Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Reader Question - Are You Interested in a Moment of the Day Feature?

Hey guys and gals, with our 3 Year Anniversary coming up, we've been planning some new features and other fun stuff for the blog.  One that's been kicked around for a while was a Moment of the Day feature.  While we can't guarantee a daily update, we were shooting for maybe 3 a week at least.  

Just what is a "Moment of the Day", you ask?  Basically, it'd be similar to our Crisis on Infinite Arts posts where we spotlight one or more images from an artist.  With the Moment of the Day feature, it'd be a random moment from comic book days gone by.  Just an image or two showing something cool or funny or character defining from the past.  One example off the top of my head was Magneto ripping out Wolverine's adamantium.  Another could be Nova defeating Annihilus.  Yet another could be Bane breaking Batman's back.  You get the picture.  It'd be the moment in question, a brief description and issue count.  Just something cool to remind you or introduce you to past stories.

However, what came up in discussions was the timeframe of these moments and the spoiler nature.  Now, we aren't exactly a spoiler free enterprise here.  We're quite liberal with them to be frank.  The difference is we keep them contained to the issue in question or the moments of the week for that particular week.  You know what you are getting into when you read a Batman review.  You get Batman spoilers.  You don't get Spider-Man or Fables or whatever spoilers in a Batman review.  With these, they are sort of past the expiration date for spoilers, but I wanted to get everyone's opinion on it.  

First, are you interested in a feature like this?  Second, should the spoiler/moment of the day image be the frontpage image or should it be a generic Moment of the Day banner and require you to click through to see the actual spoiler?  What timeframe should we use?  By this, I mean how old is old enough to talk about freely?  One year?  Two years?  Five?  What about Vertigo or other indie books that people typically collect in trades upwards of years after the fact?  I'm not too concerned about posting Wolverine's adamantium moment, but say something from 100 Bullets or Fables or even Watchmen and Sandman - those are books that people will read after they're finished and in collections for the first time.  I'm not sure we should have those on the front page. 

Let us know what you think of this potential new feature and the various concerns raised.  Also, feel free to suggest new features or types of posts you'd like to see us pursue in the future as well.  Thanks.

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Chris said...

I think this is a good idea! My thoughts would be to use a generic banner just to be safe, that way none of the anonymous posters can yell at you for spoilers :) Also, I think it would probably be a good idea to use images that are probably older than 5 years or so in order to avoid spoilers and because I think it would be more fun to see older moments/artwork that have a more "classic" feel.

Anonymous said...

I d rather it be kept to marvel and dc. im still gettin fables in trade and wouldntve wanted the boy blue arc spoiled from a random image someday i came here and i definitely dont want future stories i havent read yet from fables spoiled. old marvel and dc is cool though. you know most from the current stories or just general knowledge. its like a history lesson at this point. indie stuff leave out.

Chris said...

Oh also, I personally would be more interested in Marvel and DC images than indie ones, but I'm not opposed to the idea of using indie ones if a lot of other people would like those included.

Jonspach said...

I love the content on Weekly Crisis so I'm all for it. It'd be fun to see the Moments of the Day (of yore) and a quick write up of how it impacted the character (or universe) or how it was swept under the rug.

DoctorMarmalade said...

I'd say that the moments referenced should be at least 3 years old, and should be mostly from ongoing comic series.
I say ongoing because those are usually more cataclysmic than the moments of a miniseries.

Ivan said...

Hell yes Kirk, now stop asking us and get to it. :P

1 year of minimal gap seems fair enough.

Koottie said...

Sounds like a fun way to reminisce, about some of our favorite moments. I like the idea of having to jump to any potential spoilers, and having the spoiler around 2 years old seems good.
I don't care if its dc, marvel, or indie. I enjoy knowing a little about all comics

Koottie said...

Have you guys ever thought about polls?

THE BEATY said...

use the generic banner and have the spoilers afther the jump. I myself have come to enjoy the spoilers. some things that I don't want to read I bcan just have a summary here

red devil said...

yes but dont do anti moments . it gets annoying having to read a rant on loeb , robinson , and millar over a panel

oh and keep the spoilers

Jeremy said...

I agree with red devil, I prefer if you do moments are memorable for being awesome. I'm really sick of just how awful Loeb/Robinson/Millar/JoeQ-OMD/Titans are.

Anonymous said...

Yes, please! One year grace period on spoilers.

forrest said...

Definitely spoilers after the jump. But maybe on the front page put what series and either issue number or storyline name. I don't want a series I'm still reading through to be ruined for me. I just finished Y, The Last Man last night and would have killed someone if they ruined it for me.

Also at least 1-2 years ago for the moments.

Great idea, by the way.

Jank said...

Sounds like a great idea. I think the older the moments are, the more interesting the feature will be (as the newer moments are probably still fresh in our minds) but I don't see any harm in highlighting moments over a year old. People shouldn't be crying foul over spoilers as they'll know that you guys won't hide spoilers.

twobitspecialist said...

