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Comic Book Moments of the Week for 10/20/10

Another mammoth edition of the Moments of the Week this time around.  We've got Batman, Damian and Supergirl, gods, demons and more.  Hit the jump and enjoy.

 Batman and Robin #15

Probably one of the best opening sequences to a Batman comic ever.  Loved the robbing graves joke and everything else Joker related in this issue.

Oh god, I can only imagine what role that banana peel is going to play in the endgame to this storyline.  I can see Dr Hurt making another escape and slipping on it or maybe Joker getting caught by his own banana.

We all saw the previews and promo images with that bullet to the head.  It turns out to be a cop out.  Yes, Hurt shoots Dick in the head, but he was practicing on watermelons and read a book or some such and became an expert marksman that could fire a bullet that does not penetrate the skull.  Dick survives and is actually able to speak and fight in this state.  For shame, Morrison.  I expect better from you.

But Dick being mobile after getting shot in the head did give us this amazing splashpage double punch, so I'll let it slide this time.

And "Batman" returns in this issue.  The jagged word balloon leads me to believe that it is either Alfred pretending to be Batman (in a sort of frame job juxtaposition of how Hurt had actors playing Alfred and everyone in the Black Glove) or the Joker, who went missing after letting Damian go.  If it's Bruce, I'm not sure why it took him so long to come back if he was on the JLA tower for his first appearance upon returning from time travel, as seen in Return of Bruce Wayne #5.  Would he really let Dick get shot like that and Hurt do all this while hiding in the shadows just to make a splashy appearance?  Or maybe something happens in Return of Bruce Wayne #6 and he returns during the eclipse in this issue?

Batman Beyond #5

The new Catwoman ends up being Multiplex's daughter (think Multiple Man for DC with all the duplicates for powers).  She has limited duplicates though.

While Dick Grayson as Hush was pretty bad last issue and debunked here, the explanation only gets worse with the introduction of clones.  Ugh, you probably get why I dropped this title now.

Brightest Day #12

I understand the need to convey origins and motivations to the reader, but this is way too many words for one splashpage. 

 Bruce Wayne: The Road Home - Catwoman #1

Catwoman x Bruce moment.

Bruce Wayne: The Road Home - Commissioner Gordon #1

Commissioner x Bruce moment.

Carnage #1

Shriek was being transported to a secret facility and it turns out it's Carnage related.  This mystery organization has found the symbiote in space (Sentry ripped Carnage apart in New Avengers a while back during the Raft break out).  Not sure if they intend to use her powers on the symbiote (Carnage was immune to her sonics though, so doubtful) or if she's to be the new host for some particular reason. 

Chaos War #2

The Chaos King's forces invade Pluto's realm of the dead and he sets the countless souls he's collected free to fight back against him.  This includes Ares, Zeus, Wasp, Banshee and a few others I don't recognize.  One looks like Atomic Robo or Iron Man, though.

Mikaboshi doesn't really see a problem with facing down Ares, Zeus and the others.  Zeus's return was particularly short.

After conquering the underworld, Mikaboshi uses those undead legions as his own.  Do I smell Blackest Night/White Lantern-like resurrections coming after this event for at least Ares and possibly others? 

Green Lantern Corps #53

The Weaponer of Qward infused his shield with the White Lantern net construct Deadman left behind after fighting the Anti-Monitor in Brightest Day (the White Lantern constructs do not dissipate like normal constructs).  It seems he can use the shield to cancel out other ring constructs and to turn his hammer into weapons that target the weaknesses of his enemies (the next page has it turn into a gun-like object, couldn't find a scan to continue the moment).

The Weaponer whips Kyle pretty easily and kidnaps Soranik.  He demands Kyle find Sinestro and bring him to him for punishment over the whole Sinestro enslaving everyone Qward after getting his yellow Sinestro Corps ring made by the Weaponer way back when.  Some people hold the longest grudges.  Should make for a decent fight between Kyle and Sinestro this time, especially with no Hal to back him up like in Sinestro Corps War.

Guarding the Globe #2

Would be better if it was a little more timely on the oil spill joke, but I still enjoyed it.

Kick-Ass 2 #1

I'm gonna make a gravity pole for Halloween.

The first super team for Kick-Ass Universe is the Justice Forever pictured above. 

Power Girl #17

Who would be scared?  Batman is on the JLA.  He's not an urban legend anymore.  They all know heroes don't kill.  They don't even torture or anything. 

Clones. Always with the clones.

Shadowland: Power Man #3

Ancient ninja secret, indeed.  Power Man needs to learn how to use private browsing mode.

Superman/Batman #77

"Son.  Of.  Batman.", is the best line ever.  He should use that every time someone questions him.  And that x-ray vision pose on the bottom is gold.

"Lil' Matches" costume for Damian and the only other costume available for Supergirl.

