Saturday, September 25, 2010

Comic Book Moments of the Week for 09/22/10

How's the weekend treating you?  Whatever your answer is, it's about to get better with another edition of the Moments of the Week.  We've got time travel, Hulks, Zatanna, Dr Doom, dead Galactus, Nemesis and more.  Hit the jump to enjoy.

Avengers #5

Might want to click for a larger image, but this is basically the Avengers equivalent of DC's chalkboards from Booster Gold that list a bunch of time travel related hints and clues towards past/current/future stories and leave fans with a whole mess of speculating to do.  As Bendis/JRJr have made this one as complicated as all hell to simply look at, let alone decipher, I'll let you guys figure it out.

Don't usually like pointing out random bad art, but what is up with Hawkeye's arm?  It's like Romita drew it too him too small to fill the panel and just kept extending his arm into oblivion.  If you look at the bow, his hand would be well off the edge of the panel and beyond where he'd grip it.  He's been having a lot of odd looking art lately.  I assume he's overworked between his Marvel and Kick-Ass work.  He's usually rock solid on consistency, so it's just disconcerting to see things like this showing up more and more in his work. 

Now, while he is having some odd anatomy problems (as seen in the Hawkeye moment above), JRJr can still deliver the goods when he wants to.  This Ultron is fantastic. 

Avengers Academy #4

Norman Osborn gets his first big appearance (more of a cameo last issue) since Siege and he's back to being the calm, cool and collected Osborn that we saw throughout the entire Dark Reign.  I was expecting a continuation of the completely random Goblin nutso Bendis turned him into for Siege.  He even ended that event with the Goblin taunting him in his jail cell, yet he's acting perfectly rational here.  Just makes his characterization in Siege all the more out of place.  I'm curious as to if this connection with the Avengers Academy members will be followed up on in Osborn's upcoming miniseries.

Being smacked in the mouth is preferable to being given cancer. 

Batman: Streets of Gotham #16

Great looking Zatanna splashpage.

Zatanna is "escorting" Bruce "Hush" Wayne on this public outing and Hush can't help but rub in how she'll never be with Bruce.  Loved the tone and subtext of this scene.  Worked really well.

Fantastic Four #583

Kristoff?  Wow, I haven't heard mention of him in a lonnngggg time.  Last I heard, he was time displaced by Stryfe.  But not like that would stop Dr Doom from retreiving him.  As Kristoff has ties to Nathaniel Richards (his possibly being Kristoff's father as well) and how Hickman is using Nathaniel a lot in Shield and Fantastic Four, it was only a matter of time before Kristoff returned.  The middle scene, for those unaware, is a reference to when Doom was captured by the Intelligencia in World War Hulks and had his intelligence drained off by the Leader and the rest of that group.

Doom is actually suffering some side effects from that Intelligencia machine based on this panel.  Valeria, who recently discovered her father's Bridge machine, which was used to meet that Council of Reed Richards in Hickman's opening arc, is working on her own agenda and requires Doom's aid.

That agenda?  Not sure, but I think she's picking up where her father left off after the Council was attacked by the Celestials and she now will try to 'solve everything' herself.  She even used the bridge to save four several of the Council of Reed members, who are now hiding around the globe based on that weird globe speech bubble and how they teleport/disappear afterwards.  Other option is that is reference to the various "cities" that Hickman has introduced on his tenure and the Reed's simply went back through the Bridge portal.  I think it's the former though and they are now on our Earth. 

And the final moment is the Silver Surfer finding the corpse of Galactus that Reed hid away (the one from Mark Millar's run that was from an alternate future and used as a power source).  There's an ominous tone to the narration on the previous page with the surfer before revealing what he's looking at.  I'm quite interested in seeing where Hickman goes with this.

Flash #5

Flash ended up breaking the mysterious mirror in this alternate world and wakes up on trial.  I'm not following this book, so I can only assume he hasn't murdered anyone lately and it's a reference to the  Silver Age death of the Reverse-Flash. 

Green Lantern Corps #52

Boodika's Alpha Lantern body gets inhabited by Cyborg-Superman and we get a little internal struggle visualized.  Cyborg doesn't show up again/reform in any other nearby machines and Boodika is free of his influence/back to her pre-Alpha Lantern personality (though still has the Alpha Lantern body), so I'm not sure if Cyborg is dead for good this time or what.

Hulk #25

Red Hulk can no longer drain radiation off the Hulk or other characters.

When Ross gets lippy with Banner, Bruce reminds him who he is.

Millar & McNiven's Nemesis #3

Speed lines, speed lines everywhere!  Kidding aside, really brutal and well done scene.  Should look great if they make the movie.

Great finish to the fight sequence.

And just shortly after Millar does something great, he's back to his shock schtick by having Nemesis kidnap the police chief's kids and having the daughter get pregnant from the gay son in one of the most convoluted "edgy and extreme" scenes from his career.  Incest?  Bombs on wombs?  WTF am I reading? 

