Sunday, October 3, 2010

Comic Book Moments of the Week for 09/29/10

May as well call these the Action Comics Moments of the Week.  Such a good book and lot of Grodd moments from it.  Hit the jump and enjoy.

Action Comics #893

If you're wondering what's going on, that's Lex Luthor's robot version of Lois Lane.  I just find it hilarious that Grodd's first instinct is to bite people's heads off.

He has a combat spoon.  The Tick would be so proud.

Not discouraged by his failure to bite robo Lois's head off, Grodd takes a bite out of Lex Luthor, too.
Grodd eventually gets tired of biting heads off only to find a robot and falls back on the always reliable beam weapons.  This is the real Lex and he is definitely dead...

Even Death of the Endless shows up to collect him.

Chloe of Smallville fame makes her appearance.  Semi-related - I really liked the art of this back-up.

Avengers Prime #3

This takes place after Cap knocked Fafnir, a giant magical dragon that goes toe to toe with Thor, down in one hit from the random sword and shield he found on the ground. 

Detective Comics #869

There are people imitating the Joker in a big group called the Jokerz in this current arc.  Now there are Batman imitators, including this young man as the leader.

I couldn't find any reason as to why he kills his little brother for dressing up as Robin though. 

Franken-Castle #21

Frank spent an undetermined amount of time on Monster Island to recover from his wounds in the fight with Daken and the Bloodstone in his chest magically returns him to human form.  The stone starts affecting his mind and he gets in a fight with the monsters before tearing it from his chest and turning his back on this strange and wonderful chapter in his history.  

Justice Society of America #43

Vampires.  Everyone needs vampires now.  Teen Titan previews in every issue of DC books this week even have them fighting vampires.  Technically, this is just a vision of some alternate future that could come to pass and not actually happening in JSA, but still, goddamn vampires.  Just die already.

Wonder Woman #603

Hades has abandoned his post and Charon refuses to let the dead into Tartarus.  Is this an out for saving the dead Amazons?  Is Hades related to...

This guy?  I don't recognize him from previous Wonder Woman continuity, so no idea who it could be.  He's still pretty much covered in shadow and hard to identify, just like the flashbacks that showed him killing Wonder Woman's mother and the attack on Paradise Island.

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TexiKen said...

The fake Batman who dropped Robin isn't his brother. He's just the leader of the bat-squad (who will probably turn out to be the same guy who's leading the Jokerz riots).

Zdenko said...

Combat spoon FTW. :D

Kirk Warren said...

@texiken - Oh, it seemed like he was his brother coming into his room. Is it just a shelter? How did he find his room and know who the Batman leader is?

TexiKen said...

The big brother was in his room at their apartment, and lil Robin shows up like a cooler Tim Drake.

But the Bat vigilantes meet up on the streets.

It's implied the kid snuck off to follow his brother in his Robin outfit, and runs into to Bat Leader rallying the troops on a rooftop.

Next issue probably opens with his brother catching him or something, since Batman is busy dealing with the Jokerz at the moment (or Damien shows up and saves his protege).

Eric Rupe said...

There needs to be more comics with talking gorillas that have combat spoons. In fact, there needs to be more comics with combat spoons in general.

I have to say though, I was just going to skip Cornell's AC run but I'm giving that second thoughts now and if his run finishes with decent art and editorial stays out of it, I'll probably pick it up.

E. Wilson said...

For a genius, Grodd sure is pretty dumb. Or maybe he shouldn't be engaging in supervillainy without having a properly-balanced breakfast first?

Space Jawa said...

So if Grodd and Zodd faced off, who do you think would give in and bow first?

nikbackm said...

Has Grodd always been a cannibal or is this a recent developement?

Also, Thor should start taking lessons from Cap.

Ivan said...

I remember Grood eating people (or trying to) during Geoff John's Flash run.

But eating people does not make Gorilla Grood a cannibal.

Anonymous said...

The dude fronting on Wonder Woman ir probably Ares.

Anonymous said...

is WW naked in that picture? or am I imagining things?


Kirk Warren said...

@Anon 10 - Seems like the obvious choice, but doesn't look like him from past stories. maybe alternate look for new status quo?

@Enrique - She has some tattered cloth on, but does look naked in that zoomed out pic.

twobitspecialist said...

DC dominated in the MotW this time around.

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