Saturday, October 16, 2010

Spidey's New Girlfriend in Big Time is Carlie Cooper

Saw this trailer for Big Time, the new status quo for Amazing Spider-Man that sees Dan Slott take over as the sole writer of the now twice monthly (formerly thrice monthly) title, over at USA Weekend.  Preview seems to have art from Amazing Spider-Man #648 and announces Peter Parker's new job at Horizon Labs, his new girlfriend, Carlie Cooper and even what looks like the return of the Hobgoblin.  Check the video above for yourself and let us know what you think. There's also a preview of the issue over at Cosmic Book News.

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Anonymous said...

Huh, and here I was thinking Carol Danvers was his new Girlfriend. You know since they've been gving them more character interaction over the past year especially the date they had and the siege one shot.

Anonymous said...

Ughh . Nobody likes her . Bitch needs to get bridged

Kirk Warren said...

Lol, thats a new one. Much more fitting than fridged when it comes to Spider-Man.

Ken said...

Carlie Cooper will be met with as much enthusiasm as Arana when she first appeared. As in, nothing about her is really bad in terms of character since she really wasn't that big in Brand New Day, but Marvel will just continue to push her as this great character that you HAVE to like.

Or rather, Carlie will be written as the dream girl that Quesada/Brevoort/Slott actually want, and then never let us stop knowing that. And she never smoked like a certain redhead used to.

Space Jawa said...

Part of the problem with him having a new girlfriend at all is that we all know that nothing will ever come of it. It doesn't matter who his girlfriend is, because they can never be anything more than just that - his girlfriend.

It's yet another ongoing problem with OMD and a Spider-Man who's not allowed to be married.

Kirk Warren said...

Thats a great point Space Jawa. No love interest really matters anymore. It's a moot point since nothing can ever amount of their relationship.

Logan said...

I still don't get what's with all the comic book trailers coming out recently from Marvel. Has this been a conisistent thing or am I just noticing it? I mean Shadowland had trailers, Avengers #7 has a trailer, and now Spider-man! (P.S I still like Carol Danvers for a Spidey girlfriend. What we need is for a writer to show up who's willing to challenge OMD and take the character to new places vs trying to recreate the feel of older Spidey stories)

Kirk Warren said...

@Logan - Theyve had trailers for a while. I recall them showing up as far back as Civil War. Cant recall any before that, but wouldnt doubt more.

Radlum said...

I trust Dan Slott, if anyone can pull this one, it's him; however, I agree that Quesada has been pushing Carlie as the "perfect" girl for Peter for a while.
Still, I disagree with Space Jawa; I don't think the issue with Carlie is that she'll never be more than a girlfriend, I think the problem is that she'll never be as popular as MJ or Gwen; we'll never see Carlie in the movies or cartoons and eventually, she'll be killed off or put on a bus so MJ can be Peter's girlfriend again (we'll have to wait until Quesada leaves for that, but it will happen sooner or later)

Ken said...

If Quesada were to leave anytime soon, Brevoort would likely be the next EiC. That means a further continuation of OMD, unless all the stuff Brevoort has said about the necessity of ending the marriage was just being a yes man to his boss.

Although if Loeb became EiC somehow, putting MJ and Peter back together would probably make up for 75% of the terrible stuff he has written. Nothing will ever forgive Ultimatum though.

Ivan said...

I'm calling the return of the "old Parker luck" as of the second issue of the run.

Klep said...

Carlie is such a blank of a character. All I see of her is other people (particularly MJ) talking about how great she is for Peter. I guess they figure if they keep harping it over and over readers will give up and accept it out of fatigue.

Ryan K Lindsay said...

@SpaceJawa - that's an interesting, and kind of untrue, way to look at it. Some of my most memorable relationships were the ones I always knew weren't going to last. Sometimes you just gotta have some fun.

Before I got married, every single one of my relationships ended, every one!, but that doesn't wipe them from the slate. Does it...?

Sirius said...

