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Comic Book Moments of the Week for 09/09/10

After a relatively light Moments of the Week last week, we're back with a mammoth offering of momenty goodness.  New costumes, Mephisto abound, Larfleeze in Las Vegas and more make up the moments this week.  Hit the jump to enjoy!

Amazing Spider-Man #641

MJ and Peter are now best friends forever. 

Amazing Spider-Man #642

This is one really messed up scene of a demon goblin lady giving birth to a baby and having Doc Ock deliver it (metal arm umbilical chord cutting attachment sold seperately). 

Batgirl #14

Does Supergirl just buy a new shirt every time she does this?  Or does she super sew it back together? 

Batman #703

"I revel in excrement!" has to be the quote of the week.

Nice moment between Damian and Dick.

Batman and Robin #16

I love Irving's Joker.  I couldn't really find a particular panel to sum up their dialogue that I loved in this issue, so went with this great image instead.

This is all kinds of #$%ed up.

And this just reminds me of that disturbing image of Pyg dancing from the first arc of this title.

Daken: Dark Wolverine #1

Daken's new costume sans mask.  He actually had to hire some famous runway fashion designer to desin and craft the costume for him (he later kills the guy).  As it's just a basic ninja gi, I wasn't really sure why he went to all the trouble.

Daredevil #510

Foreshadowing of the obvious need to kill Matt Murdock to end/redeem (Hand revival would likely follow) the character?

So...Daredevil is possessed by Parallax?

The only sane one left on Daredevil's side was Black Tarantula.  He might be dead.  Never know with these things.

Green Lantern #57


Carol becomes queen and, obviously, Larfleeze wants to be one, too.

New Avengers #4

New costume for Iron Fist?  Likely a temp thing as he returns from whatever higher dimension he was in, but an interesting palette swap.

Red Robin #16

Smart?  Yeah, great quality.  Funny?  Another good one.  Alive?  Uh...usually an implied characteristic, but definitely something we should be looking for in a girlfriend.

Shadowland: Blood on the Streets #2

I would like to see the math behind his cape science.  Is there an optimal cape size?  I'd assume a parabolic graph for cape to target size ratio whereby something like Spawn's cape that takes a triple gatefold spread to display at full width would lose it's effectiveness.  The colour of the cape, assuming it contrasts with the body part of the costume (it would be a fashion faux pas to have the same colour cape and costume) should have some impact as well. Conversely, a small cape would not increase the target size either.  Did he do an independent study?  Poll criminals?  This is going to drive me nuts trying to work out the math.

The Thanos Imperative #4

"Cosmic Avengers" take it to the Cancerverse forces.  Loved the Silver Surfer and Beta Ray Bill moments.

Thanos apparently can't die now.  Death has turned him away.  So, as payback, he kills Drax, who is considered an Avatar of Life now.  His death caused pain to the Cancerverse forces in our universe. 

Thor #614

Thor called the Disir to him last issue.  He couldn't draw the sword Loki forged for slaying the Disir, though.  How'd he pull it out for this bit of Disir slaying action?  He called on his mother, Gaea, to loose the sword from the ground.  Really neat bit as Gaea was shown in what I assumed was a throwaway bit earlier in the story as a "prisoner" of Hell (it even said Hell is part of her domain).

Speaking of Loki, Hela informs Thor of his part in the Disir and her relocation to Hell.  It seems Hela, and Thor, believe Loki committed suicide by turning himself away from Hel.  They don't seem to understand that he was the Disir's master and that his soul would not be devoured by the Disir when he was left outside of Hel and that he sicced the Disir upon Hel with this deal.  Interesting turn of events.

I really liked this ending.  I thought the Disir might be killed off and never heard from again.  Because they died in Hell, they fall under Mephisto's domain and are now his servants forever.  I wonder if they like the taste of marriages?

Ultimate Avengers 3 #2

Ultimate Captain America, the ultimate badass/one man army/real American hero/etc walks up to Kid Daredevil saying it's just a kid and promptly gets bitten.  Huh.  Had to double check to see if Mark Millar was still writing this series.  He's never written him like this before.

