Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Moment of the Day - Ultron. We Would Have Words With Thee.

We would have words with thee.

Seeing as we've a few Thor comcis coming out today, I thought I'd post what is easily my personal favourite Thor line ever. In fact, I do my best to quote this whenever there's an epic Thor moment,  yet it is actually from a relatively modern story and was first used in Kurt Busiek's Ultron Unlimited in Avengers Vol 3 #22.

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Matt Duarte said...

Haha, Cap's energy shield.

maybetoby said...

ooh, another great moment. I really liked the energy shield

Daryll B. said...

The energy shield is cool and I just noticed something here: Thor's uniform ripped, Iron Man suit is wrecked, Cap's damaged, Firestar's is shredded, and Black Panther has not a scratch. Talk about

(of course has takes a mean energy blast like a page and a half later to the chops, but gets in a claw on Ultron!)

Mark J. said...

I remember buying this issue and being completely floored by this image. Perez does great work.

Ivan said...

The coolest thing about Cap's energy shield is that he could turn it into a staff. But IIRC, there was the drawback that he couldn't throw it.

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