I agree that Carlie is a nobody that Marvel wants us to like. Don't get me wrong, she isn't downright terrible, but there is no backstory or personality behind her which readers can connect to. For all intents and purposes, she is just another 2D cardboard cut-out filler character in the Spidey universe.

Plus, Marvel seem to think having other characters like MJ cram it down our throats with comments of how PERFECT Carlie is (like in this week's ASM 645) will actually convince readers that this is anything other than a painfully forced and contrived way of getting fans to accept a very unpopular scenario they've set up. This is talking down to the readers and blatantly insulting.

Space Jawa brings up a good point: if a Spidey love interest as popular (with readers) like MJ had its wings clipped in such an ugly and painful manner, how do they expect us readers to believe some new-for-the-sake-of-it relationship is going to be meaningful in the slightest?

The day Radlum mentions when all this contrived editorial piss-taking gets retconned will never come soon enough as far as I'm concerned. But even then, I just know the people responsible for this incredible insult to comics readers will never apologize for it and I'll STILL feel disgusted I had to put up with it in the first place.

Anonymous said...

Tottally not important, but holy crap I know this voice actor, hes the voice of Light from Death Note and Lelouch from Code Geass, hell yeah, new voice to hear in my head when I read spider-man and peter parkers lines.

krakkaboom said...

As of late, it's been pretty obvious that Carlie was always going to be Peter's new girlfriend. No big surprise there. I'm alright with it. That said...Anonymous' suggestion of Carol Danvers would have been quite welcome. Maybe they could have recruited Frank Cho to do an arc of ASM with some nice panels of Carol to enjoy.

"This is talking down to the readers and blatantly insulting." -Sirius

That's what Marvel does best, which is why I (and many others) are so critical of how they handle their public relations. Look no further than T&A and Cup O' Joe to find blatant insults directed at their customers/fan base. They treat their loyal readers as if they're obstinate, uneducated schmucks that are supposed to accept everything they say without question. /sarcasm on Marvel knows best! /sarcasm off

You just can't win against Quesada, Brevoort, and Alonso. They're a trio of chuckleheads, to borrow Guy Gardner's favorite derogatory term.

Space Jawa said...

I'm not going to argue about the possibility of Pete and Carlie having an interesting relationship. And as someone who hasn't even tried to pick up with 616 Spider-Man due to OMD, I have no way of judging the character herself.

What I'm talking about with their being no possibility of their relationship going anywhere is that due to OMD, it doesn't matter who he's dating, because Pete just isn't allowed to get married or have kids. To do so would invalidate the very foundation that JoeQ put OMD on in the first place.

So no matter how interesting any relationship with a girlfriend he might have, from the get go they will always face a glass ceiling they will never be allowed to grow past.

Flip The Page said...

Hey wow, lotta hate. Almost like unless there's a static never-changing status quo fanboys will ALWAYS be complaining.

I for one don't care that they're pushing Carlie, she's been a well written and interesting character and that's all I need.

But that's not what matters about the trailer for me. His new job and the push Arana is getting as the new Spider-Girl is what matters. Because both of those things are good. Actually no, the latter is EXCELLENT

Ryan K Lindsay said...

But SpaceJawa, that's my point, why does the relationship need to go further?

Valeria and Franklin Richards are also never going to age (which makes me question their creation in the first place), things like this happen in comics.

I'd rather see a character go through an interesting relationship than worry about whether they are going to celebrate their union with a civil ceremony or not. Much like real life, you can't go into the first day worrying about whether kids and gold rings will come later, hell, odds are they won't, so you just have to take it one day at a time (maybe that'll be the next acronym title, ODAAT).

If you're annoyed that it's a waste of time reading something if you know it won't go anywhere then comics aren't for you because the status quo will always return, eventually. Skrulls won't win, marriages (Parkers, Murdocks, anyone's) won't hold out. Daredevil will be the Man Without Fear again, and Steve Rogers will probably get the shield back at some stage. That's not the point, it's what happens between that we should concern ourselves with.

I wish more comic fans would just anjoy a storyline without worrying about the cultural impact that might come twenty years down the track, or whether the change will only last a few months. Just enjoy it if it is good, and if it isn't good stop reading it. But don't judge before you know.

