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Weekly Crisis Comic-Con Predictions

It's the road to the San Diego Comic-Con. It starts in just a week and it's always one of the biggest events on the comic scene radar. Announcements are made and plans are laid so we here at The Weekly Crisis thought we should sit down and put our thinking caps on to see if we could crystal ball gaze about what might come down the line at this event. The following is part wish-list and part highly educated guess. Hit the jump to see what we think!

Kirk's Predictions

Marvelman News

We were asked on our Formspring account why we haven't written any primers or Hype Machines about Marvelman yet and it got me thinking about how we don't really know anything about it.  There's some really early Mick Anglo work being reprinted in Marvelman Family Finest right now, but, let's be honest, everyone is more interested in knowing the status of Alan Moore and Neil Gaiman's work than the early works.  I'm hoping we find out some concrete news on the reprint status of their work and, comic gods willing, if we'll be seeing Gaiman or, heaven forbid, someone else will finish his work that was cut short due so long ago. 

Marvel Cosmic Titles

From Chaos War to Fred Van Lente's rumoured Cosmic Avengers title to just plain the return of Nova and Guardians of the Galaxy post-Thanos Imperative, I'm looking for something to satiate my need for some Marvel cosmic.  Green Lantern is already getting a third book, so DC's got me covered on their end, but Marvel is criminally under represented at the moment.  Looking to find out how they are going to remedy this come Comic-Con.

Batman's Status

I doubt we'll get spoiled on the story, but I'm really interested in knowing the status of the Batman family post-Return of Bruce Wayne.  The title implies Bruce is coming back in much the same way Captain America Reborn implied Steve Roger's return, but Rogers is no longer Cap in the current Marvel Universe.  Will Bruce Wayne be Batman post-RoBW?  Will Dick remain Batman? Will DC go the Flash and Green Lantern route and have multiple Batmen post-RoBW?  I'm dying to know what's on tap for the Bat titles and, sadly, I doubt we'll find out anything with the storylines still ongoing, but still hopeful for some hints or rumours. 

Multiversity's Status

Will Grant Morrison be tackling the Multiverse later this year?  Does this project still exist?  Who's going to handle art chores?  There's not much known beyond what was originally mentioned way back when, but I'm still very interested in exploring the Multiverse.

Ryan L's Predictions

Whedon's Avengers

Surely Marvel will unveil a plan for their massive major cinematic mash up, The Avengers. Whedon needs to be finalised, confirmed, and he can then tell everyone else what his plans are. It seems confirmed that we're getting Iron Man, Thor, Captain America, Black Widow and Nick Fury, but with Marvel announcing that Ed Norton won't be invited back for the party it seems we won't get him but the recasting makes the Hulk a guaranteed character as well. I'd hope that we'll find out if a script has been finalised, if Whedon had a hand in it, and maybe what rough plot plan they'll be looking for. With all those hero names we still don't have a villain and if they are hoping that the Jade Giant is going to fill those roles will he do so alone or be a puppet for someone more sinister, like Loki was in that very first Avengers debut from back in the day? So much needs to be clarified so San Diego seems the right time to do it.

Hickman's Plans

I think we'll find out more about Jonathan Hickman's creator owned project, PLUS! I'm betting it'll be an Icon comic and that it will be insane as all hell. I think they'll also mention the next big storyline for the Fantastic Four, as Hickman will be joined by the incredibly talented Steve Epting and there seems to be a plan in place for the next 20 issues or so and I think revealing a tease for this now would be a great idea.

Icon Comics

I just get a feeling that maybe Marvel will announce a few more titles for the Icon imprint. We've just seem Casanova and Scarlet re/launch and we know Kick Ass 2: Balls To The Wall is coming down the line. If we don't get news on any new titles or creators hitting that line then I at least expect Kick Ass 2 will have plenty of hype behind it with new images or something.

Matt's Predictions

Dan Slott's Secret Project

For months now, Dan Slott has been working on a secret project that he can't reveal until San Diego. All signs point to the fact that he is going to become the sole writer of Amazing Spider-Man, in a new twice-monthly schedule. This seems like a very logical choice, as I don't see him replacing any other existing writer in the Avengers franchise, and he is not a big fan of the X-Men so that they would put him there. That being said, I hope they threw us a curve-ball and announce he is writing that no one saw coming, like a revamped Marvelman (just kidding!). Reckoning War would be pretty cool, too.

Cosmic Marvel

We already know a little bit of what's going to happen with the cosmic side of Marvel, with the recently announced Chaos War, but I suspect we are going to be hearing more during San Diego. I love what DnA have been doing, and I hope they stay writing for it, but adding more writers could be a breath of fresh air for the franchises, and hopefully lure in new readers into this awesome little corner of modern comic-dom.


So what has Gail Simone been all this time since she finished her Wonder Woman stint? Sure, she's still being awesome and writing the Secret Six book, and she has a new Tranquility mini for Wildstorm, but what else? DC must have something planned for her, right? I hope we get to hear some of the plans during San Diego.

These are just some possibilities that we estimate/hope/think might occur. What big news do you think will come from the San Diego Comic-Con? Let us know in the comments.

