Friday, August 13, 2010

Comic Book Moments of the Week for 08/11/10

Hey fanlads and fangals, Kirk is a little absent right now but before he disappeared he charged me with the Moments of the Week and I swore on a blood oath 'neath the full moon that I would fulfil his destiny and post the Moments while he goes off and takes care of other issues that need not be related here in this loquacious intro. So, here's some sweet moments from this week's comics. Enjoy.

Batgirl #13

Stephanie never gets any respect.  Gordon would never leave Batman hanging like that. 

Birds of Prey #4

White Canary ends up being a new character with an origin tied to Black Canary's past victories over the Twelve Brothers in Silk.

Can someone explain why they play up Black Canary's martial arts background when she can just end any fight with a sonic scream? 

Daredevil #509

This page is significant to me because there were hints/solicits that implied Daredevil had been possessed or was not in control of his actions leading up to/during Shadowland so far.  As Snakeroot, the secret shadow council of The Hand, is stating he had to kill Bullseye on his own, I'm much happier with how Shadowland is progressing knowing it's not some copout mind control/possession that caused him to do everything. 

Odd.  Why wasn't Typhoid Mary shown in Shadowland proper?  She would have been a decent reveal for the event title and they could have fleshed out the introduction like they did in this issue. 

Dark Wolverine #89

With daddy's help (and an 18 wheeler), Daken finally takes down Frankencastle and claims the Bloodstone as his own. 

Green Lantern: Emerald Warriors #1

Motorcycle construct?  Check.  Baseball bat?  Check. 

Failure to communicate?  Priceless.

Nice touching upon the Book of the Black.  I was wondering what became of it and one of my favourite Sinestro Corpsmen, Lyssa Drax.  Oh, and is that first image of Guy vs Kyle (or is that Hal?  Hard to tell with the art) something set to occur in the future?  It's not their fight from Blackest Night as Guy isn't in his Red Lantern costume.

Speaking of Red Lantern Guy, he has the Red Lantern symbol in his eyes and starts bleeding from the mouth.  Interesting.

Incredible Hulk #611

Paul Pelletier is rocking the art on Incredible Hulk.  Like he was born to draw this book.

I know you've been waiting to kill your father for a while, but I'm pretty sure you wouldn't like the Hulk when he's angry Skaar.

Yup, he's angry and you aren't liking it.

Eventually, the two reach an understanding with a little over the top melodrama (I liked it, but I'm a sucker for these things) symbology with Banner's abusive father and his current broken relationship with Skaar. 

Steve Rogers: Super-Soldier #2

Not sure how this works, but you can apparently turn off the super soldier serum.  Good to know.

Superman #702

Man, I know JMS is terrible on Superman, but having him cheat to win with super speed against 1980's stereotypical black youths is really messed up.  Barrows's art is not helping things with how smug he draws Superman with that smirk.  Sadly, this is the best part of this issue.

And why did Superman put a beat down with super speed on these guys?  He witnessed one exchange with the resident 'bad player that no one wants on their team ever' and immediately set about showing everyone how much the guy left out has to to letting him steal the ball from him.  

Yes, build self-esteem and teach them a lesson by cheating to win and building up false hope for the kid by letting him win.  Also, teach him that fitting in at any cost is worth it.  These people treat him like crap and don't let him play with them, yet now that Superman let him steal a ball, they love him and it's all great.  Goddamn, this is some horseshit writing. 

And here I thought we were going to have to wait until he got to Texas or some other border state to get Superman's, sorry, JMS's opinion on immigration.  Superman thinks it's wrong for these aliens to come to not Earth, but America in general, illegally.  He even argues about how his circumstances were different, but completely ignores the fact dozens of other aliens have come to Earth over the course of DC's history, like Supergirl, Krypto, Martian Manhunter, and so on, and he's never had a problem with them. 

And he's not happy debating the fact they came here as illegal immigrants.  Oh no, he's got to rub it in on the aliens that they don't offer anything to America like all the other immigrants that have come through over the years.  Hell, just look at all the technology Superman has shared with us.  Oh wait, he refuses to give humanity Kryptonian technology and cure all of our problems.  Right.  Well, um, he at least let's them stay, right?  While technically yes, he only does so after he has time to think about it and comes back and forces them to share their technology.  Sanctimonious bullshit soapboxing is what this entire issue and run has been so far.

