Friday, August 27, 2010

Hype Machine - Jesus Christ: In the Name of the Gun

So far we have used our Hype Machine posts to promote future projects, but this time I am using it to share the good word of a current ongoing webcomic called Jesus Christ: In the Name of the Gun. What is it about? It’s about Jesus Christ as an action hero, traveling back in time to right wrongs and fight evil.

We here at The Weekly Crisis understand that this webcomic is probably not for everyone, and that if the idea of Jesus Christ as an action hero who kills people and curses a lot offends you in some way, you should perhaps not read this feature or this webcomic at all. Everyone else hit the jump to read what it’s all about.

Jesus Christ: In the Name of the Gun is a webcomic created by Eric Peterson and Ethan Nicolle, and as I said in the intro, it’s about Jesus as a hardcore action hero, fighting evil, killing people, cursing like a sailor, and generally attempting to right wrongs. The first episode, called Hollow Cost, is the “origin” story, as it details his first mission, and why he is in that path. The basic gist of it is: Jesus is sick and tired of his father (God, who looks like Marlon Brandon during his Jor-El era) inaction and “hands-off” attitude with Earth that lead to all kinds of atrocities like wars, serial killers, and the holocaust.

For the record, this was written years before the Lost finale.

There is a sincerely deep conversation between the two parties, where Jesus looks at his own failures, and God eventually leaves to do godly things (according to the story, he leaves for hundreds of years at a time). This means that Jesus can now operate without his father interferring. World War II is Jesus first stop: he orders a virgin birth in the Soviet Union during the 1910's, and by the time he grows up, Germany has invaded Poland. Jesus mission is quite simple: he must use all of his powers to kill Adolf Hitler and stop the holocaust. At first he is quite confident in his own skills, and simply storms the castle, in a very impressive scene where he dropkicks a Nazi by... well, you better see it with your own eyes.

The Matrix sequels would have been 100% better if they had scenes like this one.

Jesus continues to kill his way through Nazi guards (and yes, this Jesus kills, he’s hardcore like that) and is about to get rid of Hitler, when someone sporting a high tech suit and rifle beats him to the punch. The Nazis spot Jesus and are attempting to catch him, all while he is trying to catch the person that killed Hitler. It’s a very well choreographed chase scene, and a good showcase of the artists’ skill. Eventually, he catches up with the assassin and turns out to be none other than...

Ernest Hemingway, writer of The Old Man and The Sub-Machine Gun.

As you can tell, this is a story that doesn’t take itself too seriously, and it is not afraid to take wild and/or ridiculous routes. What follows is the two of them getting captured by the Nazis, where they learn who Jesus really is, and try to use his blood (which has regenerative powers, obviously, and a nasty side effect) to further their own crazy science agenda. To make matters worse, rumors of Hitler’s demise were greatly exaggerated, so Hemingway and Jesus must team up once more to escape jail with a intricate plan using two of Jesus’ most recognizable powers. It's a clever plan, and a sincerely funny scene (though there is some sophomoric humor). Once the two of them are free, what follows is a bloody fight scene that would be equally at home in Mel Gibson’s Passion of The Christ as they make their way to (and through) an escalating level of Nazi evils.

That's no way to get ahead in life.

Oh, and did I mention that Hitler is also a werewolf?

You can tell it's Hitler by the mustache.

In the end, our heroes defeat the ultimate evil, but there is no seventh day for the son of God, and with the help of a time machine built by Einstein, he immediately takes of for his next mission: he will stop the Spanish Inquisition (bet you didn’t expect that!). At the end of the first episode, the webcomic took an extended hiatus, and the story was printed in a graphic novel.

Recently, it has returned, back with a brand new artist, and it is updating every Tuesday and Thursday. The art change may be jarring at first, just because it is so different: if former artist Ethan Nicolle was like a more cartoony Brian Bolland or Charlie Adlard, incoming artist Ryan Cody is more along the lines of  a bulkier Cory Walker. It’s not bad by any means (specially by webcomic standards, this looks like a high quality indie comic), but it may give readers whiplash when switching from one style to the other. The writing is still as whimsical as ever, and the new arc seems to pit Jesus Christ against Queen Isabella of Spain, who also happens to be a Lovecraftian monster. It just started, so it’s the right time to read through the archive and jump on board.

Jesus' power level: OVER 9000!

Obviously, this webcomic is not for everyone, the topic is deeply offensive, the humor is sometimes immature, and there’s enough violence to give Frederick Wertham nightmares. That being said, if you have laughed at any of the images I have posted above, then be sure to check out the rest of the webcomic. It’s obviously not high culture, and that’s just fine with me, because not every story needs to be: sometimes you want to read Maus, and sometimes you want to see Jesus Christ fighting Werewolf Hitler.

