Monday, September 20, 2010

Moment of the Day - Decompression

From an early issue of Invincible, exact number unknown.

Invincible has come to be known more for its extreme acts of super violence of late, but I wanted to show off one of the funnier - and more common - scenes from earlier in the series. While the violence was still there, the series had a much lighter tone back then and this was just one example of what made me love the book.

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Michael said...

Still makes me smile no matter how many times I see this page.

maybetoby said...

issue #10 I believe. It's always funny when writers do lil in-jokes like this

Dan Enders said...

I love Invincible, and unless it does something horrible it will continue to be one of my favorite books out there, but I would like to see a return to the lighter side.

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