Secret Avengers #5

Sadly, Nick Fury turned out to be an LMD.  Brubaker tried to make me care and differentiate the LMD from the run of the mill LMDs, but it didn't really do it for me.  All I could think in this origin sequence was how this might relate to Hickman's Secret Warriors and the Leviathan/Zodiac stuff he has planned.

One interesting thing was the inclusion of John Steele, a forgotten Silver Age character that Brubaker recently reintroduced in his Marvels Project.  I was not expecting him to be involved and it makes me wonder where it places this Shadow Council in the grand scheme of things as Steele isn't a bad guy (or wasn't, who knows now). 

Supergirl #56

Bizarro World gets blowed up (put together?) to kick off this issue.  Some giant alien snake thing is doing this.  Not sure why.

Thor #615

Another Thor-Loki rememberance scene in this issue of Thor.  I liked the more brunt version Gillen did a few issues back.  Not sure if Thor would be blowing off Sif to lament over the loss of Loki, half-brother or not, but I did enjoy it.  Always reminds me of the painted Loki miniseries from several years back where it delves into their brotherly love/hate relationship more (though in an out of continuity tale).

The cosmic villains of Fraction's Thor.  They appear to be coming from some other reality where space is collapsing in on them/the universe is dying (sounded like the Negative Zone to me, but supposedly somewhere else) and they are going to take up residence in the void left by Asgard being on Earth and not in its place in the whole scheme of the 9 worlds of the world tree.

Heimdall notices the coming of the new aliens.  To be honest, the Asgardians just came back to life.  It's been maybe a year Marvel time.  I'm not sure how he can say death is coming "at long last" with how short a time it's been since they died and were reborn previously.

Titans #27

Roy upsets that children are being used to power machinees that make some crazy super drugs and reacting to the horror that they are rigged to die if forcibly removed from the machine?  Is this some sort of redemption for him?  Is he acting human again?

Nope, just sad all those drugs are being destroyed and wondering how it tastes.

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Anonymous said...

you got to admit the millar nu world arc was fantastic , nemesis wtf scene is absoulutly hilarious . basically a family guy south park scene in comics

maybetoby said...

Nemesis is just trying to hard to be edgy what with the scene with the kids. I think Millar has an issue with families (Hawkeye's family in Ultimates 2, Wolverines family in Old Man Logan) lol :P

The trial of Flash is accusing him of Murdering the Mirror Monarch, a 30th century verseion of Mirror Master that showed up dead in issue #1.

Aaron K said...

I've rarely been left more excited for the next issue of a series than I was by FANTASTIC FOUR #583. I need to find out what happens with Val and Doom and the Silver Surfer and the Council and Reed! While Hickman's run has certainly been difficult to follow at times, it has never lacked for fascinating storylines.

Could anyone tell which parts of SECRET AVENGERS #5 were drawn by Aja and which were drawn by Lark? It all looked more Aja than Lark to me. (Also, Gabriel Hardman's art in HULK #25 looks very much like Lark's DAREDEVIL run.)

twobitspecialist said...

Avengers Academy - I was not expecting that at all. I thought there would be some sort of skirmish between the students and Osborn. I wonder how Osborn will be portrayed in his upcoming mini.

Fantastic Four - I like that Hickman referenced the World War Hulks thing. The other non-Hulk characters just went about their lives like nothing ever happened, so this was a good thing.

I also wonder if dead Galactus is a result from Thanos Imperative.

Hulk #25 - I have heard very good things about this one.

Secret Avengers - I haven't picked it up. Not sure I want to now.

Kirk Warren said...

@Aaron - Agreed on Fantastic Four. Was easily one of the best issues of his run and a lot to take in for one issue. So much happening now. Made up for relatively slow paced and meandering after that opening Council story arc.

As for Secret Avengers, I'm not sure either. I'm guessing it's layouts by Aja and the others helped him out to speed itup/ get it out on time? It usually lists the pages if they do individual sections. I'm guessing collaboration throughout.

Kirk Warren said...

@twobit - the Galactus appeared in earlier issues. Reed took the corpse from Millar's run with that whole Fantastic Force/using Galactus as a power source story and stashed it underground. I doubt it's Thanos Imperative related, though Surfer's involvement may stem from something that happened there.

Ethereal said...

I didn't like how they wrote Thor/Blake. Does he usually write Thor like this? I wasn't a huge a fan of the art either.

FF was awesome.
Secret Avengers, although a total cop-out, was what I had originally expected from the title. I'm sticking with it. Too much international intrigue to not stick with. The art was what I was originally hoping for, too.

Anonymous said...

omg nemesis was so funny , I could just see that happening in south park #1

Christian said...

ummm. why is Ultron wearing Speedball's old Penance armour?

Kirk Warren said...

@Christian - I assume it's the Destroyer armour from Thor stories modified for Ultron, but it could just be random future X-TREMEness.

