Friday, August 20, 2010

Comic Book Moments of the Week for 08/18/10

Moments of the Week are live and we've got some great moments to go through this week.  There's Cloud 9 reverting to her carefree self again, riot at the Raft in Thunderbolts, Dr Doom's advice on how to make an appearance and so much more. 

 Age of Heroes #4

Cloud 9 ditches the grimdark sniper killer motif in favour of just being the fun character she started out as.  Not sure how she got so far off the tracks since her first appearance, but this is definitely a step in the right direction for the character.  And, uh, shouldn't Steve Rogers have sent out a memo or something to tell people they aren't under the registration act anymore?  Cloud 9 shouldn't have to be told face to face after the fact that she doesn't have to work for a now non-existent goverment agency...

Amazing Spider-Man #640
OMIT let us know that Spidey still revealed his identity to the world in Civil War.  This left the question of how no one knew who he was again in Brand New Day.  Based on the ending of this issue, Spidey contacts Dr Strange, who then meets up with the rest of the Illuminati (well, Reed and Tony anyways) to discuss how they can help him.  As the issue ends, I'm under the impression Tony and Reed handle the science/real world stuff (public records, video, etc) while Dr Strange will do the global mind wipe on everyone.  Should just take a lesson from the Flash and ask the Spectre to do it.

Avengers Academy #3

Looks like Speedball isn't quite over his Penance trauma yet.  Moonstone comments on his powers having the blue glow of Penance (Speedball's were always orange energy projections) later as well.  Seems he still needs pain to activate his powers, but doesn't want the gimp costume.

Hazmat is my new favourite character.  Reference provided if you didn't quite get what she meant by the anime pillow comment.

Hazmat also leads some teammembers on a sidetrip visit to Norman Osborn during their Raft adventure with the intent to kill him.  As Ozzy's getting a miniseries later, he obviously won't die or be freed, so I'm interested in finding out how this plays out. 

Avengers and the Infinity Gauntlet #1

Green Arrow could probably help with the physics behind a hammer arrow.

Silly plebians, doors are for peasants.

Deadpool #26

Deadpool's all kinds of badass AND funny here.

Green Lantern Corps #51

Kyle used the last bit of his energy to send an SOS to an unknown person.  Turned out to be Lantern Hannu, the super powered rock guy that rarely, if ever, uses his ring.  Good choice for taking on people that drain your ring's energy.  Shame they spoiled his arrival on the cover, but was still pretty awesome in action.

New Avengers #3

Spidey x Thing banter makes Thing's choice as a member make much more sense. 

The big bad causing all the magic mayhem in this arc is none other than Dr Strange's master/teacher, the Ancient One

Secret Avengers #4

Worldmind takes back the Nova Force from the possessed Nova and gives it to Captain America.

Shadowland: Power Man #1

New Power Man in action.  He uses craigslist to contract out his services as a modern day Hero 4 Hire.  Only origin we have is he survived the destruction of that building Bullseye blew up at the start of Andy Diggle's run. Came out of the ruins glowing orange.

Hmm, seems like the new Power Man has some daddy issues and Luke Cage is to blame.  Former villain Cage stopped?  Somehow tied to Cage's origin?  Hand ninja say he's using Iron Fist's techniques, but Danny says he never trained him.  Curious and curiouser.

Thunderbolts #147

Riot at the Raft (that didn't take long for new security to fail, now did it?) caused by the Avengers Academy team leads to Luke Cage laying a beat down on everyone in this awesome moment. 

Cage goes on to find Purple Man, who he and his wife have a lot of history with, and lays a WHUD-ing on him.

Cage isn't the only one kicking ass and taking names, as the former US Agent/now "Warden Cripple" shows us here and below.

I love how all the motions look like something someone missing an arm and leg could physically do.  Also, first panel is so Guile's (Street Fighter) Scissor Kick. 

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Anonymous said...

ASM OMIT is a decent story. If they wanted to break them up doc strange could have twiched the timeline so the unmasking never happened with the unfortunate consequence of them never getting married due to some butterfly effect mumbojumbo. That way they split to protect ALL of his loved ones, not save soon-to-die granny... no offense

Chris said...

"Spidey x Thing banter makes Thing's choice as a member make much more sense. "

My thoughts exactly, I love having those two on a team together.

James said...

you know whats sad . the warden is more kick ass then captain america haas been for years. I dont want him to have the ultimate cap personality but can we actually see him live up to the super soldier status?

mugiwara said...

*I have mixed feeling about Cloud 9. I'm glad that she is free from the Initiative, but one page to tell us that she is heading to limbo is a desappointment.

*ASM: Makes sense that the Illuminati erased Spidey's identity from people's memories. Didn't they already did the same with Sentry's existence in Jenkin's mini? Nothing better than experience.

*Academy: how could you miss Valkyrie giving a lecture about feminism and dildos :p

*Tbolts: US Agent is growing in me. But desapointed that the Academy trainees didin't really appear in the comics.

*Infinity Gauntlet: There were fun moments, but it was one of the lamest comics ever. The art is horrible and the story incredibly stupid (even for a comics aimed to children).
Spidey being designed as the scientist of the team (while Iron Man is still around), and Doom being like "you already have a scientist, but you'll need a wizzard" is major facepalm material.
I love Atomic Robo, but looks like Clevinger wasn't the best choice to write super heroes.

onefinemess said...

That Thunderbolts issue was just all kinds of awesome. Gives me hope for the title.

