Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Reader Vote For The Next Legion of Super-Heroes Leader

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Commenter Jikorijo mentioned over in the Post-Crisis Previews that the Legion of Super-Heroes have opened voting for the election of their next leader and DC is letting the readers choose.  You can hit up the voting over at if you're interested.  I went with Shadow Lass as my pick to mix things up from the usual leadership baton passing.  I imagine it will come down to Brainiac or Rokk though.  Feel free to discuss the leadership or let us know who you pick in the comments below.

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Jonathan said...

There almost certainly must be an online movement started to elect Quislet as the next LOSH leader. Think of

Arctis J. said...

cosmic boy

Jikorijo said...

From what I've seen over at Legion Omnicon, from a poll who've said who they voted for, that Phantom Girl is in the lead and the second is Gates.

Thankfully, we won't be seeing any pro Earthman ads on the web. Lines like, "Are antennas and pointy ears on people the sign of the devil? Earthman certainly thinks so. Vote for Earthman this Legion Election."

Dan said...

It's Arm Fall Off Boy, no doubt.

Jank said...

Kill him off! Dick was the better Ro-

Oh wait. Wrong poll. Whoops.

Minhquan Nguyen said...

I'm going for Dream Girl. A leader who can actually perceive the future with reliable accuracy--isn't that the dream?

Jikorijo said...

I went with Sun Boy since I'd like to see Dirk deal with his past comments about the election and I'd like to see how he'd deal with the responsibility of leadership

Dennis N said...

I voted for Dirk as well, I'd like to see him take the Legion into some more unstable territory, have him try to use them to settle old vendettas

Akylle said...

I voted Earth-Man, just to really screw with the status quo.

Ken B. said...

Mon-El, because he's really the only character I care for on the squad since this isn't the Mark Waid Legion.

Kind of wonder if this vote will be on the up and up, or if Earth-Man does win the vote for reals and DC changes it to be some other character.

DC = Disenfranchising Customers

Ryan Schrodt said...

My vote went for Lightning Lass. I definitely think there are some interesting stories to be told with her at the helm.

@Ken B. - I wouldn't be so quick to guess that DC changes to the actual winner. If you remember a few years back, they did a similar poll with Countdown: Arena. Having spoken with the writer of that, Keith Champagne, about the project at lenghth, I can tell you that DC most definitely stuck with what the fans voted. It put Champagne in a sticky situation behind a very tight deadline, but he had to follow what the fans sad. I think we'll see the same here.

Gaf the Horse said...

This is cool. When I was a kid I always wanted to vote in the Legion elections, but living in the UK it just wasn't possible. Now thanks to the wonders of the internet I am enfranchised!!

I voted for Tyroc, in the hope that a bigger role might give Levitz the chance to actually give him some characterisation. I'm guessing I might be disappointed there though, (on both counts).

I very much doubt that Levitz would fiddle the vote. He always went along with the results way back, even when it threw up an odd result like Dream Girl as leader.

One question, why no Imra and Garth? Did I miss the issue where they retired (again), (maybe, I'm usually running one or two issues behind).

Daryll B. said...

I was stuck between several members using a thinking of a)who had never led before? and b)who would lead to interesting story development? Which led me to 4 members: Gates, Earth-Man, Tyroc, and Wildfire (who I believe never led b4 but was actually voted in once as the book was canceled).

After a series of coin flips, Wildfire won out... So I left wondering how the "hothead, cosmic hero" would do leading a group of heroes he can hardly stand being around save for Dawny?

Michael R said...

Like Ryan in #11, I voted for Lightning Lass, partly because I can't recall her ever having been in that kind of prominent leadership position, partly because I think it would be interesting to see what Levitz would do with her, and partly because with Garth out of the picture as of the latest issue, it would be a good time for her to step into a new role.

If I had a second vote, however, I would probably go with Colossal Boy because with his mom back in a leadership position on the UP Council (or whatever its official name is) it could be interesting to see how the conflicts between their two official roles and their personal lives play out.

Jikorijo said...

@Gaf the Horse I think because, in issue #6, Garth and Imra decided to leave active duty and spend time with each other and their kids. Meaning they're not on active duty with the Legion.

Anonymous said...

Earth-Man is my choice. Just to be reactionary.

Ivan said...

Does anybody else also think that "Earth-Man" is an awesome name for a superhero?

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