trades or looking to personalize their collections, these offer some very unique ways to do that. It's similar to sports jerseys. Sure, you could put it ont he wall with a pin or nail or something, but then there's people that build glass display cases or manaquins or some that add images and pucks and other things to a display case to further personalize their cherished mementos. Binding adds that little extra to comic collecting. Some will love it, some won't, some won't see the point while others will find themselves mapping out entire series of comics to bind.

Finally, as for monetary gains, I've seen some of these bound volumes on eBay go for far more than the single issue runs, such as say a Thunderbolts run completley bound (or the Busiek/Fabian era at least), which isn't burning up the charts in prices and can be had for relatively cheap if you find it listed. Others might not find as much return on the investment. I don't think most will be doing this with the intention of making money off it, but you could easily get your money back if you sell the finished product.

Anonymous said...

I'm sorry I don't want to kick off anything but twobit you did start this. Iwant to see secret six on iPhone

Kirk Warren said...

@Anonymous #25 & Ryan - Actually, you'd be surprised at how much some of these bound books can sell for. People have bound original Amazing Spider-Man Stan Lee comics and they still maintain value and sell for quite a bit. As I mentioned, some Marvelman, which has trades that are extremely rare and valuable and far more than the single issues, sold for quite a bit. The Flex Mentallo Morrison/Quitely book is out of print and caught up in copyright problems and the bound version sold far more than the comics were worth. It really depends on whats going on. You could put something up and have it sell for less than what you paid for the books and binding combined. You could make a killing. Depends on the people viewing th eacution, the perceived value by others and so on.

HOwever, as Ryan mentioned, most aren't doing these for profit or some perceived monetary gains, but for personal enjoyment. You put a lot of time and effort into laying out your binding projects (the issues youll include, order for crossovers, do you include this random issue or just a few pages from it, collecting allt he books you want to bind, doing up covers or index pages, binding colours, binding type [buckrum, leather, etc] and countless other small details) and it's sort of your baby at that point and you get a lot of satisfcation out of seeing the final product as well as showing it off.

Kirk Warren said...

Hmm, that original comment gave me an error message about length, so did a short one. Both seem to be displaying now. Ah well.

Matt Duarte said...

If it is indeed Cosmic Avengers, I wouldn't get too upset about it, because honestly it would probably just be Guardians of the Galaxy plus Herc, Cho and some other Avengers-like members. Obviously, an "Avengers" brand/logo on the cover means that it might sell more initially, which is probably why they would go with that name.

Ryan K Lindsay said...

Children, play nice ;)

@anon29 - man, I really want to see the iPhone explode with some more content. Marvel might as well continue offering great little gateway issues, and not just the usual stuff, or exactly the stuff I'm after. If there's a comic I like I've generally already bought it, like most of their initial free content, but stuff like Loeb's Hulk, golden free output. They should drop tastes of the start of great run's or storylines.

They should do these comics because I'd be interested, and you never know, maybe even hooked, but I'd never buy (I'll list some DC as well):
Way's Deadpool #1
Secret Six #1
The start of Fraction's Iron Man Most Wanted arc
Punisher MAX from Ennis
Power Girl from Palmiotti and Gray

That sort of thing. I think it'd be a great hook that people can then chase up in trades, or buy the rest of the issues digitally, whatever works for them.

Ryan K Lindsay said...

I'd probably also dig on some one page Wednesday Comics style stuff on the iPhone, but are they allowed to charge only 10 cents though iTunes? Imagine S.W.O.R.D. making a glorious return one big page a week, or something like that? I'd be in for it.

Anonymous said...

Defo secret six it would really help sales plus geoff johns titans

Anonymous said...


@ TWC staff, thanks for giving us the anonymous of the world, the chance to post again, I really wanted to post with the other ways but as you may have noticed by now I am not very good at it (and it seems that some of the other anonymous aren't either).

I have been following the site but wanted so bad to post again. I hope this time the "anonymous posting" can continue for good!

Hey I'm a DC fan and I'm really dissapointed with the Jonah Hex movie (I even think that the ang lee's hulk was better than this crap)

Finally what would be great is a crossover of deadpool vs lobo. That would be just nuts, written by G. Johns and F. Nicieza and with art by jae lee... 'nuff said!

