Sunday, August 29, 2010

Cover of the Week - Black Widow, Thor, Prince of Power

Another week, another time to choose the Cover of the Week. What's the them this week? Deities! We have a Thunder God, a Spy Goddess, and a teenage sidekick becoming an Hindu God. Hit the jump to see the winning covers.

Ryan L.'s Cover of the Week - Black Widow #5 by Daniel Acuña

Ryan L.: If you want to play the Black Widow as a secret spy of pulpy goodness then this is how the covers should always be. This is worthy of being a poster and should just become the quintessential Black Widow image. 'Nuff said.

Kirk's Cover of the Week - Thor #613 by Mico Suayan

Kirk:  I don't think I've had the opportunity to choose one of these Thor covers by Mico Suayan from the current arc yet, but they've all been fantastic looking so far, so I've decided to rectify its omissions in the Cover of the Week this time around by showcasing this hellish battle between Thor and a random demon from Mephisto's legions.  Laura Martin deserves recognition for her excellent colouring of the image as well.

Matt's Cover of the Week - Heroic Age: Prince of Power #4 by Salva Espin

Matt: Eye-catching composition, unique imagery, and full of details. This cover has absolutely all you ever need ask from a cover, and that's without counting the meta-gag of Cho holding an earlier issue of Incredible Hercules. Salva Espin has a real winner here, one of my favorite covers of the year so far.

Runner-Ups: Disney Hero Squad: Ultraheroes #8, Gotham City Sirens # 15, Superman/Batman #75

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Flip The Page said...

the covers to Black Widow by Acuna just make me sad that he's off the series. I mean Foreman's covers are okay but Dan appears to have been born to work on Black Widow

Anonymous said...

the power prince is unoriginal and generic , sirens is better

Jarmir said...

Wow great choices! That Thor covers looks very epic and I just love how Cho is holding Kirby, a Game Boy and a Herc comic, priceless :D

Drew said...

That is such an amazing Black Widow cover.

I'm surprised that it came from Acuna, I've always found his work to be really static and sort of boring. That is completely different, it is such a dynamic image. DId he do all the coloring and inking for it as well?

Flip The Page said...

@drew yeah, Acuna does all art duties for himself

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