Friday, September 17, 2010

Moment of the Day - Batman: Year One - I'm Practically Blind Without My Glasses

Batman, sans costume, saves Jim Gordon's Infant Son

While Batman: Year One has countless great moments to draw upon, I think this is probably my favourite from that story primarily due to the ambiguity of whether or not Gordon knows who Batman is.  Personally, I like to believe he recognizes Bruce Wayne and puts together it is Batman and love the dynamic it adds to their relationship.

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collectededitions said...

Entirely I believe Gordon knows who Batman is. It certainly seems clear he does in Batman RIP, and there's another moment I can't remember right now -- later than No Man's Land but before now, to be vague about it -- that suggested such to me. It changes depending on the writer, I guess, but I agree with you that I like the dynamic it adds to their relationship.

Ivan said...

I'm of the opinion that Gordon knows about Bruce and Babs and just chooses to keep to himself. Of course, this theory relies on Jim having near-Budha levels of patience and temperance for not lashing out at Batman during The Killing Joke, but still...

Well, on a second thought, it's not like Joker shot her because she was the Batgirl...but I digress.

Great moment. I recently read Born Again, and man, Miller + Mazzucchelli are such a strong duo.

hoylus said...

Yeah, the commissioner knows who Batman is. Of course. Great moment.

Lucho said...

I´ve always loved this moment.

It was great also in Gordon´s retirement party when he said to Sasha Bourdeax "Ís he giving you a hard time?". Gordon knows but it´s us who aren´t sure sometimes.

Miller rocked with this moment.

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