The Thanos Imperative #3

The Aspects (think Galactus power level beings like Celestials and what not) are having a tough time dealing with the Cancerverse invasion.

Marvel advertised with this image of what everyone is calling the Cosmic Avengers and it's kind of run its course on the news cycles, so it's lost a bit of the oomph it originally had, but this is still an awesome page. 

Drax kills Thanos...again.  My theory is that Thanos let him kill him because they are in the Cancerverse and he can't actually die there.  I seriously doubt anyone believes he's dead.  The event is kind of named after him and everything.

Ultimate Comics Ultimate Avengers 3 #1

Stick was training a new kid Daredevil that just happened to have the exact same origin as the original Daredevil to fight vampires.  The vampries somehow have a Hulk vampire and it kills/turns (not sure if he became a vampire) Stick.  

Kid Daredevil lasts a whole 5 seconds before becoming vampire food.  This was after an issue long training montage plus origin sequence. 

Ultimate Comics Spider-Man #13

Loved this splashpage.  Everything about it is perfect.  From the sinister look to the simple text box stating this is not Spider-Man, it all just works perfectly as an opening page.  Instantly hooks you and looks great.

Chameleon takes the Spider-Man costume and webshooters out for a test run and realizes it's a lot harder than it looks after he faceplants on a building.

There's actually two Chameleons - one male and one female.  The female one is holding Peter and JJJ captive and appears to kill Jonah.  I say appear because the gunshot looks odd with the giant puff of smoke, no blood and we never see JJJ fully on the page again.  It's also odd to kill him off and lacks any real impact since, well, he barely ever appears in the Ultimate Universe. 

Great scene as Spidey's Amazing Friends (and awesome Aunt May) realize that Peter's been replaced and resolve to take down the imposter.

X-Force: Sex & Violence #2


& Violence.

X-Men #2

Liked this scene.  They're going to have to work some curveballs into the rotation once in a while. 

After an all out war for survival against Bastion, Cyclops decides that the best way to combat vampires is to resurrect Dracula.  I could not follow the thought process on this one.  And what is with Shaft, er, I mean Blade?  He has tattoos, not hair on his head.  And what's with the handlebar mustache?  Dude looks like he got in a fight with a lawnmower.

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DanMan2814 said...

Yo dawg, I heard you like superdickery in your comic.

Anonymous said...

I liked this . you dont use most moments as a rant unlike kirk.

estelle said...

I thoughyou hate millar?

I actually liked ultimate avengers , but its one of the comics you kinnda need to switch off. did you also see the variant cover by land ...... its actually good

Matt Duarte said...

@Anon #2: Sorry to disappoint, but these were actually written/chosen by Kirk. Ryan just had the job to post them today, haha.

buu said...

actually this was probs the most whiny in a while . please say that moments of the day are not going be used as a rant

Anonymous said...

pretty obvious buu and anonymous 2 are the same guy. gets proven wrong and then posts a caveat. worst part is that the only negative moments are the superman ones making the troll look like a complete idiot.

Klep said...

X-Force: Sex and Violence is the poster child for truth in advertising.

Anonymous said...

dont agree with buu but I do motto the non ranty moments of the day

wally said...

@klep what are you twelve ? is that sex to you? birs of preys poses have more sex then that

Matt Duarte said...

Now that we are inevitably talking about the sex scene... isn't it kind of weird that Wolverine has seemingly no body hair? Did he wax just for the occasion?

spidey 117 said...

I dont think JJ is dead but he does have impact . unlike his counterpart his character has actually progressed and likes spiderman after he saved his life and others . ........ we should get more comments before twobit gets pissed at the anonymous comments (even though we start most of the good disccusions )LOL

Anonymous said...

depends if your gay or a woman you would find it weird . Dont really care to be honest

Anonymous said...

kinda gay matt :L:L

twobitspecialist said...

You rang?

I haven't been able to get to my LCS this week, but I need to buy Daredevil #509 and Hulk #611 (yes, need) because both look awesome.

Tony said...

I was lucky and hadn't seen the image from Thanos Imperative, and had a major, major geek out moment. Beta Ray Bill was just icing on the cake.

Aaron K said...

