Sunday, August 1, 2010

Three Years Later Contest - The Walking Dead Compendium & Invincible Iron Man Omnibus

The moment you've all been waiting for is here - our Three Years Later anniversary contest has arrived!  Our grand prize offering is none other than the sold out The Walking Dead Compendium Vol 1, which collects issues #1-48 of the critically acclaimed series.  Catch up on all the zombie goodness in preparation for the upcoming AMC television show.  Bonus - this mammoth 1000+ page tome doubles as a zombie killing weapon if you ever find yourself in a zombie apocalypse. 

Additionally, there's also a runner-up prize for this contest.  That prize is Matt Fraction's Invincible Iron Man Omnibus, Vol 1. Want your chance at winning one of these prizes?  Hit the jump and find out how you can enter and win!

Contest Rules & Regulations

  • To enter, simply leave your name, email address and, in the event of a zombie apocalypse, tell us what your ideal zombie killing weapon would be.
  • One (1) winner will be chosen at random from the comments below for the grand prize of the sold out omnibus collection, The Walking Dead Compendium Vol 1, which collects The Walking Dead #1-48 (retail value of $59.99 US).  
  • One (1) runner-up will be chosen at random from the comments below for the runner-up prize, Invincible Iron Man Omnibus, Vol. 1, which collects Invincible Iron Man #1-19 (retail vaule of $39.99 US).
  • One (1) entry per person.  No exceptions. IP Addresses will be checked and multiple entries will result in disqualification from this contest and any future contests.
  • Contest open to residents of Canada and the continental United States.
  • Contest runs from August 1st to 7th.  Winners will receive emails requesting their contact and mailing information.  
  • Winners will have one (1) week to respond to this email and prizes will be mailed out as soon as their mailing information is received. In the event of no response, a new winner will be chosen at random from the comments below.

Contest has ended.  Winners will be contacted shortly and an announcement will be made once we've gotten in touch with the winners.  Thanks to all who entered and stay tuned to the Weekly Crisis for more contests in the future!

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Anonymous said...

Michel Scott

Anonymous said...

Mike Mullen

pDUB said...

Patrick Wiedeman

In the event of a zombie apocalypse I would take a machete as my weapon of choice. Lightweight and effective.

stevo said...

Stephen Baba


Arthur said...

Arthur Robinson
Halligan bar

MLHay said...


I wanted to day family members that I dislike, but I think more practically...a really big car.

Anonymous said...

Gabriel Baba

Baseball Bat

Anonymous said...


The best offense is a good defense, so my weapon of choice would be an Atlasphere.

Anonymous said...

Sean Jurgens

A Louisville Slugger. Nothing like making a Zombie head launch into the outfield.

Anonymous said...

Damon Friend

damonjfriend [ at ] gmail [ dot ] com

sniper rifle

Anonymous said...

Bill Steger

Baseball bat. The thunk sound as I caved in a zombie cranium would be incredibly satisfying.

Chris said...

Chris Bilko

I would use a dictionary

Anonymous said...

Todd Wilson

Either use a flame thrower or in extreme emergencies, make them watch press conferences of ex-President George W.Bush.

Before anyone gets too excited, I am an independent not a democrat and have voted many times for a republican senator from my state.
But President Bush made not only me but many prominent comedians laugh (and if I remember Doonesbury came up with the term "Bushisms").

Seth Harris said...

Seth Harris

A board with a nail in it

Rob said...

Robert Escandon
volcanorob @ gmail dotcom

I'd use an ax, no reloading :D

Rawnzilla said...

Ron Cacace

My weapon of choice during the zombie apocalypse would my copy of Absolute Crisis on Infinite Earths. You could easily behead someone with it.

Anonymous said...

Jordan Biagomala
cricket bat!

Anonymous said...

Otto Akin

Apache Helicopter.

Andrenn said...

Andrenn Jones
A Heavy Duty Truck Sporting a Shield on the grill with spikes in the middle for maximum damage to all undead.

Ivan said...

From your previous post, I was under the impression that us overseas folks would have a chance this time. :(

Anonymous said...

Kevin Schroeder

My bare fist. Enclosed in a barbed-wire-laden mascot outfit. Preferably something in the bear family.

Rick Sand said...