Bucky returned from the dead and I can only imagine the message boards when it was announced. All those whinging bastards no doubt turned around and made Cap out to be the comic of the decade after's chances that make fiction great, not certainties.

Okay, rant over, hope it doesn't sound as personal as it's not, SpaceJawa, I always like your comments on here :)

Matt Duarte said...

I wish they had gone with Carol Danvers too.

Anonymous said...

@flip the page

have you been paid by marvel for that statement ?LOL

she isnt well written , shes the stereotypical shy nerdy girl and we have had to listen to everyone saying how good she is for peter ( even evil May said that) that isnt a well written character . now carol / peter thing thats well written

aint a fanboy tho

Cael said...

Ryan K L,

It's true you can't overthink comics until you can no longer enjoy them. But that isn't the case here: here, it's a matter of Marvel coming up with a unpopular editorially-mandated status quo which they are forcing down readers' throats. It doesn't take much thinking at all for readers to realize it sucks and hate it.

If we're just supposed to let slide the things we don't like in our comics, what's the point of reviewing comics in the first place? By your logic, you'd never hate a bad storyline, people written out of character, or bad pacing, etc because hey, we're just here to read it, not care about it! Or god forbid *gasp* ENJOY it!

Read the comic here and now! Who cares what implications it has? Who cares about silly things like characterization or continuity or storyline in comics? Good guys will always win in the end anyway! Be superficial, otherwise there's no other way to enjoy your comics!

What you're suggesting is pretty much exactly how Marvel would like its fans to think: ignore blatantly bad aspects of a comic, because surely Marvel and the writers know best. So fans should stop being discerning, quite whining and oh that will be $3.99 for us slapping you in the face, thanks.

Sirius said...

The glass ceiling analogy is a good one. Whether they realize it or not (my money's on not), what they've done in essence is create metaphorical glass ceilings that box in their storylines and hinder it from ever being able to be anything really significant.

Ryan, I dont think it's a matter of overthinking things. How do you think fans would react if Marvel decided it was OK for Carlie and Peter to be married, but not MJ and Peter? Hypocrisy much? So already we know Carlie's days are numbered before we have even gotten a good storyline out of the angle; which in turn makes it hard for us to care or invest in it because at the back of our mind, we KNOW there is NO possibility of it going anywhere without Marvel looking like the biggest bunch of hypocritical morons ever (not that that's stopped them in the past).

I try not to take my comics too seriously. I'm not worrying about what Spidey's relationship with Carlie will mean 20 years down the line. I don't care whether he'll get promoted in his new job. I'm not wondering if his powers-derived-from-a-freakin'-radioactive-bug will ever cause him to have colorectal cancer when he's 83.

But what I care about is this: Marvel has shafted its fan base and gotten the impression its perfectly OK to do so. So really, there's nothing Marvel CAN'T do now. Now they can retroactively go back and mess up anything they think is 'bad'. The gloves are off: nothing's sacred anymore.

To Marvel, Gwen Stacy's legacy has been reduced to nothing more than being Norman Osborn's babymama. MJ is nothing but a girl too selfish about her own safety to love Spidey, but would gladly palm off those dangers to someone else. And Peter Parker has been pretty much nothing but a gigantic he-whore since the retcon.

I try not to take anything in comics too seriously; but honestly, the line's got to be drawn somewhere.

Flip The Page said...

@anon21 I'll agree Spidey/Carol has been more interesting, that's for sure. I guess I'm seeing something in the character you're not, or projecting something, as we're clearing having different individual experiences.

@cael you're everything that's wrong with comics fandom. this stuff isn't forced down your throat. Just don't read it if it offends you so much that you have to reduce a company to a straw man in your head and rant about it.

That and are you saying that all the people who've enjoyed the stories put out now, no matter the age group or reasons behind it are stupid, because they *gasp* don't hate it like you do? How utterly pretentious, to say nothing of how you're assuming what Ryan's comments are ACTUALLY saying in an agressively mislead way.

