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Hype Machine - Paul Tobin's Spider-Girl

As I couldn't make the meeting myself, Matt sat in on Marvel's Next Big Thing Spider-Girl conference call earlier today and, along with asking a few questions, came back with some images and new details on the book. He was tweeting about it this evening if you were following him, but he also forwarded the full details to me and I've decided to incorporate them into a Hype Machine for the upcoming Spider-Girl title. Hit the jump for details from the conference and find out why you should be excited for this title.

What is Spider-Girl?

A new ongoing series starring Spider-Girl which will launch with the upcoming Spider-Man status quo change called Big Time.  Spider-Girl will debut in a back-up in Amazing Spider-Man #648 and Spider-Girl #1 will be on sale November 10th.

Uh, isn't Spider-Girl from the future in that MC2 universe?

Yes and no. While Spider-Girl has probably been best known as the future daughter of Spider-Man in that MC2 universe title, her book and time in the limelight has ended.  The new Spider-Girl is the hero formerly known as Arana, who recently took the name Spider-Girl at the end of Young Allies #5.  She has her origins as the new Spider-Girl dating back to Grim Hunt, which saw Arana taken captive and nearly killed by Kraven the Hunter and his family.  She's taken up her mentor, Julia Carpenter's, old costume, which is the black costume you see in the images above.

Okay, so Spider-Girl is Arana.  Gotcha.  Uh...Who's Arana?

Arana is Anya Sofia Corazon.  Her origin isn't required reading to get into Spider-Girl, but she was basically recruited by a secret society and given spider powers (strength, agility, stick to walls, etc).  It built on ideas from J. Michael Straczynski's Amazing Spider-Man, which was dealing with spider totems and other super natural additions/watering down of the Spider-Man mythos. 

Alright, so Spider-Girl/Arana.  Why should I care?  

Why, you ask?  First off, Paul Tobin is the writer for the new Spider-Girl ongoing.  Not sure who that is?  You've clearly never read an issue of the Marvel Adventures line of comics.  Tobin has been the main writer for the Marvel Adventures line and is the one most responsible for the success and high quality of those books.  His MA: Spider-Man title, in particular, was arguably the best Spider-Man title being published during his tenure on the book.  Despite not being "in continuity", these titles showed off his writing chops and it's clear he's got an excellent grasp of the majority of the Marvel Universe's characters.

Additionally, Clayton Henry will be handling the art on this book.  He's done art for books such as Incredible Hercules, Agents of Atlas and Exiles, but if you'd like some shots of his art, check out his deviantArt page.  His recent Iron Man image is an excellent example of his work or you can view some preview pages of his work from Spider-Girl throughout this post.

Simply put, we've got a rock solid creative team working on a relatively clean slate of a character that set smack dab in the middle of Spider-Man's new status quo and they've got the freedom to do whatever they wish with her. 

Can we get some details on just what this is about?

Tobin has stated that he'll be focusing on what being Spider-Girl means to Anya, what being a hero is about, and explore why she does it. He's stated he's going to make it hard on her, but hates the grimdark stuff from the 90's, so don't go expecting it to be too dark or serious. Anya will have friends to keep her sane, as well, such as Rikki Barnes, aka Nomad and Anya's best friend, and also a new character, Rockefeller "Rocky" Flint. Sue Richards will be playing a massive role in Anya's life, both as a mentor and more importantly as a friend and that will flow out of events from Amazing Spider-Man.  

Oh, and Spider-Man will be showing up as well.  During the Next Big Thing conference call today, Tobin told us that what's happening in Peter Parker's life will definitely reverberate with Anya during the new Big Time status quo.  And that Anya will also be challenged by Red Hulk early on.  It was stated she would be facing Screwball, as seen in the preview pages, and there were hints that Kraven the Hunter, or possible other members of his family, would show up in these pages as well with the cryptic message that Anya would be 'hunted'. 

For those fans of Young Allies, you were met with the harsh news that the title was cancelled today.  Sorry, "on hiatus".  All hope is not lost for the Young Allies team, though, as Tobin stated the Young Allies are a part of their life, so if they have room for them in a given issue or story, they'll be around, but the focus will be primarily on Spider-Girl.


Spider-Girl.  Paul Tobin.  Clayton Henry.  Nov 10th.  Give it a chance.  You'll love it.  I guarantee it.

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Matt Duarte said...

I just wanted to say, that cover by (I think) Jelena Djurdjevic is made of awesome.

Steven said...

Yeah, if they were taking bets on the life expectancy of this book I'm sure you could make a killing betting on under a year. It'll probably be changed to a limited series before the fifth issue.

Seriously, if this character couldn't make it before, what good is a costume and name change is going to make?

koottie said...

I'm very excited to read this series

g4keyop said...

ok i'm intrigued...but can someone tell me...does she have powers or not? During the whole Grim Hunt Young Allies era it seemed unclear.....or very clear and i'm just a doof.

Ivan said...

I was gonna say, that's great art.

Anonymous said...

Great promo/review of what to expect. Sadly, regardless of creative team this character and what Tobin is trying to flush out just doesn't interest me. Defalco pulled most of that stuff off with the original Spider-Girl run. What is interesting is Susan Richards being a mentor, since she could possibly be the character that disappears from the Fantastic Four.
However, I do hope all the best for this character and the comic. Maybe with Young Allies on "HIATUS" Spider-Girl will have a shot.

- Retcon Joe

Matt Duarte said...

@g4keyop: Conflicting information on the call as well. Tobin said she would be powerless, but at the same time, in some other question, he made reference to a "new set of powers". He might have been talking about just the fact that she does not have her old powers anymore, but I'm not sure.

onefinemess said...

Figuring out her current powerset gave me a headache as well. I *thought* she got some weird mumbo jumbo from madame arachweb at the end of that Kraven arc... but what do I know.

twobitspecialist said...

I thought Anya and Julia Carpenter hated each others guts during Civil War? idk

Also, I think Julia now has the powers (and blindness) of Madame Web?

I'm gonna miss Mayday Parker... This seems like yet another cheap move by Marvel to push another character by giving her someone else's code name, kinda like with Daredevil and the new Man without Fear. 'cause you know the fanbase will eat it right up.

twobitspecialist said...

I thought Anya and Julia Carpenter hated each others guts during Civil War? idk

Also, I think Julia now has the powers (and blindness) of Madame Web?

I'm gonna miss Mayday Parker... This seems like yet another cheap move by Marvel to push another character by giving her someone else's code name, kinda like with Daredevil and the new Man without Fear. 'cause you know the fanbase will eat it right up.

Anonymous said...

I was following Young Allies.
Its cancellation means that a spot has opened up on my pull list.
I think I'll choose this.

Enigma_2099 said...

The really SAD thing about this character, is that they practically "killed" two characters to get to this point.

Anonymous said...

As a long-time reader of the MC2 Spider-Girl, I can't help but notice that a lot of the art looks like an homage to the one, true Spider-Girl.

Not that there's anything wrong with that...

fodigg said...

If they're going to replace Mayday with somebody in-continuity, at least they're investing good talent in getting it right. I hope that the Mayday fans give Anya a chance.

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