Although Crossbones just needs to die, not get superpowers.

Anonymous said...

@ james I get ya , whenever I say that they say BUT HE STOOD UP TO THANOS and I say but that was ten or twenty years ago

Eric Rupe said...

"I have mixed feeling about Cloud 9. I'm glad that she is free from the Initiative, but one page to tell us that she is heading to limbo is a disappointment."

As much as I love the characters Slott introduced in A:TI, limbo and obscurity are the best things that could happen to them considering the other option is death.

twobitspecialist said...

Good choices. My personal favorite moment is in Avengers Academy, with Moonstone and Speedball. I still expect him to get his revenge on her someday.

p.golowatschew said...

John "Warden Cripple" Walker is my favorite badass of the week.

Ryan K Lindsay said...

Damn, T-Bolts looks like it is kicking all kinds of ass. Hope it keeps it up.

andrewluckyseven said...

ONE DC moment? Come on, guys. Enough Marvel love, considering that you complain about both major publishers equally. Power Man rules, so does the Warden, but GL only produces one page?

Daryll B. said...

To James and Anon #6 - You guys are just now starting to read Captain America huh? He's taken out a lot of Marvel heavy hitters.. look it up...

Nice to see a bright Cloud 9 ending for now... Abigail was a fun addition in Initiative

REALLY didn't need to see the image of the Asian man and the anime pillow....

It would have been nice to see if there was actually an "aura" in the Speedball/Moonstone scene

Seconded on the Valkyrie "teaching" scene.. that had me laugh out loud at the LCS

Nice to see Luke Cage kick some a$$ and you know Purple Man had that coming....

james said...

No I have read the book for quite some time . yes he has taken down some heavy hitters but not in a spectacular fashion . I am saying that you have never done something badass in ages , even the warden's a bigger badass. Im not a hater but I would want to seehim kick ass some time.

I-VAN the CRIPPLER said...

loved WARDEN "CRIPPLE" kickin ass and takin names...funny thing is that he had to lose and arm and a leg to be so kick ass...:P

Ivan said...

Steve Rogers: "Hey, I revoked the Registration Act. I'm now King of America and can revoke laws on a whim, haven't you heard"?

Fucking stupid.

Space Jawa said...

@ Ivan: Agreed. I hated the idea when they originally brought it up at the end of siege, and some people were thinking that "Nah, it's just being read wrong. They repealed it, that's all".

Hard for there to be any more debate on the matter. Every indication I've seen says the law was just thrown out by people without the authority to do so with no mention of repeal at all. Again I take a page from Morbo and say:


Also, OMIT seems more pointless than ever now. He still reveals his identity, still gets Aunt May shot, and yet he still gets everything undone? What did he have to sell off this time around?

On the bright side, there's still stuff like Thunderbolts, New Avengers, and parts of Infinity Gauntlet to keep the week from getting too grim.

Kirk Warren said...

@andrewluckyseven - I'm not sure what you wanted me to post from DC this week. Here's the list of books they put out:

* AZRAEL #11 Preview Available
* BATMAN BEYOND #3 (OF 6) Preview Available
* BATMAN: STREETS OF GOTHAM #15 Preview Available
* BRIGHTEST DAY #8 Preview Available
* DC UNIVERSE LEGACIES #4 (OF 10) Preview Available
* GREEN LANTERN CORPS #51 Preview Available
* JUSTICE SOCIETY OF AMERICA #42 Preview Available
* POWER GIRL #15 Preview Available
* THE SPIRIT #5 Preview Available
* SUPERGIRL #55 Preview Available
* TINY TITANS #31 Preview Available

I look for moments on various sites and forums for the images. I don't scan them myself. People have to talk about them or tell me about them before hand in order to find images.

Supergirl had some Bizarro Girl stuff, but nothing I could see that was moment worthy, mostly just talking or standard super fighting.

GLC got a moment. There was some good stuff in the issue, but nothing else really stood out from having read the issue.

Brightest Day seems to be picking up with recetn issues, but it was mostly a talking/setup issue from my understanding. No deaths or big fights or debuts or villain reveals to my knowledge.

Batman Beyond was alright, too, but I couldn't find an image worth posting. Maybe the person Terry meets near the end, but didnt see a scan anywhere.

DC puts out less books. That's a fact. Less books mean less moments. If you know of any standouts that are missing, like for every motw, feel free to post a link (Imageshack or photobucket are good for uploads and free) to the image or just let us know what is missing that was awesome or moment worthy.

Flip The Page said...

man, Parker just seems to know how to make Walker awesomer and awesomer with all his Thunderbolts appearances. Amazing.

Anonymous said...

can we have a review of new avengers? I know there was a lot of bendis speak but I loved it

Anonymous said...

I'm glad to see luke cage finally owning up to his reputation. the new avengers run that bendis had been doing for the past year just had luke running after his daughter and being all defensive about his family. he had become such a predictable character. i felt like bendis would just brag about how cage could kick ass, but i don't recall instances in which cage kicked some serious tail in the past few months. i guess what i'm trying to say is "i'm glad the real luke cage is back".

Kraken said...

Speaking of OMIT, wouldn't VOMIT be more accurate?

Mike Haynes said...

I've really enjoyed One Moment in Time thus far. It's interesting to see them go back, now that they've established Spidey's "new" place in the Marvel U, and come up with a solid story to follow up the ridiculous arc of One More Day.

crimsondude said...

I think the new Power Man has something do with a character during Swierczynski's run on Immortal Iron Fist.

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