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Akylle said...

God I hope those rumors about Jeph Loeb taking over Marvel Cosmic aren't true.

Anonymous said...

Morrison seems to get better the smaller his arcs are (compare We3 & Batman: Last Rites to Final Crisis and Batman: RIP), so a bunch of punchy one-shots with some different characters should be pretty good.

And given that there will probably be Quietly, Irving, Stewart and JHW3 on them they should at least be gorgeous.

Anonymous said...

Fingers crossed for more Earth One titles, hopefully Gail on Wonder Woman

Wez said...

Dan Slott writes some good Spiderman stories.

I hope he does a long run on it for a while.

Anonymous said...

Jeph Loeb is now head of Marvel's television department, even though Geoff Johns has basically the same role at DC and writes 3.5 titles (half of Brightest Day, Flash, Green Lantern and Batman: Earth One) Loeb doesn't strike me as the kind of guy who could or would want to take on that sort of crazy workload.

ArtfulDodger said...

The way I heard it through my "sources" is that the villains for Avengers are going to be...Skrulls. However, they will be Ultimate Skrulls, and not 616 Skrulls.

Klep said...

@Anon - Loeb doesn't strike me as the kind of guy who could do any kind of writing or plot directing competently, but that hasn't stopped Marvel from continuing to give him work. That said, this is the first I've heard that particular rumor.

forrest said...

There's comics at comic-con? I thought it was just movies and tv. You guys must be thinking of comic-store.

In all seriousness, I can't wait for comic-con so we can get some actual comics news. There's been just about none for the past 2 months because they're keeping it until CC. I was totally surprised this morning to get online and see Remenders new X-Force line-up announced. Thought I'd have to wait another week.

I just want a Thor trailer.

Anonymous said...

I heard that one of the surprises at comic con will be the reveal of a poster with Ryan Reynolds in Green Lantern Uniform, I hope that said uniform is not a crap, that will be a BIG factor in the success or failure of GL.


Anonymous said...

@Subramaniam: that would be great, It seems like we have been waiting years to see a real-life GL uniform...

Ivan said...

I don't know if two Batmen could work as well as two Green Arrows, multiple Flashes, etc. DC is never clear if Batman is considered an urban legend or if the general populace knows of his existence. I think it kinda depends on how that turns out.

twobitspecialist said...

At this point in Batman's history, I think it's ridiculous to think he's merely an urban legend, but then I keep forgetting DC constantly reboots its universe, so I don't know.

Ivan said...

I completely agree with you. I think asking us to believe Batman is an urban legend requires as much suspension of disbelief as Superman wearing glasses as a disguise.

I think it was during Joe Kelly's JLA run that there was an arc in which everything in the world was reduced to it's "common sense" state (it's a lot less complicated than it sounds), and Batman began to fade away because he was literally becoming a legend.

Erica said...

Since Gail's writing Birds of Prey as well, I doubt they'll put her on a fourth book, unless they're announcing for the far, far future. (Even if the Welcome to Tranquility is only a mini.)

I'm hoping we'll hear some more about J.H. Williams III's Batwoman.

Anonymous said...

What dayya said??? Green Lantern poster !!! pleaseeeeeeeeeeeee

Kirk Warren said...

Green Lantern movie poster? Here you go.

Anonymous said...


@Kirk: hey that is pretty good, actually a good suit. Hopefully we can get a glimpse at it after comic con.

Dennis N said...

The Marvelman Family's Finest are actually pretty good.

The Dynamics of Dick and Bruce's relationship don't lend themselves to two Batmen. Connor Hawke, Wally, Bucky, didn't have adult hero identities until getting called up to the super-hero big leagues, while Nightwing was established as his own man for 2 decades before filling in.

Matt Duarte said...

@Erica: Wow, I had completely forgotten that Gail was writing Birds of Prey again. I don't know how I passed over that.

Joe said...

I fully expect an announcement about this rumored Simone/Van Sciver project to be made at SDCC. And since DC just announced Morrison is leaving Batman & Robin, its looking more and more like Multiversity may actually happen.

natureboyHH said...

Re: Bruce Wayne's return, I think a panel in Batman 666 gives the answer. Assuming Morrison will stick to having Damian become the Batman of the future, upon Bruce's return theres going to be two Bat-men (Bruce and Dick) and one Robin (Damian).

If we are to take Batman 666 further, when Damian becomes one year older, Bruce will die. I just don't know if it'll be for good, since Morrison acknowledged Bruce's role in Terry McGinnis' tenure as Batman (Beyond) in Batman 700.

Akylle said...

@Joe: I doubt Morrison is leaving the batverse completely since those interviews with Snyder/Finch made it pretty clear that he's still the architect of all things Batman.

Anonymous said...

now you know there is no Cosmic Avengers and Van Lente is working on something else. Thanos Imperative #3 had a sneak peek preview of what looked like a Cosmic Avengers team, but they are an evil parallel universe of the Avengers the Guardians are fighting in this event.

Reckoning War would have been great but Slott is up to his arms in Spider-Man even though it only ships twice a month.

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