Monday, October 4, 2010

Moment of the Day - I Will BREAK YOU

I will...BREAK YOU!

The breaking of the Batman, as seen in Knightfall, Batman #497 to be exact. 

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E. Wilson said...

Still a big mistake on DC's part to have Batman's back broken. I'm not adverse to Bane seriously injuring Bruce, but one shouldn't invite such questions as, "Hey! Why not get Barbra Gorden's spine healed while you're at it?"

brandon said...

As great as that moment was...when he tossed Bruce off the billboard onto the street in Gotham may have topped it. That whole fight in the Batcave was excellent.

Ivan said...

As a kid, this was absolutetly SHOCKING. And the psycho armored Batman that followed was kewl.

But when Bruce returned I tought that was even cooler.

Lucho said...

I remember this. I was devastated.

Batman broken by Bane that took him in fight that was not fair.

Happy Bruce has kicked his ass a lotta times since then.

Still, I´d kill Bane anytime If I were DC. Lame character.

Roderick Strong >_> said...

That moment created my love of the backbreaker. You just don't see it used in enough comics and movies nowadays.

twobitspecialist said...

@Roderick I remember Jax's backbreaker from Mortal Kombat II. You're right. It is a great move.

Anonymous said...

@Kirk: great moment man! I was a kid when I read that and that was so sad to me, to see Bruce broken like that. Bane and Doomsday are two great characters really underestimated but until now at least with Bane is being shown as the true badass he is supposed to be thanks to gail simone.


Anonymous said...

O.o Roderick Strong? I doubt its the actual wrestler but it would have been something to have him actually post here on the weekly crisis.

Other than that, nice moment but i have to say i thought it would be depicted much more graphically from what i read of the moment lol.

Kirk Warren said...

@Anonymous 8 - The next issue actually has Bane take Batman to downtown Gotham and throw him off a building. He bounces off a couple canopies and slams into the pavement below. Bones are sticking out, there's blood and you can clearly see his body just doesn't line up the way it should. In all honesty, while it's generally agreed Bane broke his back, I always believed it was the throwing off the building that did the real damage.

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