Rick Sand

boxing glove arrows

Flansburgh38 said...

Zev Hurwich

zevhur [at] gmail [dot] com

Grenade launcher

Kirk Warren said...

@Ivan - 2 of our last 3 contests were open to overseas (Santron Xmas and the American Vampire contests). We try our best to make them open to everyone, but it comes down to extra costs and then where to draw the line on how much extra Im going to put out of my pocket for shipping.

Anonymous said...

aj apelian

ultimate zombie killing weapon?

Really good make-up effects so I look like one.

I mean, if you can't beat 'em, join em

John said...

Dual ice axes

Anonymous said...

Karimu Mohammed

Motorcycle with a gunner in the sidecar(for the times when you need mobility and firepower during an apocalypse)

Ivan said...

Well, South America was out out of Santron so I didn't really bother asking (though I should have, because the Book Depository does ship to Brazil free of charge), and the American Vampire contest specifically said "North America only" (unless you're talking about another contest).

Anyway, best of luck to all elligible.

DOOMsday said...

Mike Newberry

Scottish Claymore sword. Effective, i should think.

Anonymous said...

Blake Ferrell (I tried to post earlier and it didn't seem to post. And this is not some lame excuse for trying to get in multiple entries, even though it would seem that way.)

In the event of a zombie apocalypse, my zombie-fighting weapon would naturally be wheat biscuits.

Anonymous said...

A ninja

Anonymous said...

Ryan Schweck


Anonymous said...

Bryant Hudson
A machete

Anonymous said...

In the event of undead outbreak, i would have to go with this wooden mace my father bought for me when he went to bulgaria. highly impractical, but it would be a blast to swing around and crack a head or two.

Charlie brown said...

Shane Maga
shanemaga [at]
A Batman

mostlyfictional said...

Justin P.
z3r0lyte at gmail dot com
Styrofoam Hulk Hands

DanMan2814 said...

Dan Duran
A robotic Richard Simmons.

goodmanw said...

William Goodman

Crossbow! Easy to reuse and recycle. Silent and deadly. It's pretty much the perfect weapon.

Ian @ Trade Reading Order said...

I told myself that I wouldn't enter but these prizes are too good to pass up. Good luck everyone!

Ian Adams

I think my ideal weapon would be Batman.

Anonymous said...

A stick of butter is my weapon of choice—both for the challenge, and if I'm unsuccessful, I can use it to make other potential victims yummier (and thus more desirable) than I.

Garrett Berner said...


Zombie apocalypse weapon of choice is a slabbed X-men#1.

Bobby Weenus said...

Bobby Hicks
weenus [at] gmail dot com

A chainsaw to replace my amputated hand after the "evil" got inside it.

Radlum said...

Enrique del Castillo
A Lobotomizer (an axe attached to a showel with duct tape, inspired by World War Z)

gruedragon said...

Scott Steubing


Doom said...

Rob Lantz

Weapon of choice...pillowcase full of broken doorknobs and loose change!

Anonymous said...

Karimu Mohammed

Motorcycle with a gunner in the sidecar(for mobility and firepower in all of your apocalypse needs)

Anonymous said...

scott beyer

a grappling hook, sharp and pointy, and i can climb walls

Anonymous said...

Lansan Johnson

Darth Maul's light saber

Jacob said...

Jacob Crawford

CDs. I'll throw them like they were shurikens.

Greg Roberts said...

Greg Roberts

A lawnmower

Nick said...


A cane-sword

Nick said...

Nick Taranto

Lightsaber. No question.

Aaron K said...

Aaron Kimel

My own secretly-constructed army of ROBOTIC zombies will surely save me when the time comes. Also, I have an American Civil War cavalry saber in my living room.

Anonymous said...

Ralph Chiariello
My weapon of choice is a signed copy of Greg Land's Artwork Portfolio to scare the living dead away from me!

Marc said...

One word: napalm.

Congrats on three years!!

Marc Diefenderfer
Dief89 [at] yahoo dot com

Chris said...

Chris Macpherson

A lightsaber

btownlegend said...

Rubin Gonzales

sharpened spatula!

M.C. said...

MC Adolfo

It basically all depends, really. I would use a shotgun, prefferably double barrel, to blow those zombies to bits. But If I had to chose a weapon from the melee realm, it would have to be either the katana or the machete, like some people here mentioned.

cphpitts said...

