Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Dan Didio on Superman: Earth One

One of the highest profile books coming out this week is Superman: Earth One, an original graphic novel seemingly released for the bookstores market. That's the only explanation I can muster why Dan Didio, co-publisher of DC used the words to "hip, sexy and moody" to describe a book about Superman.

It is entirely possible that they are aiming this release for the people that have watched Smallville for years and never read a comic in their lives (which is probably a large market), but add in the fact that JMS has been portraying Superman in less than ideal fashions, the whole thing just makes me want to stay away from this book.

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Ellis said...

When I first saw this article and thought OMG Superman Has turned into Superemo... Geez, What's Next? Is going to start cutting himself and complaining how nobody understands his feelings.

Logan said...

What's sad is that the mainstream media isn't reporting that it's an alternate universe version of Superman. So online people are freaking out that they're changing Superman because of comments like this. It's annoying as a comic book fan to see people freak out over nothing.

Ivan said...

I've heard that this OGN introduces a new power for Superman: sparkling skin under the sun.

Anonymous said...

lolz @ IVAN

Daniel Woburn said...

That's funny that Didio used the word "moody" because I read the preview over at CBR this morning, and Clark was written like a moody little ****. Of course, I can't glean much from less than 10 pages of a comic, but there didn't seem to be anything likeable about this iteration of Supes from the getgo.

Matt Duarte said...

Ivan, you win Comment of the Day.

Ivan said...

Hey, that should be a feature! ;)

To be fair, the Comics Alliance review makes it seem like DiDio is just talking out of his ass (shocker), and the book is not "Superman: Twilight" at all.

Radlum said...

Yeah, just read CA review; I trust those guys most of the time and their review made me consider giving this OGN a chance.

Dennis N said...

Superman: Earth One has sold out at Amazon and has moved onto a second printing already...

Anonymous said...

make sure to use kryptonite razors supes. just saying, lol

skfl said...

It's the NY Post piece that got me the most worried - granted, it is the NY Post...

I bought Streets of Gotham Vol. 2 and Jonah Hex instead. Money well spent.

Anonymous said...

Having read it, I would say its okay, but without spoiling it there were a couple of continuity points that didn't ring true/make sense (we can debate them later).

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