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The Weekly Crisis vs. Solicits for November 2010

It's that time of the month again as we let the chips fall where they may, and then we scavenge through them all to see what's decent. It's the November solicitations and there's plenty to bring us so close to the end of the year, so don't wait until after Halloween to make your shopping list. Hit the jump to see some of the things that caught our collective eyes.

Ryan L's Thoughts

Avengers: Earth's Mightiest Heroes #1 (of 4)

It's written by Christopher Yost and drawn by Scott Wegener and Patrick Scherberger and it looks like a lot of fun. Plus, y'know, it's for kids. This series is based around the new cartoon of the same name and it makes me wonder, will this be adapting those stories or will it add something new? And either way it runs makes me wonder why. If it's a good story put it in the show, and if it's not good enough for the show then why do I want to read it? If it's an adaptation then I barely see the point. In saying that, the creative team looks good, the team looks good (though I still don't get this mad-on for Hawkeye that Marvel is going through), and I'm certain it'll be a stack of fun.

It seems like Marvel doing another comic for kids and that's helpful when your other Avenger titles either speak like Mamet or include characters like Moon Knight and the new Ant-Man who likes to perve in showers.

Bullseye: Perfect Game #1 (of 2)

This isn't any sort of Shadowland tie in. At least, I don't believe it is. However, it is a perfect time to give us some more tales from the Daredevil sphere of influence. Bullseye is nearly always a fascinating character to me, there's just something about him I dig, and Charlie Huston seems to know how to write some nasty business so this could be a good little one-two punch. I have no idea where this tale would get collected in trade, maybe with the Shadowland one shots? So, I'd rather just buy this as two issues and not have to worry about it.

Many people have forgotten about Bullseye's history as a baseball pitcher and I'm intrigued as to how Huston will make this story work. Count me in just out of curiosity if nothing else.

Ultimate Comics Spider-Man #150

Sorry, just a quick rant. I hate it when comics go back to renumbering. It's just not fair and it certainly isn't earned. If you want the legacy of tough numbers then you have to stick it out otherwise you don't get those high numbers. It's just annoying and ao basically a sales grab, and it's weak. I'm annoyed that Avengers will no doubt go back to classic numbering when the next milestone comes around, but then they'll get bored and reboot again. Daredevil will most likely be the same. Lame.

In saying that, I love me some anniversary issues because they're certainly packed full of awesome content. Either way, I don't read the Ultimate Spidey, I don't read any Ultimate comics, so this doesn't affect my purchases, it just annoys me. Thanks for listening.

Osborn #1 (of 5)

It's Osborn in jail. It's written by Kelly Sue DeConnick. It's drawn by Emma Rios. It's got a back up. That back up is written by Warren Ellis. It's going on my pull list for sure. The only shame with this title i that it feels like a perfect trade wait. I'd be stoked if each issue had a back up but that might be pushing it. I'll buy it in singles because it needs the support and I dig the idea of this mini so I'm in. I just hope as many people follow suit.

Ant-Man & The Wasp #1 (of 3)

Much like the Bullseye 2-shot, this mini being a 3-parter is a main reason that I'll pick it up in singles. I'll also pick it up because I love Eric O'Grady and I'm curious to see how Tim Seeley goes with writing and drawing some Marvel goodness. I hope this one comes out as a dark horse to shock all by being simply awesome. That's not too much in expectation, is it?

Detective Comics #871

I don't think you need me to tell you how much I'm looking forward to Scott Snyder's debut on Detective Comics, do I? Snyder has been pretty dominant on American Vampire, he's got Jock and Francesco Francavilla doing the art for him, and he's got a Commissioner Gordon back up right here. It's all going to be pretty damn good and this issue right here is the ground floor for what I hope will be one good year of Batman.