Chris Pitts
cphpitts @ gmail . com

A cricket bat while dragging a jukebox that plays nothing but Queen

Adam Spencers said...

Black Adam

A Hatori Hanzo blade

Sean said...

Sean Mills

Kratos' Blades of Chaoes.

Mike said...

Mike Y.
I'd use the sonic scream I reserve for Liefeld guest pencils.

Anonymous said...

Daniel Morales

Me dressed as batman.

Anonymous said...

Ricardo Castro

The Walking Dead Compendium Vol 1, which I don't have, so in which case please let me win so I'm not left defenseless for a Zombie Apocalypse, come on guys, don't leave me "Left 4 Dead" Am I Right?

jonathan said...

Jonathan Soweidy jsoweidy @ gmail .com

my ideal weapon Robert Kirkman

Daniel said...

Daniel Morales

Me, dressed as Booster Gold.

Anonymous said...

Robert Arcilla

my prefer choices would be my machete, while wearing my fedora,aviator sunglasses n my ipod. thats all i need to kick zombie ass

Ethereal said...

Justin Miousse
Justin DOT Miousse AT gmail DOT com

I'd use a Lightsaber. Or a hand repulsor. Or Mjollnir. I think mjollnir would be good.

Ryan said...

Ryan Sosa
A crowbar would be best, it's a good bludgeoning weapon that can't get stuck in a zombie's face as well as being good at opening locked doors.

Oz said...

osvaldo soto

Very sharp long blade

matt said...

Matt Dills
mattdills at gmail dot com

No less than a rocket propelled chainsaw will suffice.

For reference:

R. Simpson said...

Robert Simpson
nun chuck chainsaws

skoce said...

Scott Skocy

Sledgehammer. Sure its slow, but I love the satisfying crunch of hammer to head collision.

Kevin said...

Kevin Lainez

Justice League: Cry for Justice TPB. No zombie would want to come close to that as they would be disintegrated in its awfulness.

James said...

James McNeill
aoptslays @

Zombies are probably best neutralised from far off, but also a threat if they manage to make it close in, so an arsenal of explosives and a shotgun should do nicely. If there's too many close up, I can just bludgeon them with the gun.

But if we're going with the unachievable? Mjolnir.

Anonymous said...


A jackhammer.

Anonymous said...

Robert Michael Ares Pina

In the event of a zombie apocalypse.. my weapon of choice with be a sturdy long lasting shovel.

Anonymous said...

JD Jooste
I would make an iron man suit out of various kitchen appliances and proceed smash zombie heads with toasters.
Either that or I would use the traditional south african weaponry: oppression

Anonymous said...

Nuclearlightbulb @ gmail
Excalibur. Provided it's out of the stone.

blueairplane said...

Brian Lee
A sword. A katana, maybe, but really any type. It's maybe not the most practical choice, but it's waaaay up there in coolness.

Anonymous said...

a pair of hook swords. even the handles can pierce skulls.

Mike Roe said...

Mike Roe
mikeroe [at]
Captain America's shield

BobofBentleigh said...

From Australia so not eligible to win this one, but I thought i would share this all the same. Weapon: molotov cocktail in a cologne bottle, so they don't stink up the place :)

Rich Richardson said...

Name: Rich Richardson
Weapon of Choice: T-rex with Gatling gun arms (because Axe Cop can't be wrong, and he looks like he could survive a zombie apocalypse).

Anonymous said...

Jim Marsh

First Aid Kit. We all know heal spells hurt the undead. you'd be surprised how quickly a zombie buckles to a Hello Kitty Band-aid. Especially if administered by one the Bennett Sisters.

Mike-El said...

Michael Ledford

bodega1027 at yahoo dot com

My weapon would be Grant Morrison and Mark Millar, who would incite the zombies into such a passionate disagreement that they would forget all about me.

Anonymous said...


Michael Forte

John Schemitsch said...

John Schemitsch

samurai sword

Anonymous said...

Scott Ladd

Vern Troyer

Zdenko said...

A chance to win first 48 issues of Walking Dead!!!


Lee said...


Flamethrower . . . roasted zombies are the best.

Anonymous said...

Ben McCarthy

twobitspecialist said...