E. Wilson said...

All I'll say is that Carlie has gotten more face-time since the relaunch than any other supporting cast member, and I still can't tell you point one about her personality.

Cael said...

I'd prefer hearing back from Ryan about my two-cents' worth since what I said was directed pretty much at him in the first place, so you needn't answer for him. But anyways Flip, couple things...

a) Wow, you must have read a lot of books from the number of covers you've glanced at in the bookstore.

b) Wait, I'm the avatar of everything that's wrong with comics fandom? OH NOEZ SOMEONE KILLZ ME!!! XP

C) I wasn't aware that if I didn't like something, I was not supposed to read it and voice my opinion. Don't they have freedom of expression wherever you are? Or was Anon onto something?

d) For the record, I did not say ANYTHING about people who have enjoyed post-OMD stories being stupid. I don't even know where you got that from, and don't wanna. I myself have liked quite a few BND stories, though I hated OMD that preceded it.

e) My disagreement with what your Thoughtballoons colleague said centres around the fact that he seems to imply that being superficial, even apathetic, is the way to enjoy comics (and life). Living for the moment without giving any thought to the implications of the here and now because hey! It'll all work out in the end! sure sounds like that to me. And I -personally- (note I didn't bring drag comics fandom behind me) strongly disagree with that.

f) Dumbing myself down to the level the publisher seemingly wants me to be at is NOT how comics fans should enjoy comics. Now, I'm not saying we should all get our nerd-rage on over everything, but I think most readers can tell when they are being talked-down to, and it shouldn't be something we should accept lying down. They seem to have forgotten that the fans come first, not their own 'creative agendas' or personal fanboy vendettas against characters.

At this point, all I'm hearing is defence for Marvel being allowed to do whatever they like, regardless of fans' opinions or anything else for that matter. If OMD wasn't really that bad, why is there such a big fuss over it? Just cuz a bunch of comics anarchists like myself thought we had nothing better to do for the next couple of years but complain? I suspect it was cuz many felt that the entire reasoning behind it was absurd, the execution terrible and the implications even worse. Not to mention a cheap creative cop-out, gross mischaracterization and an insult to fans the way Marvel have handled it since.

stillanerd said...

I do think Carlie Cooper does show potential and promise as a character, considering that, as a forensic pathologist for the NYPD, she acts as a valuable resource for Peter to help him as Spider-Man.

However, like others have already mention, I don't find her all that engaging a personality, especially since, in my opinion, she's too similar to Peter have any real chemistry, and I find Marvel's attempts to try to convince the readers that she's the ideal girlfriend for Peter to be really forced, even going so far to feature her on the cover of "The Many Loves of Spider-Man" alongside Mary Jane, Black Cat, and Gwen Stacy and thus imply she's on their level of greatness as a love interest.

This is especially the case when they now have Mary Jane--the character who was Spider-Man's wife for 20 years until the One More Day retcon--blatantly give her blessing to Peter and Carlie having a relationship twice in "Origin of the Species, the later example by having MJ tell Carlie how "bad-ass" it was of her to confront Tombstone and then add "nice to know Parker’s finally figured out how to pick ’em." This not only imply that MJ was the "wrong person" for Peter, but so was every other woman Peter was ever romantically involved with. All that does is creating more resentment towards Carlie, not embrace her. Just ask the folks at Star Trek and their treatment of Wesley Crusher.

Klep said...

@Flip: Marvel really has been shoving Peter and MJ's split down our throats. They've systematically been getting rid of Mary Jane as Peter's love interest in every bit of continuity they have. 616 Peter? With Carlie. Ultimate Peter? With Gwen. MA Peter? With Chat. Movie Peter? Now that they're rebooting it he'll be with Gwen. The only current continuity I can think of where Mary Jane and Peter are still a couple is the newspaper comic strip written by Stan Lee.

Now, that's not to say that those things are all bad. Ultimate Spiderman is still good, and MA Spiderman is awesome. But you can't say that Marvel hasn't been doing its damndest to get rid of the idea of "Mary Jane and Peter" in the heads of their fans.