I second (or thirteen) these motions.

Anonymous said...

seond the no anti moment . we know you dont like millar but no need for a feature rant over a rude name please :)

Wez said...

Moments of the Day sounds great.

Use a banner to avoid spoilers.

Use every type of comic (Not just DC and Marvel). To only stick to the big two would really spoil the piece.

Bill said...

The spoiler space doesn't work for us RSS folks, so... I'd prefer a larger gap, and to try to stick to ongoings rather than completed stuff. I won't be going back to read X-Men from 2002, but I might go back and read something from Vertigo or an Elseworld or whatever.

Radlum said...

I love the idea, as long as it has a spoiler warning in important cases (we all know Gwen Stacy dies, but the ending of Sandman is not something everybody knows, for example). However, the slow death of SpiderFail makes me worried that something like this can last.

Kirk Warren said...

SpiderFail was just too much extra work for me at the time. Very specific to find failures/joke images for just SPider-Man too. These are imagesIve been saving up from random comics/imageboards/posts/scans daily/etc for a long time, so lot's to pick from already. Just have to upload them at the moment. SpiderFial stuff required me to actually find it, which got harder and harder beyond the few funny ones I had banked over time.

Anonymous said...

yes but no long rants on a moment from a comic that we know is terrible or not in your tastes

TexiKen said...

All Superman. All Krypto. All USAgent. All Mini Marvels. All the time.

The Dangster said...


Brian Dickey said...

I second TexiKen's statement above.

But honestly I'd rather see it stick to more off the capes and tights fare. There are still a good amount of the more "serious" fare from the last 10-15 years that I'm catching up on. While I'm typically the kind of guy that doesn't mind spoilers, I can admit I may have been a little peeved had I seen scenes from the later issues of Y: The Last Man or Transmetropolitan before I ream em. That can probably be solved by a simple declaration of what title you're going to show before the jump though.

Ethereal said...

yes please.

Derek said...

First time/Long time with the ol' Weekly Crisis... I felt the need to finally share an opinion with everyone else!

I think the feature is a great idea when sticking to the "Mainstream". I can't see why anything past a couple years old from the Big 2 would be a cause for *SPOILER ALERT*, seeing as how most of the big moments are discussed with some regularity after the release. Go with the banner showing a portion of the image a la single issue review posts made (Like the recent Shed or New Avengers #2 posts) - and continue it after the jump. I think this idea has 'Awesome' and 'Needs To Happen' written all over it.

And to Anonymous 21, I love the rants usually - always an enjoyable read when you have the same exact feeling as the author of the post, or maybe find some issues you didn't know were there.

Aaron K said...

I think this would be a fun addition. I think worrying about spoilers is probably worrying too much. If you haven't read "Watchmen" yet, don't go browsing comic book Internet forums where "Watchmen" might be discussed and spoiled for you. Weekly Crisis readers are already on notice that possible spoilers may crop up anywhere and have accepted that risk. If there's a trade out, it's fair game. Just run with the awesomest stuff you can find!

james said...

Yes! I love MOTW, so A MOTD would be perfect!

Anonymous said...

I mean this with respect but kirk do you have a job

Kirk Warren said...

@Anon 29 - Yes, I'm Batman.

Daryll B. said...

There are a multitude of moments that you guys can choose count me as a big yes on this....ESPECIALLY with the trademark humor and frankness.... =)

Tim said...

Great idea! It will make this blog even MORE enjoyable! Looking forward to it. I will still read either way...

Space Jawa said...

I can't say I'd care, honestly. I'm not opposed to it, but I can't really see the point, either.

btownlegend said...

Do it.

Hoylus said...

Generic banner and include series and issue details on the front page.

Moments from any comic and give the fanboys a years gap. (if you haven't read it by the time the TPB comes out, then why do you care if it's spoiled?)

Also, I'm a big fan of the anti-moment. As long as the critique is funny and well written.

Dan said...

This is one of my favourite sites on the internet full stop (.) and while I'd read and enjoy M.O.D as much as the rest of what goes up on these pages, I'm happy and thankful for what ever time you put into creating stuff for us to enjoy.

You all do a great job.

homiegfunk03 said...

Make it so.

Innu said...

I buy this

Anonymous said...

I agree with the above comments about generic banner on the front page with issue details at minimum. But some supplemental information before the jump would be somewhat necessary so as to save those of us that can't recognize just from numbers alone. This doesn't have to be work intensive, just something light like "Guess what wacky fun Black Cat got into back in her college days under this lighthearted romp penned by Kevin Smith!" (okay, maybe not as snarky as that)

If you were really flush with time to waste, you could crop/rotate a small portion of the picture to post on the front page (Batman's face as he's kneebent)

blueairplane said...

Sounds good. I think you already have it figured out, though. (Boy, do you know your audience!) I'd definitely say what it's from and keep the reveal after the jump. Not everyone can buy every trade they want as soon as it comes out. I know I've got a huge backlog of trades I'd like to read but can't fit into my budget (or time!) yet.

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