It's so frustrating to lose a great artist on one of my favorite books to "A-list" titles. First, Paul Pelletier blows away "Guardians of the Galaxy" and "War of Kings", only to transfer to "Incredible Hulk". Then, I lose Olivier Coipel from "Thor" to "Siege". I lose Dale Eaglesham from "Fantastic Four" so he can do "Captain America: Super-Soldier". I lose Stefano Caselli off "Secret Warriors". Now, I lose Paco Medina, whose art completely matched the tongue-in-cheek tone of the writing, from "Deadpool" to "X-Men". No knock on the talented folks who have filled these artists' shoes, but it's always sad to lose art you're fond of to a title you don't read - and I think I've just had a run of bad luck the past year.

Matt Duarte said...

@Anon #12/13: Really? Wondering why a character who is always portrayed as a hairy beast all of sudden has not even some hair on his back or on his arms makes you gay?

Then I guess I'm gay as they come. I better go inform my wife. Wotta revoltin' development 'dis is!

Eric Rupe said...

Kirk's used MoTW to rant about stuff he didn't for a long as I've been reading the site, which is a couple of years at this point. If you don't like negativity then you probably shouldn't be on the internet.

Anonymous said...

I was not against that . I just do not want MOTD to b like that

The Dangster said...

It's Blade's hair. yeah, it's weird as hell.

also, I think Kid Daredevil isn't dead, rather just a vampire now.

mugiwara said...

Superman: Wow, at first I was not interested, but now I may pick up the trades. Old school superdickery with modern art? I'm in (assuming JMS finish his arc)

X-Men. Meh. If I want to see Colossus, Wolverine and some fastballs, I read some of my 80's comics. There are dozens of X-Men available, why do the writers always pick the same? Why not Mercury or Rockslide, who are vampireproof?

Thanos Imperative looks very good, but the casting is too much "all stars" for my taste. Phyla should have been there. Such a waste...

forrest said...

Can someone tell me who that was on the last page of GL: Emerald Warriors? I loved the entire issue, just the cliffhanger fell short on me. To me right now its just Mongul with hair plugs.

Ryan K Lindsay said...

Hey Matt, looks like I caught yur gay because no hair on Wolvie is interesting. Though, it's only his back and I don't think it's necessary to paint all of that in.

And damn, I just reread the intro, thought I'd made it sound like I was only posting not creating, whoops, sorry Kirk, these weren't by me at all. But I like the comments with the moments, if you don't like it just go find your own moments on the net and not have our commentary...

Aaron K makes a great point about losing artists up the chain, and I'd say the same for writers because Iron Fist is gone because everyone moved onto better stuff and Hickman has said he doesn't wait to be tied to Secret Warriors anymore purely because there are other, better, offers coming up and the money is there so he condensed his plan. There's no purity in anything anymore.

I also like how Spidey117 thinks he's that what he's going for? (I use the male pronoun without knowledge, though) If you have a comment just lay it on us pal, no need for disclaimers. But thanks for starting the good discussion (man, I'm sick of hearing that, it's like the new anon campaign slogan, ha ;) Even if true, that's like me saying, hey, I write all the best articles on the internet. It's just not done (nor is it true).

Finally, Matt, looks like anon13 doesn't like your sexual orientation (great discussion there, anon, ha) but I'm curious about his little faces, has your gayness given him palsy, or perhaps turned half of him vampire...maybe he's drooling at the sight of you. Tell your wife this revoltin' development just got humid.

I'll right, I'm out, Saturday morning rant over, but I hope everyone sees it was all actually tongue in cheek...

Aaron K said...

@mugiwara - Since Phyla-Vell was killed by Thanos, I think it would be awkward to feature her in this event. Moondragon may have been in love with her, but hopefully not enough to drag her dead body around with her everywhere.

I'm not sure what "all stars" you're really referring to either. Other than Beta Ray Bill and Silver Surfer, everyone else in Thanos Imperative has been regularly featured in Dna-penned titles over the last year. This is DnA's cast! Who do you want? Those Imperial Guardsmen from RoK:IG? I've already forgotten their names.

Anonymous said...

:L that is a laughing face ryan :)

and come on please dont tell me your as overly political correct like scans daily

Jormungand said...