Anonymous said...

I dont think ond had anything to do with ultimate spidey. ULT gwen is a fully fleshed out character

Ryan K Lindsay said...

@Cael - damn, your initial response was actually pretty insightful, certainly made me go back and read my comment, ha.

I think the distinction I'll draw is that, if the comic sucks, sure, complain, but don't complain about what you think the comic might be. If Carlie's relationship is written poorly then we can all complain, completely, but I don't like the hate coming before. It just feels...undignified.

I'm saying people need to give something different a chance BEFORE it is launched, at least.

I do NOT condone that storyline if it turns out to be bad. I make no (and check my comment, I don't believe I do) concessions for poorly written stories or scenes, or characters. I don't say ignore the bad stuff, I just say give the stuff you're not pumped about a chance at least before whinging about it.

I love Daredevil, favourite character, so losing him in the main title sucks but I'm definitely willing to give Black Panther a chance. If it's no good (and the preview pages actually haven't won my heart) then I'll complain, voraciously even :), but I'm not complaining yet. There is the option that it might be good, and I can even see how it could be good, great even.

I won't belabour the point, I think I've gotten the point across, haven't I?

As for the whole OMD mandate, it only seem unpopular with the vocal minority. People like me, who don't really mind it so much, or those who loved much of BND, don't seem to flame up message boards as much, but that's true for any issue, I think. Vocal minorities rule the roost, squeaky wheels get the grease...

AND, I hear you've read some thoughtballoons, that's cool ;)

Cael said...


I'm all for not counting chickens before they hatch, and I am pretty open-minded about the directions comics take. So I agree 100% we shouldn't be prejudiced towards comics or stories that are just starting out.

That's why I don't envy Dan Slott a bit. I mean, can you imagine being the writer for this? A million bucks says Marvel has chucked him this whole Carlie-Peter premise and forced him to run with it. Then there's the fact that any of his plans will be severely handicapped by that glass ceiling he can't really cross: namely, he can't take the relationship beyond a certain level without invalidating the (let's face it, terribly flimsy) pseudo-logic which set up the current status quo to begin with.

With so many creative (and logical) restrictions, how is a writer supposed to tell the good stories he wants to tell? The odds have been stacked so heavily against his favour that the guy should get a medal just for agreeing to take up the poisoned chalice.

On another note, I'm wounded that you consider the anti-OMD faction as a minority. OK seriously, there won't be statistics on it, but I would've still thought the proportion of fans who hated the whole idea and execution of OMD were in the majority, even if not 100%.

It's not a matter of a vocal minority against ONE particular storyline. It's not a matter of hating to see the status quo changed; of course it can't remain static forever. But I'll just say to obvious: there are correct ways (and reasons) to make changes to it and wrong ways and reasons. OMD is firmly in the latter category.

I personally think it's a matter of discerning comics fans being insulted by the way Marvel handled the whole thing, from story to characterization to its reason for existence to how they treated the fans' reactions to it. To top it off, just as fans have decided to simply ignore the ugly wound stories like OMD and Sins Past have left on their beloved characters, Marvel does something like OMIT which basically reopens that wound... pretty much for no reason at all than to remind everyone it's there and piss fans off. It's a not-so-subtle F.U. delivered in the smuggest possible way.

Maybe we anti-OMD people are a minority; or just a squeaky wheel. But really, if Marvel can get away with pissing on something so near-sacrosanct with impunity, think about what it implies for the future. Daredevil may well be the next victim of moronic creative decisions or editors' fanboy vendettas. If Quesada ever had a mad-on for DD, you can bet your ass he would have Daredevil turned into some snivelling fascist drug-dealing paraplegic paedophile without a second thought.

To paraphrase one of their own characters: Marvel is the best at what they do. But what they do isn't very nice.

Ryan K Lindsay said...

