Saturday, October 30, 2010

Comic Book Moments of the Week for 10/27/10

Some Moments of the Week to pass the time this weekend.  Enjoy.

Action Comics #894

There were a lot of nice little touches to this issue, such as the 'or skis' line, in reference to the Black Racer avatar of Death in the DC universe, on top of the standard scythe version.

Another instance of this with two references this time.  First is the obvious Big Hand Theory instead of Big Bang.  This ties into Krona and the creation of the Multiverse. He created a machine to see the origins of the universe and a big hand holding a spiral galaxy was visible.  The second is less obvious, but actually ties into Sandman and Lucifer with the mention of God being a little man in a bowler hat, which he actually was.

Avengers #6

What's the deal with hating Bucky?  Just tying into the Trial of Captain America going on presently or does Bendis plan to ruin another character?

Captain America #611

Man, Hawkeye is such a hypocrite.  He's all in favour of killing people since Siege and is a former criminal himself.  At least we found out that JFK was a Skrull.  Always knew his death was fishy.

Fantastic Four #584

Mmmm, fructose...

Thing was reverted to human (temp thing) and enjoys some 'normal' time.  One panel has him having dinner with 'old friends' in the form of Jack Kirby and Stan Lee.

Well, I'll be.  I was wondering if anyone on Earth would ever notice a giant rip in space and time (the Fault).  Good to see it finally acknowledged.  I wonder if this is before or after Thanos Imperative seeing as Silver Surfer and Galactus show up...

Surfer found the dead Galactus body from Mark Millar's run last issue.  The transition from Reed willing to tell the Surfer what happened to him informing him Galactus is the one requesting the information was great.  Definitely an 'OH @#$%" moment.

Justice League: Generation Lost #12

Ah, the always lazy 'origin you never knew and never wanted' trick.

Superman #704

Unless someone blew up the Moon in the DCU, someone needs to let this artist out of the basement or show him a picture of a crescent Moon.  For starters, you can't see through it.  The blackened part is not transparent.  The satellite is still there.  It isn't magical.  You should not be able to see stars through the crescent part. 

Teen Titans #88

Damian makes everything better.

Ultimate Avengers #3

I'm pretty sure every issue has ended with someone getting bitten like this.  It's losing the effect.  And biting a half-vampire like Blade?  I'm pretty sure nothing will come of that.

Wonder Woman #604

Origin for the mystery bad guy.  He was a black ops military guy that enjoyed killing people.

Bad guy gets caught by the people he was helping oppress and gets mystery voice asking him to kill Amazons.  He accepts.

Those flames that came down with the bad guy?  He's actually allergic to them or something.  Yes, he launched the flames to scare Wonder Woman and they are now used to kill him.  Oh, and Wonder Woman's mother came out of the flames and helped.  I don't even know what that was about, but someone didn't bother editing Wonder Woman's dialogue in the third panel.  I'm pretty sure she meant she didn't want to lose her again, not use her.

And she can fly now.  So much for the down to earth approach.

X-Men: Curse of the Mutants #2

Vampire killer whales.  I don't even.  Actually, this is a dream sequence from Rockslide after reading Moby Dick, so the vampire storyline over in X-Men hasn't quite jumped the shark (or is it whale) yet.

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Anonymous said...

say what you will about millars other F4 story arcs , the death of the invisible woman and nu world were ne of the most original F4 stories in a long time

Ken said...

Regarding Wonder Woman:

Wait, what? I thought that was supposed to be the good JMS book?

And as far as Hawkeye being out of character in Captain America, well, yeah. It's Brubaker. That's kind of his thing now (yes I'm still upset about Zemo).

MisterSmith said...

Action Comics is really impressing more and more with each issue. There are all of these "THIS SHOULDN'T WORK" elements happening within and yet it's working magnificently. I'd say Marvel really dun goofed when canceling MI-13, but this is so much better that I don't think I really mind anymore.

I also thought Fantastic Four was a great return to form. Stan & Jack alone made the issue.

Radlum said...

