Sunday, October 31, 2010

Cover of the Week - Detective Comics & Avengers vs. Pet Avengers

Happy Halloween everyone, I hope you are all out and having fun trick or treating! For those of you that aren't hassling your neighbors for free food, we have a sweet edition of Cover of the Week for you. Hit the jump to see the winning covers.

Ryan L.'s Cover of the Week - Detective Comics #870 by Peter Nguyen

Ryan L.: I was very close to choosing Secret Avengers because there is just something about the posing I love but in the end I couldn't get past this eye catching cover. At first glance I thought they were all fighting in one of those aquariums where you walk underground to watch the creatures at play beneath the water. Upon closer inspection, that is not the case. Now I just like the warped lines and strange quality it adds to this tussle.

Matt's Cover of the Week - Avengers vs. Pet Avengers #1 (Variant) by Gabriel Hardman

Matt:  Holy cats, this is such a great cover by Gabriel Hardman! I love the perspective and imagery of it, the Pet Avengers laying a beat down on Cap, but what really sells the cover is the reflection in his mask. As if having a really good cover wasn't enough, they got Skottie Young to do the colors for it.

Runner-Ups: Secret Avengers #6, Ultimate Comics: Spider-Man #15, Zatanna #6

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fodigg said...

I'm sure you know this, but from "Upon closer inspection, that is not the case. Now I just like the warped lines and strange quality it adds to this tussle." I'm not totally certain, so I'll just point it out.

It's three mirrors we're seeing the fight in. I'd say fun house mirrors but they're not THAT distorted and the frames are rather nice.

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