Aaron Romero, Jr.

I heard that plants make good opponents against zombies, so I'm using a thorny rose in the event of a zombie apocalypse.

ArtfulDodger said...


Brandon Whaley said...

Brandon Whaley
primewax AT gmail DOT com

Any comic written by Kevin Smith, preferably Cacophany.

forrest said...

Forrest Cain

Hulk Hands. Not that effective, but amusing nonetheless.

zguerrette said...


zguerrette @

Congrats on 3 years!

For the zombie apocalypse it seems the most appropriate item would be a copy of the Night of the Living Dead script bound in a hardcover. Standing on the shoulders of giants there.

Abhishek Duggal said...

your name: Abhishek Duggal

email address: forsurveysonly at gmail dot com

and, in the event of a zombie apocalypse, tell us what your ideal zombie killing weapon would be: an auto-shotgun

Anonymous said...


Lady Gaga. Now who's running away from who!

Ryan said...

Name: SSgt Ryan Snider
Well since I'm currently deployed in Iraq so I would have to use our Humvee with the 50 caliber machine gun mounted on top of it. I would of said my M16 but that never leaves my side. Hooah!

Ryan K Lindsay said...

Hey SSgt Ryan Snider,

Damn, knowing someone might be reading this in Iraq is something indeed. I hope all is going well and you're keeping safe. You can be sure if you win we'll ship it to your family in America.

Cheers, and hope you generally enjoy the site.

Anonymous said...

Name: Andrew Warmington
Ideal Weapon: a Tank. Protection, mobility, and firepower.

Anonymous said...

Name: Shawn Sisson
Ideal Weapon: captive bolt pistol (as seen in No Country for Old Men)

brandon said...

brandon b
geekgoggles AT gmail DOT com
weapon of choice: duel machetes

PS - Please submit me only for the runner up prize - I already know the Compendium :)

Kevin said...

Kevin Doyle

Sword! It's never going to run out of power or ammo.

Sleepy Eyed John said...

I would expose them to Jeph Loeb's storytelling – but nah, not even a zombie deseerves that. So I would just ask them "what came first, the chicken or the egg?" and watch their heads 'splode.

(out of competition)

JonL. said...

Jon Land

A rocket launcher that shoots Chuck Norris at them. Killing them instantly.

Anonymous said...

Jason Sambajon

Skirkster said...

Christopher Van Buskirk

vanbuskirk (dot) christopher (at) gmail (dot) com

A cricket bat, without a doubt.

Anonymous said...

Paul Fleenor

I would barricade my house with comic long boxes. Because I am a paramedic I would probably use a defibrillator to explode their heads.

KentL said...

Kent Lorenz

k_t_lorenz (at) yahoo (dot) com

Gotta go with a sword, ninja style.

HeroZero said...

Kennedy Williams

My Mother-In-Laws incessant yapping. After a few minutes of that the zombies would want to kill themselves . . . again.

Brian Dickey said...

Brian Dickey

A monk's spade

Anonymous said...

Cody Dolan

A gun that shoots swords

Nick said...

Nick Luchtefeld

luchtefeld(dot)nick(dot)(at) gmail (dot) com

the crowbar for its versatility, durability and the satisfying thunk of zombie skull

Anonymous said...

Bow & Arrow

ninjasan8 said...

Mitchell Frizzell

My zombie dog would be my weapon.

Anonymous said...

Sam Montrose

A Chipotle Burrito... heavy enough to do major damage to Zombie skulls and oh so tasty for lunch!

Rick said...

Rick Marshall

Bill Murray

tworedhead said...

Shane Micheal Gerlach

My set of chef knives and a flamethrower.

Jonathan_R said...

zati1 (at) hotmail (dot) com

I should think I'd reach for a trusty nine-iron, which I don't think anyone's mentioned yet. That baby's got a good reach on it.

Anonymous said...

Iby Hussein

Video Games, cause everyone lives video games.

semanticdrifter said...

Sean McGilvray
Shotguns never go out of style.

Jordan Lyall said...

Jordan Lyall

my rapier wit

Anonymous said...

Randy Kao

randykao (at) hotmail (dot) com

liquid nitrogen

Dinh Luong said...

Dinh Luong

Anonymous said...

Chad Bowen

I Have to go with a katana.