Matt's Thoughts

Batman Welcomes You to The $3.99 Club

Hey kid, do you like Batman? Do you want to check out these two brand new series featuring your favorite character? Then you better have a Hamilton in your pockets because both new series Batman, Inc. and Batman: The Dark Knight seem to be priced at 3.99, and with 32 pages of content. Now granted, this MIGHT just be the first issue, but I doubt it (you can all come back and tell me I was wrong in a month), and it will be interesting to see how they do. If I remember correctly, this is DC’s first ongoing series with this price/page count rate, since all of the other series had back-ups to justify the price hike. Also, let’s remember that Batman stars in like five different ongoing series.

Battlechasers HC

And this month’s award to the most ridiculously overpriced item goes to: Battlechasers! Seriously, it has nine and half issues (adding up to 340 pages) and it costs a whooping one hundred bucks (fifty more if you want the signed edition). Now sure, the issues ARE oversized, as is the size of the book, but it’s also an incomplete piece of work. Battlechasers was supposed to be ten issues long, but Joe Madureira never finished the book, and the fact that it’s collected into one prohibitively priced book means that he will never finish it either. I mean, just for comparison’s sake, the Spawn: Origins HC that Image is also putting out costs the same and has twenty five issues (680 pages) and has stories by Neil Gaiman and Alan Moore. I know which one I would invest in.
Chaos War Explodes!

What started out to be a continuation of the Incredible Hercules, Chaos War has fully blossomed into a pretty big event. In other words, it was “Shadowlanded” (too soon?). Most of these series look pretty good, and feature a wide array of talent that is bound to appeal to everyone, but I’m not sure which ones I’m going to pick up just yet. So far, my rule of only picking up tie-ins written by the same team as the event itself has been working out pretty well, so I might just stick with that.

Generation Hope #1

The preview for this book really sold me on the strength of the creative team and how they would fit into this series. That being said, I am very, very worried that this team might be double cursed, as Salva Espin worked in the short lived Exiles series, and Kieron Gillen worked in the short lived S.W.O.R.D. series. It features almost completely new characters, bears little connection to the series it’s named after (Generation X), and the creative team, spectacular as it might be to my tastes, is just not a strong seller on it’s. Let’s Hope (did you see what I did there?) that this series hits the ground running, and that it catches on.

New Avengers #6

I have been enjoying the hell out of New Avengers since the reboot. I haven’t had the chance to review it, but it’s good clean fun, and though there’s still plenty of Bendis-ticks to keep the haters away, the art by Stuart Immonem has been nothing short of stellar. The solicitation information touts the fact that someone will die, and I hate it when they do this. I read this book because of the synergy of the characters, the jokes they make, and how they spend their time together, not because I want to see one of them die. Of course, they might just kill Son of Satan, who has been guest-starring in the book. Although it would be pretty hilarious if Bendis killed Hawkeye. Again.


So that's what caught our eyes for the upcoming month of November. What are you most looking forward to? What made you groan when you opened your copy of Previews? Let us know in the comment section.

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twobitspecialist said...

I'm looking forward to Osborn (or as I will call it, "Oz"born) #1 and Ant-Man and the Wasp #1 (why haven't these guys teamed up already?).

Frank said...

That Battler Chasers collection is ridiculous, especially when it's basically an unfinished series. I picked up the new Danger Girl Deluxe Edition HC for $35 and it kicks ass. Oversized, extra content, beautiful design. Maybe if Joe Mad dropped his book to the same price point I'd think about picking it up.

monopoly said...

Green Lantern: Emerald Warriors, The Mighty Crusaders and Time Masters: Vanishing Point are all 32 pages for $3.99. It's somewhat disappointing that DC is moving in this direction, but I can't really blame them.

Eric Rupe said...

I can't see Generation Hope getting canceled in the short due to sales since it's probably going to be a core X-book and Hope herself has been a major plot point since Messiah Complex.

Personally, I'm giving the first issue a try since I like the creative team but after that I'm taking a long-term wait-and-see approach since the X-books have been constantly changing their status-quo since MC, not the mention the events and crossovers, and I have absolutely no interest in any of that. Plus, who knows if Espin will stay on the book long-term or be switched out with someone else.

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