Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Joe Q on OMD - It "Never Happened"

Joe Quesada explains more of the thought process and continuity surrounding Peter MJ making a deal with the devil, explaining she beat the devil at his own game and the deal itself has been retconned out of existence.  Via Cup O'Joe: Cup O'M.I.T. interview at CBR.

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Dennis N said...

BS. Quesada should never speak of OMD other than to get on his knees and beg for forgiveness.

Anonymous said...

If I was Quesada, I would pretend like OMD never happened either, man I would sooner take credit for the Ben Reilly Spider-Clone saga. Insipid and stupid, but the clone saga was at least a creative risk. OMD was just lazy and insulting and corrupted all the Spider Man stories I grew up with.

Rewriting history was obviously his motive for force feeding us OMIT.

Whatever. "Shed" was decent though.

Hoylus said...

If we never had the meeting between Mephisto and MJ and Peter, wouldn't they be married again?


It's what?



Steven said...

Wow. Quesada has solidified his status as comics biggest a##hole if he really believes anyone is going to buy his lame explanation for the whole thing. "It's good and makes sense because I say it is so", has pretty much been his mantra for a long time now.

Flip The Page said...

@anonymous2 oh no all those stories you can still remember and enjoy from your youth! they're exactly the same! whatever will you do when the quality of the original stories aren't affected by something that happened long after they were done?

seriously, One More Day was pretty poorly written and executed, I'll say that at any moment, but it's just like any other story in comics. you CAN just be dismissive of it and just enjoy the other stories out there. I mean there have been quality stories before and since, and spider-man is nothing if not someone who has an extensive backcatalogue of trades available. you don't HAVE to read and moan about a continuity you clearly don't like

Space Jawa said...

The effects are still there. Retconned out or not, OMD might as well still have happened, since nothing has really changed at all.

I'll be willing to stop caring about it when the EFFECTS of OMD are retconned out rather than the cause.

quietomega said...

Wasn't Joe Quesada making a really big deal in the aftermath of One More Day about how all the stories were still in continuity, just that Peter and MJ weren't married or whatever? How does he reconcile that with what he just said?

Ivan said...

I'm laughing my ass out here.

Anonymous said...


Klep said...

It's really sad the disdain Quesada holds the marriage and fans of it in, but it's even sadder that he has this pathological need to try and convince everyone that his story really is good and makes sense, he just has to explain it to you again. And again. And again.

Someone needs to take the Spiderman toy away from him and let someone responsible play with it.

Phillyradiogeek said...

I'm not the OMD hater that many others are, but what Quesada said above is ridiculous. The marriage ended because of the deal with Mephisto, it happened, move on. He's overexplaining things at this point.

Anonymous said...

The funni thin is that just when people are hating arsenal-titans and really reatrded DC stuff in all of their glory, Fatso Quesada comes and makes worse all the devil's deal with spiderman hahaha


E. Wilson said...

This is why OMIT was a huge mistake. Seriously, Marvel, stop. Just, stop. OMD was an incredibly bad story on so many levels, but it's over. It's done. You got the Spider-Man status quo you said you needed. Move forward, not back.

Because EVERY TIME Joe Q. talks about it, every thread on every Spidey message board I find devolves back into the same three-year-old argument...

Michael said...

Joe really needs to shut up about OMD. It's not making me want to pick ASM back up. And Marvel wonders why sales keep dropping.

Dracula Jones said...

I think people are misunderstanding the statement. He's not saying it didn't happen at all, just that in the new timeline, it doesn't happen.

It's really no different than Biff totaling the McFlys' car in the original 1985. It happens, and then Marty changes history and it never happens. Marty remembers it happening, but to everyone else, it never happened. The readers are Marty, in this situation. All of the original timeline has happened, but then it gets changed. 1985A and 1985B.

Anonymous said...

@Flip the page, anonymous2 has a point, the spider man we grew up with wouldnt make a deal with satan. That is 1 aspect that made omd reek. If u tear asunder continuity that makes a character creatively rich just so he can b single, u get lonely fanboys obsessing over it.

If the destruction of decades of sm continuity dont matter, why u so bent of shape on it?

Instead of deflecting, why dont u respond to jq quote?

Flip The Page said...