YC the CHAMP! said...


A can of Raid, that stuff kills damn near everything!

Anonymous said...

Tye Short
My Girlfriends Mother - even the living are afraid of her!

Anonymous said...

Tye Short

Weapon - My girlfriends Mum! Even the living cower in fear!

Anonymous said...

Mike Fleischner

Buckets of brains, can't beat em - eat 'em and join em. Ala Reed Richards theory of evolution (Marvel Zombies).

Anonymous said...

Edsel Gregory Viste

My "Weapon of Choice" is a dancing Christopher Walken.

Anonymous said...

Edsel Gregory Viste

Modified Nail Gun.

Anonymous said...

Mike Dunn

A lighter and some aqua net.

Anonymous said...

Doug Nolan


Anonymous said...

James Grimes

Chainsaw, what else? ;)

Anonymous said...

Matt Liang
umlian26 (at) cc (dot) umanitoba (dot) ca
Weapon of choice: Genre Savvy
See: for more info on the subject.

Anonymous said...

Clifford Harpole
board with a nail through it.

Matthew B said...

Matthew Barchers

Anonymous said...

Hernan Molina
Bo staff

Anonymous said...

Evan Flietner
A giant pair of hedge clippers.

Naymlap said...

Chris Milan

A hammer and a machete

Anonymous said...

Jeff Pacelli

short range weapon: machete
medium range weapon: customized silenced dual glocks
long range: sniper rifle

Derek said...

Derek Biernacki

A Cooler. I'd keep Push-Up's inside, eat them, and use the plastic parts to stab them... Looking back, I'd die pretty quickly, but the delight of a Push-Up is well worth it. MUST be the Flintstone kind though, otherwise there is just no point.

Neil said...

Neil Blumengarten

In JLA #8, Steve Trevor fought zombies with Eurasian Maggots that devoured necrotic tissue. As he says, "Nature's own defense against monsters like these undead Nazis." Hey, who said you couldn't be "green" when fighting zombies?

Anonymous said...

Matthew Vasquez
crowbar-quick, effective, easy carrying and no reloading.

Anonymous said...

Zach Marcus
zach.marcus at

Best weapon would be Chuck Norris

lucky said...

Phil Nepszy

Cardio, of course, would be the first .. err .. oh, wait, wrong zombies.
A ginsu knife then, would be awesome to have to chop, slice, dice, or whathaveyou!

Michael said...

Mike Panetta

mikedlp at


Anonymous said...

Offer up the cast of the Kardashians or the Jersey Shore.

Rolando Gallegos

Douglas Soper said...

A tommy gun. Ratta-tat-tat!!

Doug Soper

Anonymous said...

Brandon Holthaus
brandon.holthaus (at) gmail (dot) com
A gun of any sort. Not sure why anyone would want a direct contact weapon. I'm going to avoid the spatter.

Anonymous said...

Eric Pearson

my weapon would have to be the SLAP CHOP. have you seen what it does to nuts?

Julian said...

Julian Vasquez
The arm that I would rip from another zombie.

John said...

John Chamberlin

I would have to go with a baseball bat. Wood of course, no aluminum.

Anonymous said...


I would arm myself with William Shatner's Emmy. Good heft on that thing, and a solid, weighty base.

Anonymous said...

My name is Chris Roberts....
my weapon of choice would be a large vat of pre-cooked brains laced with a yet-to-be-invented activitation ingredient that sparks off the latent explosive when it comes into contact with zombie tongue. With this I could open a kind of zombie "soup kitchen" where I would kindly sate their craving for brains with my stealth-bomb-brain-soup, which would explode their poor heads upon consumption.

Akylle said...

Akylle Mohamed
Batman's Utility Belt. Gotta be some sort of anti-zombie vaccine in there.

Anonymous said...

Joshua Newberry
epipsychidion [at] gmail [dot] com

Hammer. Fast, close range, lethal. Easy to conceal, no reloading, doesn't wear you out from swinging it.

jasereraser said...

Jason Harvey

my fake brain. it explodes. zombies love brains.

Anonymous said...

Lawrance Choi

It's all about the flamethrower. Zombies are incinerated in a pinch. Only downside is I might run out of gas.

Anonymous said...

