Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Moment of the Day - Snorkeling...Righttttt

"Snorkeling" is my favourite past time.

If Bruce Wayne was my alter ego/secret identity, I'm pretty sure I'd be acting like this all the time, too.  Also, Superman and Lois are not impressed. 

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Dennis N said...

Made more hilarious by the fact that Bruce is making this up as he goes along and knowing him, he must be pretty miserable in that moment.

Ivan said...

Bruce Wayne must be a fantastic actor if he can get those reactions out of Lois and Clark when they know it's all bullshit.

Or is this one of those stories set in the past of current continuity and they don't know who Batman is yet?

Matt Duarte said...

Is this from that Superman/Batman annual that had Deadpool (alternate reality Deathstroke) in it?

Matt Duarte said...

@Ivan: If it is the annual I mentioned in my previous post, I think it's set before they knew about each others' alter egos (and they actually find out in the story).

Ken said...

It's never been done yet that I know of, but Bruce has been rather respectful to Lois, never hitting on her or anything, even when "in character" as Bruce.

Having written that, JT Krul or Eric Wallace to write origin story where Lois is Damien's real mother?

Anonymous said...

Lois' expression: priceless.

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