@anonymous16 you raise a fair point, I went off on one at the overreacting fans instead of looking at the comment. thanks for levelling me out.

the quote to me is just kinda stating the obvious. once a timeline is changed, certain events won't have happened, especially the event that caused the change. it's a soft science nightmare and is better left unacknowledged. But those stories affected (The wedding and OMD) aren't affected in their quality and resonance with fans. The wedding will always be fondly remembered (despite it being the most rushed thing in the realm of ever) despite it now never happening. As long as those two stories stand on their own they can still be judged/appreciated by their own merits.

As for it being MJ's victory over Mephisto? Not really. A) he still had to alter the one moment in time to kick everything off in the new continuity and B) if you honestly think that Marvel won't use Mephisto in Spidey again any time in the distant future you underestimate their abilities to retcon.

So all in all, a pointless little quote that has some conversation of merit to it.

Daryll B. said...

To me, this whole thing felt like OJ's book...but of course that is a much more serious topic than this....

I really think that J.Q. still thinks that those of us who adored the marriage dynamic are morons...

Anonymous said...

Okay, let me see if I've got this straight: Peter and MJ make a deal with Mephisto and that causes the marriage to never happen. The reason that Peter misses the wedding is because a pudgy, normal criminal falls on him and Spidey (who's gone toe to toe with Juggernaut and Hulk) can't lift him off. After the wedding doesn't happen, Peter and MJ have their huge argument. They aren't married, but they remain a couple. This is the reason why all of the Spidey continuity after the wedding doesn't change. And Spidey is free to run around and sleep with his roommate and the Black Cat.
So..... it's better to have a cheating, womanizing Spidey than a faithful, married Spidey?
I've got to be missing something here, because reading what I've written above, it all sounds stupid on an epic level.

Ivan said...

Well, they remained a couple but split up at some later point, right?

Daryll B. said...

@anonymous #19 Nope, you pretty much got it all in a nutshell....

Yeah I really miss the "Peter, as a high schoolteacher and the Scientist assistant" right now along with the marriage...

Anonymous said...

Mr. Q has always had something of a problem understanding what continuity is and why it might be important to readers. He has been in favor of a good story. Too bad that he isn't able to do either one very well.

- Fan4Fan

Matthew said...

I used to love spider-man. Some of the first things I ever read were spider-man comics that my parents bought me at the local PX in germany. As I grew up and continued reading I found myself wanting to be like Peter Parker, especially once I hit 7 and started wearing glasses. Parker was Honorable, hard working, and had grown into the respect of his peers. Not to mention he had a smokin' hot wife.

Eventually, I hit high school, and stopped reading... Mostly because of the clone nonsense, but also because money was tight. I still loved Spider-Man though. I eventually got married to my own smoking hotty and began reading comics again, starting with The Other. Peter Parker had grown up some more. He was a teacher, a full-fledged Avenger. Tony Stark was his mentor, almost a surrogate father. Life was still tough, but he was succeeding. Triumphing against long odds, still managing to maintain the hard walk on the high road, above the moral ambiguity, and even amorality of many "heroes". Even with Aunt May close to death, he didn't succumb to revenge and hate by killing the Kingpin. He rose above.

And then.. One More Day. And... even three years later.. I just can't get by it. A man that had constantly found a way to fight the darkness back; who had always found a way to rise above... Had made a deal with the devil. He just.. gave up. He gave up a marriage he had worked so hard to keep right, that he had fought to save multiple times.. He signed away for a woman that, really, was ready to go be with Ben. But fine, it's a comic, I say to myself. DC killed Superman and brought him back, I reasoned. So.. maybe they're just trying to make the marriage "relevant" to today's crowd. It's a marketing stunt, and they'll bring it back.

Three years later, OMIT happens. I'm tired of this "new status quo". I'm tired of the sleeping around, the drunken antics. I'm tired of my fictional hero being the antithesis of everything he's ever been. I wish JMS had reset everything back to Gwen's death, because maybe then, Peter Parker wouldn't be such an ass.

Sorry for the rant.

Anonymous said...

shut the f### up Quesada, it happened or else they would be married, the deal happened now actually undo it and stop finding new ways to piss of pretty much everyone who ever liked spider-man ever

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