Anonymous said...

wow they totally stole that titans plotline from torchwood

Anonymous said...

I know Im supposed to hate nemesis but its just such a guilty pleasure

Kirk Warren said...

@Anonymous #12 - I wouldnt say you have to hate it. I like a lot of it, like the premise (lone suepr hero in "real world" is the bad guy with Batman level skills) and the fight scenes are great (like the motw above). But then there's things like gay brother knocking up sister that are way too in your face over the top for the sake of shock value. Feels like Millar is really trying too hard at times. Borderline self parody at this point.

maybetoby said...

@Kirk - "But then there's things like gay brother knocking up sister that are way too in your face over the top for the sake of shock value. Feels like Millar is really trying too hard at times. Borderline self parody at this point."

Agreed, which is unfortunate cuz I want to like this story but stuff like that just feels like trying to hard to shock the audience.

Anonymous said...

wow so they did steal the torchwood story

Anonymous said...

Here's my impression of this site's DC book moment captions;

"The Flash goes somewhere or something with some guy I don't know. I'm not reading the book, so I'm gonna make an off-base assumption dripping with bias.

AAAANYWAY, Fantastic Four was AWESOME!"

Matt Duarte said...

Oh great, we are doing the whole Marvel vs. DC thing again? I must have missed that memo.

Nemesis moment had me facepalming. That series really needs to figure out if it wants to be a gritty, serious comic or an over the top parody of itself. Considering it's on issue three out of four already, it may be too late for that.

Anonymous said...

..... It's clearly a self parody .

liam said...

duh . at what point did you guys think it was a gritty book

Ryan K Lindsay said...

I don't think I get it. If Nemesis is just a parody then what merit does the whole concept have? It's an Elseworlds tale without a world to actually spoof. Maybe I'm missing something, and I'll admit I'm not reading it, but it would be a weak way out to say it's parody, and that doesn't give Millar any credit for what he is working hard to write.

Ramon Villalobos said...

I think you're giving Millar too much credit for that fight scene. Yes he did write that it takes place on two pages of the book but if you look at the script in the back he basically tells McNiven that a fight happens and that it should be violent. I don't even really care of the scene that much but you have to give credit where it's due if you did and it's not Millar, it's McNiven who turned a vague one sentence description for the entire page into... well that page. He did the work, not Millar. What did Millar do? Well on the next page he wrote the moment where a prisoner says "shit dude." or something like that and then he wrote that awful, borderline retarded moment that you followed up with. So much wrong with that but you can tell Millar wanted to be edgy because he added that the brother was gay. Why? Because it's taboo. Any how.

Sorry about the rant but I saw the last two pages of the book with the script pages and having worked from script pages I know what a pain in the ass that must have been.

Eric Rupe said...

Conceptually, Nemesis is a parody of Batman but whether it parodies anything else is probably going to be left up to the individual reader to decide.

"If Nemesis is just a parody then what merit does the whole concept have?"

Isn't parody merit in-and-of itself and kind of the point as well, in the case of Nemesis? I haven't read it yet but the interviews I read on it didn't really suggest Millar had anything else in mind other than "Batman the world's greatest villain." It could have to a parody of Millar's style of writing, or similar styles, but I'd have to read it first to know exactly.

Ryan K Lindsay said...

I'm not saying parody doesn't have merit...though that argument can be made in so many cases, but instead I'm trying to say that the parody safety net seems to get used a bit too often on comics these days. If a comic is written as excessively over the top then it's deemed a parody and lauded still.

I think if a comic is over the top and doesn't really seem to be a direct parody of anything then it might just be a failed attempt at what they first tried.

Eric Rupe said...

I think Millar's body of work can justify the parody label for over the top stuff for Nemesis if you want to read into that way. Parody and statire don't always have to be specific and can target trends in general and can still be effective.

Linda said...

Ugh gods sake it's just a freaking comicbook a funny one at that . Seriously millar and mkniven must be laughing their asses of at these in depth analysis's

Anonymous said...

I wonder if anyone at DC has every tried to snort a line of children? You've gotta love some tasty drugs! Poor Roy... lol

craig said...

ditto on lindas comment

Anonymous said...

You may hate me becuse of what I'm going to say but here it goes anyway....

I am liking a lot the Titans book right now, sorry guys but it is my guilty pleasure from DC.


twobitspecialist said...

@Enrique - Now why would you think you'd be hated for that? You're only expressing your own opinion.

Anonymous said...

Because people like you usually rip into him for those comments twobit

twobitspecialist said...

@Anon30 - Prove it. When in the last month have I done that?

wonda woma said...

i think what he is trying to say that you have an incredibaly bad reputation. take for instance that you bullied and picked on many anonymous commentators even though they are usually two thousand readers and bloggers are only a part of those readers. you cannot question or be annoyed if people are negative towards you. not picking on you but its just an analysis

Anonymous said...

well said . sick and tired of this guy being hostile and derailing conversations , one of the reasons I dont comment

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