Sunday, August 15, 2010

Cover of the Week - Ultimate Comics: Spider-Man & JL: Generation Lost

Another week, another strong batch of comics. Before we move on to the next delivery of comics, though, first we must decide which comic had the best cover and will walk away with the coveted Cover of The Week award. And the winners are... after the jump.

Ryan L.'s Cover of the Week - Ultimate Comics Spider-Man #13 by David LaFuente

Ryan L.: It'd be easy to ignore this cover because it's just Spidey, again. That's nothing new in the spinner rack, but this cover certainly stands out for me. It's Spidey, holding a gun. There's money everywhere, he seems to be robbing a bank and I am certainly intrigued as to what actually happens in this comic. Turns out, through reviews, that the story isn't perfect, but this cover could certainly trick you into wanting to know and that's the sign of a very effective cover.

Matt's Cover of the Week - Justice League: Generation Lost # 7 By Tony Harris & J.D. Mettler Cliff Chiang

Matt: This series has had some strong covers, but I think this one is the best one far. Tony Harris seems to be using a less photo-realistic style, unless this one was drawn completely by J.D. Mettler (though I was under the impression that he was the colorist). Turns out this was drawn by Cliff Chiang, which explains why it doesn't look anything like Harris style (though DC's site listed him as the artist). In any case, the concept is very strong, and the colors are what sell this cover. 

Runner-Ups: Thor: The Mighty Avengers #3, X-Force: Sex & Violence #2, Zatanna #4

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dasbender said...

Take a closer look at that JL cover -- it's NOT Harris. Cliff Chaing (sp?) signed it.

Matt Duarte said...

Good eye. I was basing it on the information provided at the DC site. I'll fix it now.

Mike Haynes said...

While it's certainly a tough call this week, I'd say that X-Force takes cover of the week. The savage look of Wolverine and tension between both him and Domino is a great mix that really stands out on the covers of both S&V #1 and #2.

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