Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Moment of the Day - Hello Out There, We're On The Air, It's Hockey Night Tonight

The NHL regular season started up recently, so I thought I'd throw out one of the rare hockey related Moments of the Day I've come across in my travels.  Of course, Wolverine would have to be involved.  Figured he'd be an Oiler fan to be honest. 

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Ryan Schrodt said...

I refuse to believe that Wolverine would be a Flames fan. I'd like to believe he'd follow my beloved Canucks, but I think he'd be drawn to the tradition of the Canadiens or the Leafs. Of course, I can also seeing him root for the Oilers, especially in the Messier/Gretzky days.

Kirk Warren said...

He's from Alberta originally, so I just assume he'd hate the Canucks with a passion. As he's old and would have seen the league start, maybe habs or leaf fan, but goign back to Alberta teams during expansion (or maybe he missed early hockey with wars and weapon x and stuff taking up his time). I assumed he was northern alberta, but his history is too messed up to tell. North = Edmonton, so I figured him an Oiler fan.

Chris said...

Yeah Wolverine would be a Leafs or Habs fan, one of those two by far makes the most sense.

Go Blackhawks!

twobitspecialist said...

Where is this moment from?

mrpeepants said...

go sharks! wooo

thanks for the mot days

krakkaboom said...

I believe it's from Wolverine: First Class #6.

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