Saturday, September 18, 2010

Comic Book Moments of the Week for 09/15/10

How about some Moments of the Week to brighten up your day?  While the moments from this weeks comics are fine and all, they were kind of overshadowed by an email from Amazon telling me the Walter Simonson Thor Omnibus is available for preorder.  One of the greatest runs on any title and easily the best Thor ever all in one omnibus?  Yes, please! 

Amazing Spider-Man #643

Either his girlfriend, wife or ex-wife?  Oh Stan, you card.

Avengers and the Infinity Gauntlet #2

Hulk called it first. I heard him.

Holy crap, Dr Doom is a Trekkie?!?

Batman Beyond #4

Seems the new Catwoman is actually made up of several remote controlled armour suits (note the repeated dialogue from each as to why it's not likely multiple people).  Interesting twist that explains how she got away from Batman so quickly in previous encounters.

Robot stops working due to Bruce's shoddy work and Hush is about to possibly gain access to the tech/secrets?  Why, just self destruct the robot without any regard for Catwoman or Hush's safety.  Bruce was always the murdering type.  Perfectly in character.

Another "classic" Batman moment.

And, to cap off a "great" issue, Dick Grayson is revealed as Hush.

Birds of Prey #5

Black Canary is the new new White Canary?  Or just ran out of clothes on their trip to Bangkok and borrowed some from of White Canary's clothes?

Brightest Day #10

As expected, Siren and Black Manta are confirmed as Aqualad's parents.  Mera actually stole the baby and spirited it away to his current parents.

Firestorm matrix is actually the Big Bang?  Okay, if you say so...

Black Lantern Firestorm broke free of the two Firestorm hosts (they were cast to the side the page before).  Not sure if he'll be going by Deathstorm as the 'Next:' implies or not.

Deadpool #27

This is what it's like when I try to use Canadian currency in America.

 Poor Deadpool, no one ever tells him when they come back to life.

Deadpool joining the Secret Avengers?  Probably just a short team-up in his own book, but I wouldn't mind seeing him on the team.  He could challenge Wolverine for number of teams he's on.

Green Lantern: Emerald Warriors #2

And I thought my dreams were messed up.

Guy went to see the Blue Lanterns in order to purge the lingering signs of the Red Lantern ring contamination (how he's been bleeding from the mouth recently, etc).  Apparently Bleez doesn't want him to get cured for some reason.  Probably something to do with why Atrocitus sent her to find him.  But the best part of this page?  Look at Warth - crazy Red Lantern girl shows up and grabs Guy and he just does not give a #$%.  Love it.

Incredible Hulks #613

Skaar tells Hulk about his other son. 

Shadowland: Ghost Rider #1

Ghost Rider petitioning God for some help with his current enslavement to the Kingpin...while riding a whale across the ocean.

God actually lends him some help later in the form of a Host of angels.  The reasoning is that Ghost Rider was summoned by Hand magic, so can't actually do anything against them.  Thus, the need for said angelic help.

Shadowland: Power Man #2

Great sequence between Luke and the new Power Man.

These 70's characters were hilarious.  The Spear above was my favourite just for that noun/verb/proper name line.

X-23 #1

Nice moment between Storm and X-23.

Holy crap, someone remembers that Hellion and Laura were kinda, sorta, maybe dating and addressing all the X-Force nonsense.  Hell, even the New X-Men showed up in this issue.  Automatic win for me.

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E. Wilson said...

Damn it, Beechan, stop turning Bat-Family members evil! Just stop!

Am I the only one who thinks that BL Firestorm got to survive Blackest Night simply because he's, bar none, the coolest-looking of the space zombies?

The Dangster said...

I have no idea how Batman Beyond got so bad so fast. I was about say, Beechan was doing a decent job but it just self destructed in one issue.

Honestly, didn't he learn from Miller's DK2? It's gonna especially provoke more ire now that Dick is so well received as Batman

thanks for uploading the ghost rider stuff.

to be fair, I've been flipping through Brightest Day after dropping it over it's lack of story progression. I have to say, it's finally getting somewhere and Aqualad has a compelling storyline.

Joe said...

I'm not sure that Siren is confirmed as Aqualad's mother in this moment of the week. Black Manta says "You made him like you" not "he was born like you"...that sounds more like she somehow gave him his powers rather than gave birth to him.

Am I missing the subtext here???

Gyro said...

BL Firestorm looks great, but "Deathstorm"? Did the Time Trapper just send DC Comics into the 90s?

Gyro said...

Firestorm always looked good, but never better than this Black Lantern incarnation. But "Deathstorm"? Did the Time Trapper just send DC Comics back to the 90s?

Radlum said...

I can't believe Johns resisted the urge to cruelly kill Aqualad's adoptive father. Also, I can't believe an Aquaman story is actually one of the most interesting of the group

onefinemess said...

X-23 was great - except the art. Can't believe they got something so wishy-washy for what I would think was a high profile issue.

I mean, it wasn't *bad*, but it certainly wasn't up to par with the writing. I think there were two pencilers? Whoever did the hell stuff seemed better than the other - the non-hell moments had lots of strangely proportioned people. Wait, I guess it's all Will Conrad? Different inkers? I dunno, I suck at art stuff.

Jikorijo said...

I have to agree with Joe, Kirk. I think you misinterpreted Black Manta's comment. I don't think that he meant Siren was born like her.

Kirk Warren said...

I'm willing to concede the Black Manta/Siren scene is possibly misinterpreted on my part or, at the very least, not as concrete an confirmation as I state. To me, it still looks like he is saying that Siren made their son more like his mother (aka her).

ychengwei said...

Dr Doom 'allowing the breach of protocol' for the Incredible feckin' Hulk was too awesome for words.

Chris said...

lol, I loved that little bit Stan threw in at the end of ASM, hilarious.

twobitspecialist said...

I loved that line from ASM. Also, Dr. Doom always has the best lines.

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