Thursday, July 22, 2010

Pullquotes - Matt Fraction On Alan Moore's Watchmen

Matt Fraction gives his words, via Twitter, into the melting pot that is Alan Moore's discussion about not wanting to do anymore Watchmen related writing.

In Pullquotes, we present a quote and related imagery, to provide a source of discussion and/or thought among our readers. Feel free to comment on the above image.

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twobitspecialist said...

I've never read Watchmen. I saw the film, but everyone tells me it's way better as a graphic novel.

That said, I think Watchmen should be left alone. I'm afraid anybody else, and even Moore himself, would wind up messing up the story he has created by doing a follow-up, and it probably wouldn't live up to the hype.

Anonymous said...

Twobit seriously man no offence but what do you do all day? . You like have the most comments and when a feature gos up you comment straight away. Just curious. Lizzie

Anonymous said...

Quizzzak. @ Twobit Why would you come to that verdict when you have never read the novel? The movie sucked anyway

twobitspecialist said...

@Quizzzak - Because I've been around. If Moore or Fraction were to come out and say that they are working on a sequel to Watchmen, the thing would become ridiculously overhyped and end up not meeting fan expectations. I don't need to have read it to know, because I've seen it happen with all kinds of other things.

@Lizzie - I have no life clearly (that, and I think TWC rules?)

See? I can get along.

Lucho said...

REMEMBER DARK KNIGHT 2! Leave what´s perfect alone!

Kirk Warren said...

I'm not sure if Fraction wanted it for the ability to do a sequel or if it was more a statement joking about the royalties to which I'm of the same mind - gladly take that cash cow off his hands.

Regarding a Watchmen 2, I'm game for something new and different, like what Grant Morrison is supposedly cooking up for Multiversity (I'm hoping the whole asking Moore for concession of sequels/other work was a precursor to Morrison's hopefully still upcoming story). A straight up sequel/prequel story would just plain ruin the story.

btownlegend said...

Rorschach Year One. Limited series. Any creators. Too much to fight off.

PMMDJ said...

Ehn. I am also in the camp of leaving it alone.

The Alan Moore quote I always come back to: "I'd have liked to have seen more people trying to do something that was as techincally complex as _Watchmen_, or as ambitious, but which wasn't strumming the same chords that _Watchmen_ had strummed so repetitively."

brandon said...

DC should make a sequel or prequel to Watchmen. It will sell without question and if it is any good then it might have some long term benefits. If it sucks then it will die away and become a joke. I don't see how it ruins the original.

And Alan Moore can come out of his cave and comment once it is out about how his life's work was ruined and how the bloodsuckers have destroyed something so cherished that he doesnt even own a copy of now apparently.

Steven said...

No one should do a sequel to Watchmen. Not Fraction. Not Moore and Gibbons. No one.

Great works of art or literature should be allowed to stand on their own merits. They don't all need to be lessened by being turned into purely commercial commodities.

Do we need to turn every work of literature into a never ending series of schlock?

brandon said...


Wouldn't you say that DC has an obligation to make material that sells? To that end why wouldn't they create something from that which already has a huge fanbase?

The argument could easily be made that the original already stands on its own merits and always will. Is Miller's Dark Knight really a lesser read because of the sequel?

Michael Edwards said...

Watchmen was rubbish. I hated the book, and the movie wasn't any better. So, I for one don't care if they bastardize it.

Anonymous said...


Dennis N said...

I don't have a problem with sequels, given enough time.

However, there should be a formula for how long you wait, something like:

Impact of the work X Creator's stature / Years since release

I can think of a bunch of other variables, I'm sure someone can come up with a better formula.

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