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Flip The Page said...

weird fact: I've had the pee running scene saved on my computer for years without knowing where it's from, but wow, this seems awesome

mugiwara said...

Wait, what? It's back! Oh, thank you Jesus!
It will be hard to do better than the first part, considering that the awesome "walk on pee scene" is only the second better thing in this comics (my favorite happens between Jesus and Hitler and it's not about pee!).

Matt Duarte said...

@mugiwara: I thought about including that scene, but, you know, people might be eating when reading this blog. Haha.

twobitspecialist said...

I'm sure this is something that appeals to some people out there. I just don't know who exactly. Christians won't read it. Atheists who hate Jesus won't read it.

I'm at a loss here.

Matt Duarte said...

@Twobit: I'm an atheist and I read the hell out of it. Throughout the comment section in the comic itself you will find many Christians who claim to love the site.

Christine Hanefalk said...

This looks like fun. Regarding twobit's comment, I don't think most atheists hate Jesus, I'd think most would have a completely neutral opinion of him. I mean, the only difference between Christians and non-Christians would be that one group considers him sacred and the other doesn't.

I usually label myself a "hopeful agnostic," and I really like religious humor. When Matt mentioned this post on Twitter, I was reminded of an in-development show called JC that's scheduled to run on Comedy Central and all the controversy surrounding that (and this is without anyone even seeing a single clip since the finished script may not even exist yet). The view some take is that you're simply not allowed to use any Christian symbol in a humorous context, and that doing so means mocking people of faith.

I think another way to look at Jesus, and that seems to be the spin here, is as a prominent cultural figure. Whether you're a Christian or not, it's undeniable that to anyone who's grown up in Western culture, Jesus is a famous and hugely influential figure. As such, he's an icon and in the "public domain" so to speak.

Kevin Flythe said...

@Matt Duarte: There are Christians who love this? Really? In that case, I say they're merely claiming to be Christians. Jesus engaging in violent acts and using vile profanity? No one who loves the Christ of the Bible would endorse anything like that. As you've probably guessed, I'm a Christian myself, and, honestly, had I not seen this as a post on one of my favorite comics blogs, would never have given it a glance. Having done so, I now know it's not for me, although I was pretty sure that would be the case.

While I'm not interested in the webcomic, I have been very interested in the comments that have followed this post. As a Christian who worships Christ, it is interesting to me to see how people outside of the faith view Jesus. It's not something that would probably come up in most conversations, and would be quickly dodged if it did, but here it is, thanks to the magic of the Interwebs (not to mention The Weekly Crisis. Best. Blog. Ever.) For that, I say thank you.

Daniel Woburn said...

Jesus is a badass. This book is awesome, i've been waiting for a long, long time for a second trade to be released - looks like it won't be too far off!

loon said...

looks fun although it wont appeal to the bible bashers. Im christian though:)

lucy said...

aethists dont hate jesus . we dont put in the effort to hate a fictional character

Anonymous said...

Im a christian but whoever takes the bible as word for word of truth then your kinda dumb. I use it as guidelines

Anonymous said...

this is the first time I have hated one of the posts in The Weekly Crisis for making fun of a spiritual leader and son of God to many catholics like me. It is ok, this is your tite, you own and have all the right to post wathever you want, but I feel that a respected site like this should be kept away from religion and politics.

To be honest I am offended by the content of this post but I know that is not the intention.

Just my toughts, thanks.


Anonymous said...


why should they be afraid to talk about these things . If they start to censor their features then it will start to go downhill . sorry if you dont like it but they put this up as it will appeal to quite a few.

bottom line dont like it dont read it (feature)

Kevin Flythe said...

I agree with both Enrique and Anonymous. I'm not thrilled that Jesus isn't considered sacred enough (or perhaps I should say that the beliefs of Christians respected enough) that a post like this would be considered taboo. On the other hand, the same constitutional amendment that protects my freedom of religion also protects posts like this. Whudayagonnado?

Ryan K Lindsay said...

I read this webcomic ages ago, and loved it. Jesus does come across as pretty bad ass but the Hitler interlude kind of went downhill a little, even more purile than I'd like, but as Jesus gets his partner too then that's cool.

As for it being offensive, I guess it could be. I could see Christians not liking it, sure, but being pffended by it really surprises me. Not saying it's wrong to be offended by it but it just seems strange. In my mind if this offends you then do you find any transgression of the ten commandments offensive. And I'm not being facetious, I'm also curious.

