Wednesday, August 4, 2010

"Too Violent To Show" Parodies

Did you guys see the preview for the first issue of Ultimate Comic Avengers 3? It's by Mark Millar and Steve Dillon, and you will notice that in every page there's a black bar with a notice "Too Violent To Show" in red, like the one you see above. We don't know if the preview just had to hide some juicy bits, if the script called for this, if artist Steve Dillon was running late, or if this is some kind of protest on Millar's side for some reason. In any case, we here at TWC central loved the idea, and thought that more comics should use this technique. Don't think so? Hit the jump and I'll convince you.

Here's one of the original pages, in case you didn't bother to click the link to the preview.

But how would this technique work if we applied it to other Mark Millar comics? Say for example The Authority...

Or how about one of Millar's more popular works, Civil War?

Or perhaps something a bit more recent, like Old Man Logan?

You know, it's just not the same. Let's try it with some very memorable scenes from other comics. Watchmen, for example. (um, spoilers, I guess, if you haven't read the 20 year old book)

Or how about this other famous scene from Killing Joke?

Or perhaps from the pages of Sin City?

Or how about everyone's favorite scene from Justice League?

Perhaps it works better in the context of some more modern comics, like say, Astonishing X-Men.

 Or maybe something more serious like Powers?

That Thor guy is pretty popular nowadays, how about one of his comics?

Everyone loves a good team-up, right? How about this page from Marvel Team-Up?

Or how about those ever popular event comics, like Infinite Crisis?

Or the hyper-violent Blackest Night?

Mmm, not quite the same is it? I think this calls for a shift of tone. How about we try it for something like Runaways?

 Or we could go one step further and use it for Marvel Adventures: Avengers.

I think we are getting warmer to the perfect usage of this technique. You know what book would really benefit from this little banner? Shazam: The Monster Society of Evil.

There you go! Nothing like Captain Marvel inflicting righteous retribution upon talking crocodiles for doing things so unspeakably violent to little kids that the publisher could not even show it to you (and the little girl falling in love with him because of it)

What comic scenes do you think would have benefited from the "Too Violent To Show" banner? Let us know in the comments section, and you can even play along at home using the banner at the top of the page. Just copy and paste, and show us the results.

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grifter said...

you forgot to put in a Kick-Ass or Nemesis. :-) maybe Pet Avengers?

Klep said...

I think that Marvel Adventures: Avengers page is the acme of this technique. Cannot be surpassed!

Anonymous said...

meh . some were funny. you know it would be cool if you actually did moment of the day then photoshopping panels black :}

Anonymous said...

is this supposed to funny or is another sad overthought out jab at millar(rolls eyes)

Matt Duarte said...

@Anonymous #4: It originally comes from a Millar comic, and I did some other moments that were from some of his other comics, but we also did a BUNCH of other comics from people that were decidedly NOT-Millar.

And yes, it's supposed to be funny.

Eric Rupe said...

As someone who has enjoyed most of what I've read of Millar's, he definitely deserves like 75% of the shit thrown his way.

That said, this is as much making fun of Marvel as it is Millar, if no more so since they once released previews with half the panels blacked out and stamped with "Classified."

Anonymous said...

Wait why black out panels tha. Are funny . I guess some are funny

Anonymous said...

It kinda works on millar. But some moments are kinda ruined. Some could b good for the moments of day

forrest said...

Every panel on every page of Ultimatum.

yahoo said...

huh... well at be thankful kirk and ryan do most of the features

twobitspecialist said...

Nothing more awesome than hurt and offended comic writer's fans.

Ryan K Lindsay said...

I really didn't see this as a jab at Millar in the slightest. In the intro you'll see Matt says he loves the idea, and then proceeds to use it in interesting and funny ways. The Powers example being my absolute favourite.

Interesting that some people just saw mention of a name and then filled in the gaps themselves. Hilarious, in fact.

Michael said...

I disagree with the notion that Matt used this technique in a way that was funny in the least. Wasted time reading this column. Leave the humor to people with a sense of humor, or personality.

Kirk Warren said...

@Michael - it's a shame you wasted time enlightening us with that comment. Leave the comments to professional trolls. That was a 2/10 at best.

James said...

I'm sorry those people didn't seem to get the joke, Matt. I found this absolutely hilarious -- the less context the better!

Anonymous said...

we get the joke .its just not very funny

Matthew said...

[Too Offensive to Show] tha haters, I thought it was very funny!

Mark said...

Oh, it was awesome. And made me want to read (or re-read) a bunch of the originals. The Marvel Adventures: Avengers is hysterical. Why is there a cow in Old Man Logan? And what's the original punchline with the Astonishing X-Men? I own that one but can't remember the blacked-out panel.

Matt Duarte said...

@Mark: I don't remember off the top of my head the exact wording, but it was basically Colossus saying "See? This is why I don't do many jokes, no one can't tell"

And the MA Avengers is totally my favorite one.

Daryll B. said...

lol Guys can I borrow this thing for movies too? After all there are 45 minutes of Punisher War Zone and 35 minutes of Jonah Hex we can apply this too that would make the movies serviceable?

Matt said...

Clever idea that's mostly executed well. That Powers one is classic.

koottie said...

Agreed very funny

Michael said...

Still think it is a lame joke. Must be British humor.

Anonymous said...

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