Richard Bovino
.22 rifle, bolt action

Daryll B. said...

Might as well throw my hat in the ring:

Daryll Benjamin

Automatic Rifle with acid/blood rounds that explode upon impact... Hit the first couple of zombies with it, others go crazy after them with bloodlust. Survivors and I make our escape...until we have to do it again..

Hurple said...

Heath Peek

ANd my weapon of choice during a Zombiepocalypse would be my trusted hand-me-down WWII M-1 Carbine, complete with bayonet and 4 60-round clips. It was my grandfather's.

Not only would it be good for stopping the undead, but also for slowing anybody who runs faster than me, to ensure my getaway.

homiegfunk03 said...

Glenn Carrere
Bladed Bo Staff

Anonymous said...

Davey McLellan

Axe-hammer (or hammer-axe?) - It's exactly like it sounds! An axe, with a hammer's head on the other end of the blade.

Anonymous said...

Brian Dolder

M-1 Carbine with plenty of ammo and a baseball bat for close encounters

chaosrefugee said...


grenade launcher

Anonymous said...


I'd build a portable Dr. Device from Ender's Game, dissolve some zombie head molecules.

c1c2kenn said...

Kenn Gilmartin

If I were in the Zombie Apocalypse, I would definitely go for a sawed off shotgun. Short range power and the ability to stop a crowd would be important to get around the undead mobs.

Anonymous said...

Conrad Atega

lightsaber. seriously, a weightless energy weapon with near limitless energy and almost no training required to wield? you could wade through an entire horde with one of those things.

Nick said...

Nick Hopkins


I'd use the modified baseball bat Peter Weller fashions at the end of Of Unknown Origin

mimic91mimic92 said...

Brandon Zachary

Boombox, set to play "Thriller" ad nauseam

Anonymous said...


I go the silent route
baseball bat

Anonymous said...

Chris Davidge
a lightsaber would be great, zombies or no zombies, but until i can pick one up at wal-mart I'll have to go with Machete...with Danny Trejo!! of course.

Matt Duarte said...

IMPORTANT! The following people:

Jordan Gilbert (
Patrick Nash (
Cameron Petti (

Should post their comments again! I went to publish your comments and I accidentally hit "Reject". My bad! In any case, please post your comments again. In any case, I'll talk to Kirk about it just to make sure you guys don't lose your chance on my account.

Dan said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
koottie said...

Alfie Martinez

Green and yellow striped scuba suite with a jet pack with Gatling guns attached, with a Swiss army knife in my pocket

Matt said...

Matt Jackson

In an awesome fictional world: A lightsaber
In a more realistic Zombieland: A Piranha Gun, ala Drywall in Scud: The Disposable Assassin

And yes, a Piranha gun is more realistic. Shut up.

The Butcher said...

Mike Tags


Anonymous said...

Corey Glidden


J said...

John Hill

As The Zombie Survival Guide (and basic common sense) says, NEVER carry just one weapon. Ideally I would carry around a katana and/or machete, as well as a hammer for close range. If possible, I'd have some fire arms as well, but wouldn't try to rely on it, since ammo runs out.

Anonymous said...

Can anyone please delete my second entry, I accidently entered twice because I thought my first entry got rejected, I've already asked once, I don't want to get banned from contests just because one of the mods is ignoring my honesty, Ricardo Castro.

Matt Duarte said...

@Ricardo: Ok, deleted that second entry for you.

Anonymous said...

Grant Dossetto

A 155mm Howitzer

e.g. seitz said...

eg seitz

A Gundam

ChristopherWurpts said...

Christopher Wurpts
Knowledge. Because, as schoolhouse rock says, knowledge is POWER!

And a shovel.

Anonymous said...

Jason Steven Murphy

In honor of Walking Dead, I'm giving a shout to the sword.

Alfred P McLovely III said...

Br_ia_n Ca_ss (I put spaces in there for anonymity's sake_

alfred.p.mclovely.iii AT gmail DOT com

My ideal zombie killing weapon would be a katana because it would never run out of ammo, it would be good exercise and I would look awesome wielding it.

My second choice would be a silenced rifle with a removable scope.

Bryan said...

bsg at bryangaffin dot com

Whats the point of a weapon? I want Zombie powers! Bite me! Give them to me! BRAAAINS!!!!