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Comic Book Moments of the Week for 08/25/10

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Astonishing X-Men #35

To Wolverine's credit, it IS a wheelchair of death.  I don't think I'd be too trusting, powered off or not.

Avengers #4

Is this what Ed Brubaker was hinting at in Captain America Reborn?  Or do we have another Martian invasion incoming in future issues of Captain America?

Maestro is actually a Bruce Banner persona and he's working for future Tony Stark.  They sent the Next Avengers to take down our Avengers and bring them back so they can do something to our Tony Stark.  Looks like a 'pull brain out of nostrils' type instrument, so who knows what fate awaits our Tony next month or what is actually going on in this arc if Maestro isn't the big bad.

Fantastic Four #582

The Nathaniel Richards war is over thanks to Dr Doom, in the past, killing the evil Nathaniel that was going all Jet Li's The One on his alternate realities self.  I'm no expert though, but shouldn't this little bit of homocidal rage on Doom's part set off some early warnings for young Reed Richards and Ben Grimm watching on the sidelines?  This is why I hate time travel stories sometimes.  Cool Doom moment though.

Green Arrow #3

Gallahad (yes, same one from the Holy Grail stuff, or so he claims) saves the arrow'd in the head Green Arrow by putting him in pool of water.  They should have tied the whole White Lantern magic mumbo jumbo into a Lazarus Pit.  Hell, all the Lazarus Pits could be tied back to the White Lantern entity on Earth all this time.  

Guarding the Globe #1

The Brit is a near invulnverable hero in the Image Universe.  He doesn't have any other powers beyond that, so they hooked him up with some flight gear and gauntlets for this new Guarding the Globe initiative.  Still needs to work on the landing.

I miss Mini Marvels so much.  At least the tradition continues to hilarious effect over at Image now. 

Heroic Age: Prince of Power #4

Thor doesn't just resent Amadeus for no reason - he sees nothing but Loki's folly in the boy.  Like the differences between Thor and Hercules here - Herc sees the best in Cho while Thor sees the worst.

Smek smek back in action!  

Amadeus succeeds in obtaining the god-like powers he needs to save Herc.

And gets straight to business.  Herc was actually stranded in that Continuum universe from the end to Assault on New Olympus and never actually died.  Cho brings him back and passes his newfound godlike powers onto Hercules, who figures is more worthy of them.  

And Herc, with his new powers, can only see the coming of Mikaboshi and the Chaos War!

Justice League of America #48

You'll be hardpressed to find a team without a talking animal.  Avengers is probably only one without one unless you count Beast over in Secret Avengers. 

Legion of Super-Heroes #4

Some more Green Lantern Corps rebuilding in the Legion time period.

Shadowland: Moon Knight #1

Just a really cool splashpage of Moon Knight. I like how functional his costume looks with the various armoured/padded parts.  Moon Knight always makes a great visual, so it takes a little extra to stand out like this one does.

Thor #613

Calling the name of 'those who shall not be named' (aka the Disir) is an instant death.  Thor was in a bit of a pinch since he couldn't pull out the Disir killing blade in Mephisto's domain and seeing as Hela and Tyr were about to be overrun by the Disir and that would allow the Disir to consume the souls of all the fallen Asgardians under Hela's dominion, forever denying those souls the ability to reincarnate in the next cycle of the Asgardians ragnarok death and rebirth cycle, Thor calls out their name in a last desperate attempt to buy Hela and Tyr time.  Not sure how he will get out of it, as he can't pull the blade out of its holding place.  Should be an interesting conclusion.

Wonder Woman #602

Wonder Woman looks much better without the leather jacket.  Not sure why they used it in the first place. 

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Bill said...

Probably just at typo, but it's just Brit, not The Brit. He's just a guy named Brittany, not a British dude.

Space Jawa said...

Dang it, I KNEW I should have at least asked about sending you scans from Deadpool Team-Up this week... >_<

Toby said...

is that the Maestro, or the Hulk from Next Avengers. I mean the Next Avengers are there, plus old Tony, so why wouldn't this be the Hulk from Next Avengers. He looks like him, and he could've just gotten smarter.

Anonymous said...

Thanks, Bill! I have only a passing familiarity with Image and I always had him pegged as an elderly British guy.

Steven said...

@Toby - Various other characters have referred to him as the Maestro in-story.

blueairplane said...

You really should be checking out Chris G's G-Man stuff. It's just as funny as (or funnier than) Mini Marvels.

Toby said...

@ Steven - Thanks, I have the issues, guess I should actually read them lol

Daniel Woburn said...

Wonder Woman wears a jacket when she's cold. Looks like pretty nice weather in that panel.

Anonymous said...

I would like to know why Nolan and Invincible returning to the fray of the Viltrumite War did not make moments of the week?? That splashpage alone was awesome!

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