Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Tom Brevoort on JMS's Alternate One More Day

Over in his ever popular Formspring account, Tom Brevoort shared the original pitch that JMS provided for the controversial One More Day storyline. Judging by what Brevoort mentioned here, the alternative could have been just as, or perhaps even more controversial. They wouldn't go through all the trouble of bringing back Gwen Stacy just to keep Peter and MJ together, would  they?

In any case, Brevoort adds that the story was not approved because "it would have absolutely invalidated and erased or changed every Spider-Man story going all the way back to when Stan was still writing the series, which wasn't desirable." It's an interesting view into what went behind the scenes for one of the most controversial stories of the modern era.

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Klep said...

It would have made a lot more sense than what they ultimately decided on, which is to say it would have made any sense at all.

twobitspecialist said...

Am I the only one who had trouble reading the red font?

Yeah, that's all I got.

Dennis N said...

I agree that would have been worse. On the one hand Sins Past is gone, but on the other, so are 35+ years of stories, instead of just 20 years of stories altered.

Matt Duarte said...

@twobit: It might have been the font, which is a bit weird. I'll keep it in mind for future pullquotes, though.

sdelmonte said...

Might make a good What If?, though.

mchan said...

The thing is that I get the sense that the uproar of the incredible mess of One More Day has since passed on thanks to the good quality of the Gauntlet run. As much as I also wish Sins Past was gone also, while neither were great storylines, at this point, I feel like OMIT is more like Joe Quesada thumbing his face at the readership. It reads more like a cheap ploy for him to justify his magnanimous idea to save the Spider-Man franchise than any type of genuine storytelling, at a time when the majority of the readership was getting to the point that they could overlook One More Day, for better or for worse. It's been like sticking your finger in the bleeding wound, and it does not feel great.

Jeremy said...

Looks like we got the lesser of two evils

Chris said...

Yeah I'm pretty glad they didn't go with this storyline, this is even worse than what they came up with. Gwen Stacy should NEVER come back.

Toby said...

I actually like that idea. Well, not the part where they undo EVERYTHING, but I've always liked Gwen Stacy better than MJ. And doing away with Sins Past is appealing. Damn, I feel blasphemous for actually liking that idea.

skoce said...

I have a question about One More Day: did JMS go to the editors with the idea of rewriting Spider-man's history or did the editors go to him and say "we are going to rewrite Spider-Man's history. Give us a story that does that."

Marc said...

I wonder if JMS made the central concept of Sins Past as heinous as he did on purpose, and even at that time was planning to use it as justification to change Spidey's history? That would make a lot of sense, actually.

Dennis N said...

From what I understand, they came to JMS with the mandate, and he tried to do as best as he could. It stilled turned out horrible and he tried to get his name taken off it.

Jeremy said...

Marc: JMS understood that he was gonna be able to retcon Sins Past while he was writing it. Of course, that didn't actually happen.

Matt Duarte said...

@mchan: Here is something that I think you will relate to in regards OMIT


Daryll B. said...

LOL Matt... Ryan and the fine artists over at The Gutters certainly find the truth AND humor in these topics don't they? Check out the JMS handle on Superman on issue 30....

Anonymous said...

Poor Spidey... It seems even in the real world of comic books Peter Parker's legacy of always getting the shaft is ever present.

- Retcon Joe

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