Respect from Damian or shipping bait for the fans?  You decide.

X-23 #2

I like that Laura knows what's she's done in her life.  If moments like this had been shown in X-Force, I would have enjoyed their killing a little more knowing that there was some kind of pyschological effect on them from it. 

Possessed Wolverine for those wondering.  I'm just highlighting this moment because of poor Hellion.  Dude cannot catch a break.

X-Factor #210

Funny of the week.

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Ken said...

See, Bruce totally left Selina to go hang out with Wonder Woman. Respect.

Superman/Batman seems to follow a pattern of every 5 issues of mediocre/bad stories, it gets one really good issue that makes you want to pick up the series again. And then the cycle repeats.

twobitspecialist said...

I should get Superman/Batman #77.

After all these years, people in the DC Universe still think that Batman is a myth? Why?

What do you think of Chaos War so far? It's still pretty meh to me, but I'm willing to stick around.

Do you feel however that Galactus is being overused lately?

The Dangster said...

can't get enough damien and supergirl.

Logan said...

There are so many clones it's like the 90's all over again! Seriously some awesome moments this week. Son. Of. Batman and the Ancient Ninja secret might be the most awesome lines I've read in a while!

Logan said...

Oh and did Dick every let someone being out of his league stop him?

Ivan said...

There's no consensus on the "Batman: truth or myth" thing. It's like every writer goes with what they prefer.

Anonymous said...

That's Iron Monger, not Iron man or Atomic Robo.

Anonymous said...

although batman is on the jl .we all know that robinsons run will be swept under the rug

Kirk Warren said...

@twobit - Chaos War has been underwhelming, but I had high expectations of it. I think they are trying too hard to make it an epic cosmic/god event when Herc has been at his best with grounded character driven stories sprinkled with action and comedy. I enjoyed this issue a lot more than the first though. Definite improvement.

@Anon 7 - Did they change it to look like the movie in a story I missed? Iron Monger in the comic was blue and looked a little different.

Aaron K said...

@Kirk - It looks like the same design for Iron Monger from INCREDIBLE HERCULES #129-130 (when Herc went to Hades).

Kirk Warren said...

@Aaron - Ah, youre right. I just pulled that out. I forgot all about him being there in that design.

Ken said...

Chaos War #2 was lackluster, in that the other two great Marvel minis, Doomwar and Thanos Imperative, were kicking butt 2 issues into each mini. Things really happened, and they didn't drop the pace.

The first two issues of Choas War are basically: Herc comes back really powerful, 99% of heroes are knocked out of the equation, and then last issue they just round up a team ala Secret Wars, just popping them into the story out of nowhere

Dennis N said...

I'm glad Hush/Dick was a clone, but so many of the character notes fell flat. Beechen does not know how to write Bruce Wayne and it sticks out like a sore thumb. Really disappointing that he'll be writing the ongoing of BB. And Dick saying "I haven’t been all right since I was eight years old, Babs. You know that."? That's a Bruce line. Dick is defined by his optimism and his ability to overcome the tragedy that Bruce hasn't. An awesome line that could have, should have, come out of Bruce's mouth.

Power Girl has been a pretty good title lately. I miss the way Amanda Conner draws PG's facial expressions, but the last two issues have been solid.

Chaos War has been bleh if you ask me. I'm excited at the prospect of Ares returning though, I find him infinitely more interesting than Herc.

Is Galactus overused? Probably. His presence in the Marvel Cosmic crossovers is to be expected. Recently, he's been in conflicts with Beta Ray Bill, and both of the Hulk's sons. Now he's in Chaos War and Thanos Imperative at the same time, and in flashbacks in almost every issue of S.H.I.E.L.D.

Carnage #1 was pretty good. I love dark art, but I don't like the weird body figures that Clayton Crain draws (or models on computers, whatever he does). I didn't like it in X-Force either.

Ivan said...

@ Dennis N - seconded about Clayton Crain.

Dennis N said...

Yeah, and did you notice that the two new characters in Carnage #1, Royal Blue and Firebrick, are two common HTML colors, I'm guessing a reference to Crain's digital art.

Alan said...

Please WHO is that on the last page of Power Girl 17?
You said something about a clone but this is the first PG I've read so I am at a loss here.


Kirk Warren said...

@Alan - from what I understand, the previous pages leading up to it has her in an almost Doomsday-like costume (the original appearance with the hood and stuff on) and someone talking to PG on the radio about how its a genetic copy and it has Kryptonian DNA. The final page reveals it as someone that looks like PG just with black hair, so I take it she's a clone of PG. This should be her first appearance as far as I can tell.

Anonymous said...

Read the dialogue. Hurt clearly explains that he's using a type of bullet that won't penetrate the skull. It has nothing to do with his marksmanship.

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