X-Force: Sex and Violence #3

Just a pretty splashpage to look at.

That is painful to look at.

Another fantastic splashpage.

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MisterSmith said...

ASM #641 - OMIT didn't make me angry like OMD did (and, to an extent, still does). OMIT made me ambivalent to Amazing Spider-Man entirely. They can do whatever they want...I really just don't care either way now.

ASM #642 - Doc Ock should stick around for a bit longer, because it looks like Spider-Man's going to be the next one having a baby.

New Avengers #4 - I'm really hoping Danny sticks with that new costume after this story. I love it.

Ultimate Avengers 3 #2 - I can't believe you didn't show Nerd Hulk's favorite comic. ;)

Anonymous said...

Am I the only person who thought Black Tarantula's blood forming the Daredevil symbol was just plain over the top?

Kirk Warren said...

@MisterSmith - I actually saw that image and thought it was a bad photoshop with how it looked and didnt post it (not reading Ultimate Avengers, just relying on people talking about it/posting scans). Trouble wasnt it? That horrible, horrible comic from the Jemas era.

@Anonymous - I just assumed that was for the 'next issue' line at the bottom and not a physical thing the blood did that characters will be able to see. Just a 4th wall short hand Daredevil logo at the bottom for the next month message.

Flip The Page said...

@kirk warren correct! Trouble, that awful awful Mark Millar/Dodson comic about "sexy Aunt May"

Matt Duarte said...

Haha, oh wow, Trouble. I thought we were all trying to collectively forget that it ever happened.

Deicide The Everliving said...

Black Tarantula won't die. His healing factor can heal him from this.

I'd bet that he will be the New Man Without Fear for some time, actually...

Anonymous said...

I thinks Iron fist shares tailor with some one else:

Anony-Mouse said...

Forget? On the contrary, how about a Top Ten Tuesday of the most embarassing comics? Liefeld's Captain America comes to mind, also Bill Jemas' Marville, that Loeb issue with Hulk punching the Watcher, The Rise Of Arsenal, All Star Batman and Robin...

James said...

Larfleeze in Las Vegas is one of the funniest things I've seen all year. Great stuff from Johns.

Ryan K Lindsay said...

I get the feeling Black Tarantula won't die, obviously, he has the healing factor, but I also think he'll become the new Man Without Fear as well. And I'm completely behind this idea.

As for the DD blood rivulets, I just assumed that played well into the corner of the page, it wasn't meant to be real and everyone could see it. Kind of like that cover with the Kingpin in the water and the blood makes the DD.

adezzy131 said...

white and gold costume? higher plain full of white light? I think I've seen this before...

Alfred P McLovely III said...

What Joe Quesada has done to Peter Parker and Mary Jane Watson's relationship and history has pretty much ruined Amazing Spider-man for me. There have been plenty of storylines that I have greatly disliked but the One More Day/Brand New Day/OMIT plot has done what the Clone Saga, Sins Past, or the Spider-Mobile could not do. Even the worst of them didn't make me wanna drop the comic forever because it was too depressing. To throw away MJ because one person thinks it'll sell better to little boys afraid of marriage is sad. Nothing about the story comes close to redeeming Peter making a deal with the devil or the treatment of MJ. It's awful and I'd be ashamed to learn that my fellow comic readers are so immature that a man's dedication to one woman is something to be treated so disrespectfully. You might think I'm making too big a deal about this and you may be right seeing as we live in a country with a divorce rate of 50%, but super heroes are supposed to inspire.

I still love Marvel. Thanks for listening and have a nice day.

Anonymous said...

Lame, black panther confirmed as new Man without Fear when obviously it should have went to Black Trantula but oh well.

Other than that, nothing in comics really upset me when they apply bad storylines or mandates anymore. I bet in the next 10 years OMIT is going to be retcon with something even more dumber or a nostalgic writer/editor wanting to go back to the old way of doing things would want Mary Jane back in the picture.

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