Now that Ryan hogged the credit for Kirk's post, could this cause some sort of Weekly Crisis War, with different colors (Kirk mauve, Matt pink, Christine electric crimson, Ryan S apricot, Eric yellow, Ryan L color blind) and Anonymous Registration Acts and such? Can't wait for the next frontline report.

Sean said...

Re: Black Canary -now that it's pointed out it's really strange since she's supposed to be so adept at her powers that she can negate any collateral damage.

Incredible Hulk looks really good; I stopped reading it completely when Jeph Loeb went and unleashed the Red Hulk on us.

I liked Superman 702 more than you did, but it is a bit more political than I'm comfortable with. And yeah, it's two straight issues of soapboxing now, but I still think it's well told enough for me to look past the flaws.

Green Lantern Emerald Warriors looks incredible, and Guy's getting great badass moments.

Great fastball special but the vampirism and X-Men sounds like Marvel's just cashing in on the interest in vampires.

mugiwara said...

@Aaron. I know that Phylla got killed. That's what I'm complaining about. I hope they bring her back like they did with established characters.
I liked Annihilation because it introduced new characters or brought back some old, underexploited characters. But since then, DNA privilegied the "classic" guys. I was desapointed, for example, that the Inhumans young guards (Tonaja, Alaris...) didn't appear in War of Kings, and that the Quantum Bands were taken from Phylla in favor of a resurrected Wendell Vaughn.
And now there is this line up with people who were already well known 20 years ago. Who I'd like to see? Why not Tyro, Ganymede, Stellaris (oh wait, they killed her too) or the new Nova (from Heralds)?

dizzee said...

do not get me started on daily scans . one time they hadsome scans that had child abuse in it . which is sick , but in a question I asked what makes it right for men to talk about gay fantasys over robin who at that stage was like twelve. scans daily most hippocritical site you will ever find.........although the scans do get a lot of people into comics (me included)

Eric Rupe said...

"But since then, DNA privilegied the "classic" guys."

But that's how superhero comics work because readers only really care about classic characters. Of course the original Quasar came back, he has more fans.

Not to mention that the books have been drifting towards cancellation since the end of WoK so that means either messing with the status quo, which the cosmic books probably can't too much of any more, or a return to the "classic" set up in one way or another, which is what the cosmic books are doing.

Aaron K said...

@mugiwara - I don't think Annihilation really did what you think. At the time, there weren't any cosmic books, so no one had a lot of screen time. But, the main characters were the biggest cosmic players in Marvel history: Nova, Star-Lord, Drax the Destroyer, Silver Surfer, Galactus, Thanos, Super Skrull, Captain Marvel (the new one, but still), Firelord, Ronan. None of these were new or obscure characters. The only new folks around were Cammi and Praxagora, and neither of them were major players, though I enjoyed them both.

If DnA enjoy the characters they've chosen to work with, I think we should encourage them to do so. Since Annihilation, we've been blessed with perhaps the best run of Marvel cosmic stories ever. I'm not going to complain about the cast, especially since it's been large and changing over that time.

Anonymous said...

In the earlier run of BoP, Black Canary is captured by Savant and her vocal cords are damaged, leaving her unable to use her sonic scream. After she finally does escape, she vows to become the best martial artist she can so she won't be such a one-trick-pony in the future. Now, Gail writes her in such a way that Black Canary is a fighter first, and a "super screamer" second :)

Daryll B. said...

-Way to make them work to kill you "daredevil". Sheesh, has anyone seen vampire movies pre-twilack?

-Last week it was that Deadshot pic...this week it the "Cosmic Alliance" and Pellitier's Hulk.. Posterize powers activate!

-Black Canary doesn't like to brag..and prefers to pummel your a$$ with her fists and feet...

-I think I am in love with the new a$$kicking Aunt May... Can we call the new Spidey Friends "May's Dangerous Alliance"? Or May's Horsemen?

-Damn Jubilee! NOOOOOOOOO!

-Only thing you guys missed this week was some of the Booster Gold scenes with Big Barda. Total comic gold... but other than that let me give props to Miller with Batgirl. This issue was loads of fun.

Anonymous said...

@mugiwara Rockslide and Mercurymight be a better choice to fight vampires sine neither has any blood

Anonymous said...

cool story bro

sdelmonte said...

Ultimate Aunt May rocks.

So does the old school version, sometimes, but the new school May Parker is all kinds of awesome.

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