The grat anon

MisterSmith said...

@Ryan I would love to see a anti-Wednesday Comics (so to speak) like that. Instead of making it really big, make it small and formatted for that kind of design. A panel daily could work, I'd think.

Anonymous said...

@"The great anonymous"

I'm pretty sure that nobody missed you. For people like you is that fanboys get a bad name and reputation. Do us a favor and grow up getting a life at the same time if that is not difficult for you. Geez I hate these guys

twobitspecialist said...

@Ryan S. and MisterSmith - Are we talking about a "Daily Strip" type of thing for iPhone? Because that idea could have wings. I'd love to see it happen.

@Anonymous #40 - What is your problem? You give anonymous folk a bad name, moron.

Ryan K Lindsay said...

Just ignore it, people. Ignore it forever, and smile.

YES, I'm stoked the Great Anon is back, I missed him greatly. Welcome, once more, into the fold good friend.

As for this anti-Wednesday Comics idea, having things on the smaller scale for the iDistribution channels, I think it would work great. Sure it would be different, and not exactly a comic, but I've been trying to get some ground behind this type of idea for a while now. I originally thought that Marvel could do it as a free webcomic but the iApp would be even better. A panel a day, page a week, I don't think it would matter so long as they used creators who don't completely suck (and I think a lot of great creators could fit in a page a week) and if you made it characters not currently being used, like S.W.O.R.D. or Herc, or anyone like that then I think the fans would like it and it wouldn't be too much to ask for.

I know some will say "who cares about those lower tiered characters?" but if we did it with Spidey it'd either be seen as second rate, a watse of time, or cheating the buying consumer by having to get more story elsewhere, but if we used it as a proving ground for characters that aren't quite holding their own monthly down then some buzz could be generated and maybe a trade, ogn, mini, ongoing could be better negotiated.

MisterSmith said...

I'd be all for an Iron Fist series like this. Even if it was just him punching guys in the face every day, it would still make it the best comic (web or print) being published.

Ivan said...

Meh, I don't mind that Ross art. It's clearly meant to be a reference to his early JLA work, and I don't think he publishes nearly enough stuff to get "tired" of his art, since it's really one of a kind. I actually found it a bit disrespectful to compare him to Greg Land.

Kirk Warren said...

@Ivan - He's done quite a bit of work, particularly when it comes to covers, between his Earth X triology, Justice, Kingdom Come, Marvels, and as mentioned cover work.

The comparison to Greg Land does not call him a tracer nor is it insulting in any way. I react similarly to both artists works for different reasons and that is what I stated.

And I wouldnt call his art unique. He's not the only painter in comics - just one of hte first and managed to get attached to two very good writers major projects early in his comic career.

If I had used Salvador Larroca, who's recent Iron Man work bugs me much the same as Greg Land's current output, would you react the same way? The point of the comparison was to show I have difficulty looking past his use of limited numbers of models and pose restrictions for real life models (they cant contort for logn periods of time or do major action poses like comic book characters are typically shown in), which is exactly the reaction I have towards people that use excessive photo referencing in their work. That's all it meant.

Ivan said...

Yes, I see your point more clearly now.

But I still think there's enough "buffer zone" between his works to avoid fatigue, and by unique I meant that no other painter evokes the "Superheroes looking real" gimmick quite like Ross does.

Eric Rupe said...

Wow, I have a completely different attitude toward Ross. I think he's the perfectly example of why "real looking superheroes" are such a bad idea, if the various movies haven't already done such a thorough job. His characters just always look wrong to me. Superheroes, by their very nature, aren't realistic, at all, and trying to make them do so makes them less unique to me. Instead of playing up their strengths, it seems to want to deny them, which is their fantastic and unreal, in a good way, nature.

Ivan said...

To each his own, I guess. As I said, to me his works are few and far between enough that the gimmick "works". His style is never gonna become the medium standart anyway.

Anonymous said...

@Frank (If you're still checking in) That's Colbie Smulders. She's on How I Met Your Mother. Mondays on CBS. She's really funny, but I don't know if she could pull off WW. Also, MILF.

