Friday, September 3, 2010

Comic Book Moments of the Week for 09/01/10

Decidedly light offering for the Moments of the Week this time around.  Some good comics came out this week, but just didn't see or find a whole lot worth posting this go around.  Hit the jump for the short, but sweet moments.

Avengers: The Children's Crusade #2

Quicksilver threw planks of wood fencing at an unsuspecting Magneto.  While some were blocked, one killed the just discovered "Scarlet Witch".  Turned out she was a robot and the group immediately determine it must be a Doombot, despite not being in Latveria or wondering why he would randomly send out a Doombot version of the Scarlet Witch to live out her life in some small town.  They also conjecture that this must mean Doom has Wanda prisoner.  I couldn't follow the train of thought that led to any of these conclusions, to be honest, but whatever gets the story moving.  Most disturbing part of this development is that I guess Hawkeye had sex with a Doombot?  Or maybe that was before Doom snatched her? 

Brightest Day #9

Apparently Aqualad always knew about his powers and was actively hiding them.  He's got gills and webbed hands and his tattoo and eyes glow when he controls the water.  Not sure what else he can do yet. 

Oh, and I don't know if it was confirmed elsewhere (interviews or what not), but it seems pretty clear that Black Manta is Aqualad's father.

Shadowland #3

Daredevil was shown to be stronger than Iron Fist and Shang-Chi during the fighting in this issue (shattered parts of the floor and other feats of strength beyond his power level) and his eyes even glowed for a bit.  Was confirmed at the end he was possessed by the Beast of the Hand, though we know this already from the last issue of Daredevil.  He is now going to revive Bullseye as one of his champions.  Not sure why though.  Bullseye can't really go toe to toe with any of the heroes that just attacked him and definitely won't be a problem for the Avengers if they join the fighting.  

Shadowland: Elektra #1

Really enjoyed this first issue of Shadowland: ElektraZeb Wells just gets Elektra (he did the Dark Reign miniseries as well, which was excellent).  This was her reaction to Daredevil killing Bullseye.  

She also knows how much this damns Matt.  The "yes" at the end is her agreeing to help Master Izo stop Matt and the Hand.  

Thor: For Asgard #1

This debut issue mostly set up the world and time frame and players in the out of continuity Thor story that features the days leading up to Ragnarok.  Odin left and Thor was left in charge.  The issue ended by showing us the above scene where it is revealed Thor is no longer worthy of Mjolnir.  While not much else 'moment worthy' in the issue, it was an excellent read.  Highly recommended if you skipped it.  Robert Rodi was on writing chores (he did Thor: Loki, one of the best Thor stories ever, but also another out of continuity project) and Simone Bianchi handled the art.  Great stuff throughout.

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Mike said...

"Really enjoyed this first issue of Shadowland: Elektra."

Unfortunately, it's just a one-shot. And I agree, Dark Reign: Elektra was outstanding.

Radlum said...

Where's the "Death By Science" panel from Taskmaster? That was the best comic of the week, Van Lente is a very underrated writer.

twobitspecialist said...

Children's Crusade sounds like it was a total blast. It sounds like quite the "event" without it really being an event. With the Young Avengers as the protagonists, it's already involved the Avengers, Magneto, and now Doom, with the X-Men supposedly following suit next. Best of all, we might actually get to see the real Wanda next issue.

maybetoby said...

Doom's pose with Wanda looks kinda suggestive...or is that just me

maybetoby said...

also, Aqualad's father was revealed at Comic-Con International in San Diego in this article about the Young Justice cartoon.

Anonymous said...

thank God!!! they can retcon that dumb@$$ Hawkeye slept with Wanda story... he is SOOOO not worthy

- Seafire

Mewzard said...

My big moments of the week had to come from R.E.B.E.L.S., with the fight between Lobo and Pulsar Stargrave getting violent (unfortunately for Pulsar, Lobo's not one to stay down, even when you eradiate him with solar heat, and try to rip him apart with gravity). Using his chain, he chucked the Tyrant Star (need I explain the mass of a Neutron Star?) around. Both were ready to go for another round, but Vril gave Brainiac something he deserved a long time ago, decades of negative emotions towards himself and Brainiac, locked away. The sheer confusion and rage at what he felt that Vril hid away was priceless. Few times will one see Brainiac in tears. That's a moment worth remembering.

Space Jawa said...

@Maybetoby It's not just you :-\

Kirk Warren said...

@mike - Really? I was under the impression we'd see more. All the other tie-ins are miniseries. Figured this would be similar. Shame if you are correct. Would have enjoyed seeing more of this.

@maybetoby - It reminds me of the older Superman/Batman cover with him holding a New God ina similar pose. Comics Fairplay has a image of it if you want a quick look for comparison sake. If I'm not mistaken though, the cover solicit they talk about was changed slightly to be less suggestive at release. But it's a striking resemblance to the Doom/Wanda pose.

Ryan K Lindsay said...

Hey Kirk - yeah, pretty sure Mike is right, Elektra only gets a one shot as do Ghost Rider, Spidey, and Moon Knight, and the rest are minis, if memory serves.

A real shame, because I would have bought an Elektra mini by Wells, whereas I'm not buying plenty of the other minis floating around Shadowland.

Anonymous said...

WOW ..... shadowlands really gone down hill. hand controls ghost rider that came out of left field and daredevil is brainwashed uggghhh thought daredevil writers are supposed tobe edgey and would bring something fresh

Anonymous said...

not many moments here...

Christine Hanefalk said...

@Kirik. Shadowland: Elektra is definitely a one-shot. Moon-Knight is a three parter though. I liked the issue, even though I've mostly lost interest in Shadowland outside of Daredevil which, from the looks of the #510 preview, is still going strong. Shadowland #3 was the lowest rated issue of all the ones I've reviewed in the nearly three years I've had my blog.

It's amazing how the same guy (albeit with the help of Antony Johnston) who wrote the masterpiece that was Daredevil #508 also wrote the utter garbage that was Shadowland #3.

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