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Comic Book Moments of the Week for 10/06/10

My monitor died this weekend.  It had a good run.  Think it was like 4 years or so.  Typical Samsung power flicker.  Was dying for a while and would take like 10 minutes of on/off switching to get it to stop flickering and stay powered on.  Finally dead though.  I went all Office Space fax/printer machine on it in the yard.  Got a new monitor today, so finally got a chance to post some Moments of the Week. However, despite how good comics were this week, relatively sparse (or I couldn't find many worth posting at least, as always let me know if I missed something) offerings.  Hit the jump to enjoy.

Avengers Academy #5

I can only assume Christos Gage browses 4chan or someone informed him that Mettle Fortress really is a meme on 4chan and the constant jokes about him being the Red Skull's son.

Finesse is my favourite character on  this team.  

Brightest Day #11

I'm not sure what happened here.  Deathstorm (the Black Lantern Firestorm that lived inside of Firestorm, but doesn't anymore) grabbed the White Lantern.  A voice (Nekron?  That little Guardian dude collecting the entities?) tells him to not destroy the white lantern, but to stop the revived heroes from helping select a new avatar of life.  So Deathstorm creates a bunch of Black Lantern versions of the revived heroes.  I..I..I don't know what's going on anymore.

Chaos War #1

Hercules leads an army of Earth's heroes against the Chaos King, Mikaboshi, who has returned with an army of space gods and pantheons he has conquered since Secret Invasion.  Herc and Thor discover Nightmare has been killed and that Mikaboshi has taken his powers.  When they turn around, they get to see that they've already lost the war.

Secret Six #26

"We fight a god", is what she says on the next page.  Great moment for Bane.

Waller got told.  Rare to see her caught shocked like that.  Great moment.

Another good Bane moment, this time exploring his messed up relationship with Scandal.

Ultimate Comics Thor #1

Balder is awesome in this universe, too.

When the solicit said the Warriors Three, I just assumed it was the regular Warriors Three from 616 continuity.  Turns out, it's Thor, Loki and Balder, the three sons of Odin.  Made for some great moments throughout the issue with the trio.  Really enjoyed it.

And for the off the wall crazy "only in comics" moment, Nazi frost giants.  I love comics.

Uncanny X-Force #1

Apocalypse gets revived in this issue.  Again.  This time he's in a child's body.  X-Force doesn't know this and vow to kill him by any means necessary.  I imagine we're going to get some moral dilemma over killing kids and the whole 'would you kill Hitler as a child if you went back in time" dilemma (Hawkeye so would do it based on Dark Reign: The List).  After the 1000s of people X-Force killed indiscriminently during the Yost/Kyle run, I seriously hope Remender does not even bring up this type of nonsense.

Wolverine #2

Another dead ex-girlfriend for Wolverine (his soul is in Hell and his body is possessed by a demon or something right now, so that's technically not him killing a girlfriend this time!).  Though I'm not positive she's dead.  They state she is, but the back-up showed her saving their child and jumping out a window onto a train to get away.  Could still die eventually, but this is comics.  Who knows?

Demon possessing your body while your soul is in Hell?  Who ya gonna call?  Ghost Riders! And the son of Satan I guess.

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twobitspecialist said...

That Chaos War moment is my anti-moment of the week.

And I really hope Christos Gage doesn't really waste his time over at 4chan.

Flip The Page said...

the apocalypse kid bothers me, but only because Chamber was tapped as the next conduit to bring Apocalypse back and I miss my fave character.

And with Avengers Academy issue 5 just about every page had something to make me interested in Striker, a character I've thoroughly hated till now. Gage scares me with skill like that

Air said...

Damn you Warren, now I'm humming the theme, with 'Ghost Riders!' instead (of course Doop could guest star...) and suddenly really want to know what would happen if the staypuff man got the penance stare.

...Not where I thought the day would take me, but there you go.

Anonymous said...

Um, what planet are the heroes floating around in Chaos War? It almost looks like south east Asia, except for the Australia/Antarctica hybrid and the random huge islands out west.

E. Wilson said...

Re: Brightest Day

It's zombies; it doesn't have to make sense.

Jikorijo said...

@Chaos War #1 That scene looks very much like that scene in War of Superman where all the Kryptonians being weakened by a red sun.

@Secret Six #26 Was Bane quoting the Yagyu Retsudo from Lone Wolf and Cub?

Spencer said...

You accidentally called Scandal Vandal

Kirk Warren said...

@Spencer - Good catch, fixed it. Thanks.

@Jikorijo - Wow, didn't even realize it until you pointed it out. Does remind me of taht scene now. As for Bane, it's been too long since I read Lone Wolf and Cub. It very well could, but I'd have to look it up again.

@E. Wilson - Ahaha, I know zombies dont make sense, but they used the dead bodies before. The White Lantern revivals used the Black Lanterns to turn back into living people. Now they just form out of nothing. I dont even know how deathstorm still exists. Im not upset about it. I liked the Black Lanterns and their designs. I'm just confused as to how this even works.

Jikorijo said...

@Kirk "I name you Grandson...of my heart." or words to that affect was in Lone Wolf and Cub.

nf said...

You could take it that the Black Lanterns don't necessarily the bodies anymore since the rings (and I'd guess the Black Lanterns in general) have "downloaded" the information of those who became Black Lanterns already. The Atom verified in Blackest Night that the rings acted like computers which downloaded the information of the dead. If Black Lanterns were practically destroyed during Blackest Night they would regenerate tissue from the ring itself and would only cease to work if the ring was destroyed or if it's connection to the Black Lantern energy was disrupted. I took that scene in Brightest Day to mean that Deathstorm was able to corrupt the power of the White Lantern to create black rings which downloaded and brought back the Black Lanterns of those who came back. My guess is each Black Lantern will attempt to stop their counterpart.

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