Anonymous said...

PS (I'm Anon49 too) I was really excited to see that Random Thoughts were back. I missed them.

PPS Can't wait for the binding stuff, looks cool.

The Dangster said...

You know the two Alex Ross images are an homage to a Queen album cover, Ross openly admits to it. I'm not a big fan of his but I did read his book, Mythology and I don't think he traces or anything. He just uses the same models. I think he said he likes doing the lighting as a homage to the queen album and the norm rockwell paiting the right to know.

JP said...

First let me thank you for bringing back the name commenting, I was really disappointed by the change that was made a couple weeks ago.

Second, I loved that "JLA" poster you got, where did you get it, and the costume "Wonder Woman" was wearing would be the costume I would recommend for a woder woman movie, and maybe the comic, (or atleast take the new JMS/Jim Lee costume and replace the short jacket with a trenchcoat).

Third and finally, I am eagerly awaiting your upcoming piece on comic binding, I have a whole bunch of comics and am running out of room to store them, and I would really like to know how to get most of them binded.

Daryll B. said...

Wow..I can use my regular name again...awesome... and a hearty welcome back to the random thoughts let me hit some of them quickly:

Cosmic Avengers makes me long for the days of Starblast... and I am already making a wishlist for cosmic members..

THANK YOU for finally noticing the Alex Ross thing... I loved his art early, but once again he falls into the using the same poses over and over again

The vampire thing at Marvel would be cool...if they recognized their OWN history involving vampires (Midnight Sons, Montesi Formula, Nightstalkers, heck even the Cap. Britain and the M13 Vampire State seemed to be glossed over)

The Male Star Sapphire thing is the reason we wanted to see one during Blackest Night.... just to see the reactions all around to the outfit...

Thank You Capcom for this.... and poor Kitty..*giggle* I remember laughing out loud in the comic shop when first reading those panels

Once I get disposable income, I really want to bind half of my collection... I have gotten sick of waiting for the major companies to collect my favorite stories....

Anonymous said...

At the end of a couple of Alex Ross's trades he includes sections about his process, and he apparently DOES use a lot of human models, which is cool in the sense that he takes the time to do research in the real world and base his art in reality. As you mentioned though, I can imagine it would get repetitive to some people when he only has so many friends and family members, though I've never been bothered by it. Over all I like his more distinctive than most look and his desire to give a more "real" interpretation to characters, although it sucks that the labor tends to limit him to covers.

As for the poster of the Avengers I feel like that's just a solid pose to show off the team. I know that there are more dynamic ways of doing it, but it's straight forward and undistracted. pure unadulterated Avengers standing between villains and those they are sworn to protect!

Michael said...

Dangster: Do you know what Queen cover he's referencing?

The Dangster said...

Queen II

Michael said...

Yeah, I thought it might have been the classic BohRap cover, but I wasn't sure. Thanks.

Mike-El said...

Actually, I think a JL movie is inevitable. They almost pulled one off, a tweeible sounding one at that, just before the WGA strike had it shelved.

I'm much more concerned that WHEN the JL movie occurs, it'll be a teenager-pandering, terrible, rushed, half-baked response to the Avengers movie and it will negate the possibility of us ever seeing a GOOD JL movie for another decade at best (or ever, at worst).

Talk of Chris Nolan helming a Superman project raises my hopes of some kind of cohsive JL project being a possibility one day. But I'd prefer to wait for the right time and the right creative team, then seeing some schlock like "Justice League: Mortal" rushed out just because Marvel is doing a team movie.

natureboyHH said...

Strange that despite being backed up by WB, it could take a few more years before a JL movie starts serious development. But I think its good that DC isn't falling over itself (yet) trying to make one just because Marvel is gearing up for Avengers. WB and DC will do it when the time is right, especially with the production cost involved.

Before that happens though it'd be great to first have GL on the big screen. I think the character of Hal Jordan has great potential.

Despite heavy use of models and references, Alex Ross delivers well most of the time. Its not hard to appreciate his work, as long as we don't see too much of it. Unfortunately, Kirk may have seen too much Alex Ross in one day.

Wes Addington said...

Am I the only one hoping that Miracleman is in MvC3?

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