Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Fred Van Lente & Greg Pak Finished With Hercules, Cosmic Avengers Next?

Fred Van Lente let it be known on Twitter today that he and Greg Pak have officially wrapped up their time together on Incredible Hercules.  The duo had always planned to write 8 volumes of the series and, having just completed the final script, Chaos War will mark that 8th volume.  Since WWH, the writing team had made Incredible Hercules one of the best titles to come out of Marvel and was a regular in the Moments of the Week.  I doubt anyone will ever forget The Mighty Thorcules or The God Squad.

However, there was one bit of interesting news to come out of Van Lente's Twittering. Hit the jump for the quote and some speculation.

Are we getting a Cosmic Avengers title?

Remember the last time Fred Van Lente was making splashes on Twitter?  He was discussing news of his upcoming Avengers related project and speculation ran rampant about a Cosmic Avengers title.  And back during Comic-Con, Andy Lanning asked the crowd if they were interested in a Cosmic Avengers title as well, which was met with lots of applause, though no announcement ever came of it.

Well, after the sad farewells to iHerc on Twitter, Van Lente let slip this little tidbit:
Can't discuss post-CHAOS WAR plans for iHerc characters. Or the GP/FVL duo. But big things are in the works for at least one of them.
 Combined with the previous Cosmic Avengers speculation where Van Lente said he'd be writing an Avengers title (note co-writing with Pak, just he would be writing it) and the fact there are no signs of Guardians fo the Galaxy or Nova coming off their "hiatus" (aka cancellation) status, there appears to be a big gap in the cosmic line, which currently only has Thanos Imperative one-shot follow-ups planned. 

Seeing as Van Lente is currently writing a huge cosmic-level event with his own brand of Cosmic Avengers (Herc, Thor, Galactus, Silver Surfer, etc) and that there is definite overlap with the other cosmic titles, the possibility of a Cosmic Avengers being in the works seems more and more likely.  Even Bendis is moving the Avengers towards more cosmic titles with his Hood/Infinity Gauntlet storyline coming up in the regular Avengers title. 

Of course, this is all speculation.  There has been no official announcement of what Van Lente or Pak are doing post-Chaos War.  There's no confirmation or denial of a Cosmic Avengers.  However, Van Lente has stated he is writing an Avengers title, which has not been mentioned or solicited since.  He is just finishing up with Hercules and Chaos War.  There was lots of talk and speculation and hype around a Cosmic Avengers back around Comic-Con, yet no announcement.  Will it come out of Chaos War and Thanos Imperative?  What do you think? 

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twobitspecialist said...

I guess I wasn't paying attention back then, because I didn't realize there were 8 volumes of Incredible Hercules out already.

I do want a Cosmic Avengers title. I hope Marvel doesn't do what Marvel does best and do a bait-and-switch with this.

Joe said...

I seemed to think the Avengers book Van Lente was talking about was the Chaos War: Dead Avengers mini. But I certainly hope the Cosmic Avengers rumor came true.

Anonymous said...

The Galaxy's mightest heroes most definitely deserve their own book since Marvel is trimming down their cosmic with only "THE THANOS IMPERATIVE: DEVASTATION", A Cosmic Avengers book would be downright awesome

twobitspecialist said...

What Joe said also.

Matt Duarte said...

I think the Avengers thing he talked about some time ago was in fact Dead Avengers.

That being said, this might still happen. During FVL Day (which is carried out every year by CBR), I asked him if he would ever want to work in the cosmic side of the Marvel U. FVL said that he loved the cosmic characters, was a big fan of the revival from the last couple of years, and that he wanted to work with Bill Roseman (editor of cosmic Marvel among other things), but that there was just no time in his schedule. If Herc is finishing up, I figure this can happen now.

Anonymous said...

Sorry, Fred, but unless Abnett & Lanning are involved, I don't have much hope. They & Keith Giffen (initially on Annihilation) really made this line their own.

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