If we can have Time Lincoln, which is parody of a real man with real lineage, then we can surely poke a little fun at someone from so long ago, even if he is such a big figure now.

But I admit I could be greatly wrong, being an agnostic I don't really get that religious fervour at all...

twobitspecialist said...

@Ryan L. - I'd love to explain that to you but I feel the comments section wouldn't be the most appropriate place.

Anonymous said...

I am not complaining at all, I just shared my toughts, yes I am Catholic and feel a little bit offended but it is not against your site because well, you did not create the comic in the first place.

My beliefs are making me thik, "what, if they are mocking Jesus then there is nothing respected left?"

I will continue visting this site because I really enjoy the work done byeall of the guys at TWC.

I just will be more careful to not read posts like this (Iknew from the title that I was not gonna like it but then I'm a moron and read it tough).

Have a great week guys.


debra said...

well jesus is fictional so its ok :)

Matt Duarte said...

@Enrique: I understand that this post/webcomic was not for everybody, and I understand exactly why. I put that warning in the introductory paragraph for exactly that reason, but I knew curiosity would get the best out of people anyway.

If it makes you feel any better, I don't have any other webcomics that feature Jesus as an action hero, so this will probably be the last you hear of religion for a while here at The Weekly Crisis.

Anonymous said...

Thanks Matt for taking the time to read the comments section and comment on them. Yeah I did see the warning but what can I do... after all, curiosity killed the cat! hahaha

Great site @ all the colaborators on the Weekly Crisis, keep up the great work.


baker said...

so wait ou were warned you would be offended yet you open it up and comment that you were offended ........idiots I mean sorry buts the only way to describe it

Matt Duarte said...

@Baker: Let's not get rowdy here. I knew that curiosity is a big draw, and people that knew would be offended would look anyway. It's human nature. Enrique was, despite being offended by it, completely polite about it, so there's no need to insult him about it.

emily said...

its not really an insult matt its kinda stating the obvious . I mean its called jesus in the name of a gun and then a warning IT IS STUPID TO COMPLAIN . human nature or not

Anonymous said...


@ baker: and that is how you tranform into a Troll. Well played sir!

andrewsaltz said...

Just want to compliment @Duarte, @Kevin, and @Enrique for having a civilized conversation about this. I saw 20 some comments and expected something akin to a car-crash on the highway.

Anonymous said...

wow a lot of haters! have not seen that many in some days. The guy just said he was curious, but you have to go and try to start trolling.

Ugh disgusting

mugiwara said...

Just a thought: right now, I want for a team up between this Jesus and Jesse Custer.

Anonymous said...

why are christians telling us there offended after they warned , Im not a troll but they do come across as kinda dumb

twobitspecialist said...

I agree with Andrew Saltz and anon 26.

emily said...

im sorry you can be as polite as you want but really you guys are coming across as whiny idiots

Anonymous said...

We here at The Weekly Crisis understand that this webcomic is probably not for everyone, and that if the idea of Jesus Christ as an action hero who kills people and curses a lot offends you in some way, you should perhaps not read this feature or this webcomic at all. Everyone else hit the jump to read what it’s all about.

you are either cannot read , an idiot , ot whining for the sake of it . sorry but its that simple

Anonymous said...

The best part of this is that the Enrique-Haters are not getting any response from him to ignite a discussion. Something that is even better? that the ones coming as bully-idiots offending him are them. Wow I tought the trolls were dead in the "The Marvel Crisis" issue!. Long live the trolls!


twobitspecialist said...

*recalls Ryan L.'s words of wisdom about trolls*

So... I didn't know you guys reviewed webcomics too. ;)

Anonymous said...

I'm generalising it does not seem aimed at him I don't know where you got that idea . The so called trolls do speak the truth though. And aren't the people that where offended trolls . They where warned.. ..

William said...

Wasn't ryans words about trolls written after you harrassed me ? Sorry but I don't know why your acting high and mighty

twobitspecialist said...

So, Matt, are there other webcomics out there that you recommend?

allyoah said...

Its fine jesus is not real, the only real god is allah , all other religons will be cast down

Anonymous said...

@Matt: thanks for the pacific response from you and also for being polite, that is what makes this site great, that the weekly crisis collaborators are great people sharing their hobbies. For all the people who called me a lot of things for saying that the comic offended me but not the post nor the site, it is ok; you have the right to express yourselves just like I did.

But hey, let us try to keep this peaceful, I did not offend anyone nor was that my intention.

Good weekend to all =)


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