No moments from Jimmy Olsen's backup? I though it was even better than the Luthor and Death scenes (which was pretty good)

Ryan K Lindsay said...

Oh, come on, that Whalpire is awesome. I'd buy a whole comic about that blood sucking whale...ha.

As for the end of Ultimate Avengers - someone photoshop the blood spurt and Blade's fangs out and you've got a real shock ending.

Steven said...

God as a little man with a bowler hat was not from Sandman or Lucifer, but Peter David's Supergirl run.

I thought the Death appearance was alright, but she isn't usually so vague or obtuse. She tended to be more straight forward and frank talking.

Steven said...

Oh, and I'm sure they will explain away the new Ice origin by saying it changed with Infinite Crisis. Despite the Justice League all having met her now imaginary immortal demi-god race.

Kirk Warren said...

@Steven - God was definitely shown having conversations with Lucifer as an older man with a bowler/top hat. If there's a true DC version from PADs Supergirl, it's possible both are being referenced, but the first thing I thought with Death involved and the reference was how he was portrayed in Lucifer. You can view the image here. I had considered using it as a moment of the day, but opted not since its a major development from late in the series, but that has to be the God they are referring to in my eyes. If you have an image or issue number of PAD's version, let me know. It's possible they just moved him over to Vertigo like the other Sandman characters.

koottie said...

Take that superman 704, I completely agree

Space Jawa said...

I'll be honest - by itself and without the whole Vampire overload thing, I think the idea of a vampire whale is actually pretty dang funny, in a good way.

I mean, it's kind of got a silver age vibe to it, if you think about it. Something ridiculous that comics just have a way of making work.

Akylle said...

That's a sperm whale.

Kirk Warren said...

I know it's not a killer whale by species. I just put the killer part to go with the vampire bit. It's based off Moby Dick for the dream sequence.

Logan said...

I dunno if it's just me but in Titans, Batman looks awful. He really reminds me of someone at a Comic-Con instead of someone in the DCU

Steven said...

@Kirk - I forgot about that particular scene. PAD had a small boy wearing a bowler hat and carrying a large bat. and he appeared frequently.

Calling him a little man threw me. The guy in Lucifer isn't particularly little. And beyond that scene, I'm not sure if he appeared much. They never represented god (at least the christian one) in Sandman and Death never appeared in Lucifer. (Did any of the Endless?)


I would just like to say I love the work you put in to the crisis . I was looking for a new site after I couldnt continue reading the comicbook revoulution after suffering event fatigue from there "halloween" month. luckily I found you guys . you guys are on par with cbr now

Daryll B. said...

Welcome to your new addiction Sister Nico.... hope you enjoy the experience..

I felt the same about Hawkeye in Cap Kirk. I read it and thought "did Bendis infect Brubaker with his disregarding of history?" I just had to shake my head in disbelief....

um can JMS get a total do-over one these DC books? I had high hopes after the Brave and Bold beginning but Superman and Wonder Woman are both written like comic fans are jerks/morons. This is for people who never read the characters AND don't know a thing about their history either...

Stop the vampire bus...I wanna get off.....

Now this is where Gar pulls Dick aside and goes "What the hell with the power play man? I thought you were trying NOT to be Bruce???" But I know... who cares about continuity?

Logan said...

On the other hand Clint's always been a very emotional person and the mantle of Captain America has always meant a lot too him. This is his reaction to finding out exactly what Bucky's done as the Winter Soldier. It doesn't have to be a logical reaction, most people that emotionally charged don't think logically in their initial reactions.

Anonymous said...

Gotta agree with you nico . That whole Halloween thing was ugh . And I also agree with you on weekly:)

Ryan K Lindsay said...

Hey! I didn't mind the Halloween stuff over at Rokk's. I just finally got to comment on Andrenn's Top Horror Flick list, I love those things. His is quite intriguing.

As for the quality of Weekly Crisis and CBR, I can officially say as a writer for both sites that we are equally awesome, and if you follow both sites then you're on the right track as well. So, thanks!

Anonymous said...

No offence Ryan but it seemed you were the only one that loved them. They posted more about Halloween then they did about comics

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