Sunday, August 1, 2010

The Weekly Crisis - Three Years Later Anniversary!

Three years.  It's hard to believe it's only been three years since I started the blog, but it has.  In that time, we've grown so much from our humble beginnings.  The blog started out as a basic Blogger theme and I barely knew what I was doing at the time, and I'm sure many will say I still don't, but I've surrounded myself with lots of other great bloggers and continue to do so, such as with the addition of Ryan Lindsay and Christine this year, so I'm at least doing something right. 

I'm not going to ramble on all day about the blog, but before I let you get to the part about the contests, I just wanted to say thank you to all the readers for making the blog as successful as it has become.  Without you guys, we'd be nothing.  So thank you and here's to another year at the Weekly Crisis!  Oh and hit the jump if you want to find out about more about the contest we'll be running in conjunction with this anniversary.

What to Expect

Unlike previous years, where we gave out a handful of smaller trades and hardcovers spread out over a week long celebration, this year will see one big contest, which will go live later tonight, giving out one big prize and a smaller runner-up prize. To find out what you'll be winning, you'll have to check back later this evening! 

Here’s How To Win

But first - to increase your chances of taking home some of these prizes, you’re going to want to subscribe to our RSS feed so that you’re up to date with the different competitions that we will be running (note - this is not a condition of entry - just a way to make sure you get all the updates you’ll need to participate). Not sure what RSS is? Check out this helpful RSS guide we've put together for more information.

Contest details:
  • Prizes will be won / given away in a contest posted later tonight.
  • Entrance to contest will require you to leave a name, email address and answer a simple question.
  • The contest will run for one week and winners will be announced as soon as I get in touch  with and confirm the winners.
  • Full contest rules & regulations can be found here.
So stay tuned - we’ll be posting the big contest later tonight and will continue to update you on all of the opportunities to win in the days that follow.

Subscribe to our RSS feed and follow us on Twitter (Kirk, Ryan S, Matt, Ryan L, Christine & Eric) to keep up to date and put yourself in a better position to win!

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KP said...

Congrats, Kirk!

Ian @ Trade Reading Order said...

Congrats on three years, guys!

Zdenko said...

This is my favorite (and the best) Comic site on the Webz. Kepp up the good work guys. :)

Ryan K Lindsay said...

And I've only been a part of it for such a short time. Damn, makes me feel insignificant, ha. Glad to see we've cracked 3 years, here's to plenty more, I'm game!

collectededitions said...

Kirk, I've enjoyed your though-provoking features over these past three years. Congratulations!

Ivan said...

Here's to many more years of Weekly Crisis!

Lucho said...

I normally don´t agree with you, but who does, anyway?

Congratulations! Love this site!

Dan said...

Congratulations on the big 3 folks!

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