@Cael - You're wrong, I'm pretty sure there were statistics, but only 38% of people have seen them ;)

Alright, as far as OMD goes, yeah, it probably wasn't the greatest way to handle things. Editors have meddled in stories for years, it' what they do, but this time it blew up because JMS didn't dig it and made the process public. I guess you can see OMD as pissing in fans' mouths, or just an editor making a decision he truly stood by. It just seems to me, and it might just be me, that he kind of made the right choice because the BND stories seems way more interesting than the ones from before it - but I always wonder if they all could have been told with a married Parker anyway...possibly, I'm not certain...but whatever, the stories seemed to get better, which is a good thing.

And OMIT didn't seem like it was truly necessary, and though it pissed fans off I doubt Quesada was sitting back, rubbin his belly, twisting his moustache, and laughing at the fans. Really put yourself inhis shoes, no one ever does anything to be hated, I believe he honestly just wanted to make Spider-Man a better title. I believe he honestly just wants to make Marvel a better place, and I certainly believe he's done a brilliant job so far. For all this OMD garbage he's also heralded in dozens, literally, of other great decisions that have made Marvel the powerhouse they are. I don't like to see Queada painted as a villain, nor any creator, because they're only trying to honestly do their best.

But Quesada loves DD and would never tarnish that golden character - even though he's obviously allowed Shadowland to roll on, a shame, really...

In summation (and I barely know what I'm talking about anymore as my tangents grow infinite tangents), I think tough decisions have to be made, sometimes people will hate them, but there will be others who will love them. You can please some of the people some of the time but not all of the internet all of the time.

And, are you on Twitter, Cael? Follow me at @ryanklindsay, I'd love to chat more in the future some time, you got some interesting views. Cheers.

Cael said...

You're right about nobody doing things to be hated. So in order for Quesada to go through with a decision so unpopular, it could mean he really believed in it as you said... OR that he had a major personal vendetta against MJ, which seems to be a theory that seems quite widely supported.

But if you read his interviews though, I'm more inclined to believe it's the latter because quite frankly he gives so many different but equally lame/stupid answers as to why the change was ESSENTIAL. He's basically throwing everything at fans and hoping something sticks. I'm not gonna run through them all; but frankly that sounds like a man who decided to do something then make excuses later; rather than someone who had one good reason for it and decided to stay with that course of action no matter what.

I don't think it's much of a debate as to whether or not the BND stories could've been done with the marriage. The answer is a simple yes. Harry could've been brought back with a much easier (and less painful) retcon, and Peter being single would not have taken anything away from the stories (aside from the contrived and gratuituous ones in which women throw themselves at him). So being married is bad, but being a total pimp is OK? Marvel, you lost me there. And I'm in Mensa.

You're right, pleasing everyone is impossible. But it sure as hell is preferable to pleasing a handful of people (or even one guy) and pissing off just about everyone else.

Nope, no Twitter or FB. But I regularly visit the Weekly Crisis anyway.

CW said...

Here's a difference I notice between Marvel and DC: DC don't have as great a weekly output as Marvel, but their work is more character-driven and shows greater respect for their characters. The first dozen issues of Power Girl, the current Batgirl, anything by Gail Simeone and Paul Dini... fantastic because it focuses on the characters, not contrived situations or ridiculous editorial mandates.

On the other hand, Marvel seems to treat its characters as cannon fodder for teen-drama situations. Sometimes it's like they get their muse after watching Dawson's Creek or something. A lot of their comics seem to be clueless, blindly hoping to push readers' emotional buttons. And if that doesn't work, they axe them quick and try it with another title/character(s). That's my personal opinion anyway.

I think the only character driven story I've read in Marvel recently was Greg Pak's Hulk. And the Rhino story in ASM. I also liked Second Coming, but actually I think I enjoyed the premise more than the execution.

Anonymous said...

So it all comes down to this... Quesada's ultimate goal... to make his niece Spidey's new girlfriend...

F*** you Carlie Cooper.

Ryan K Lindsay said...

@Cael - I wonder then, what would Quesada's vendetta against MJ be? Did a redhead shirk Quesada's advances in high school? Does he hate his own married life?

I just can't believe he did it for any reason other than that he believed it would make the title/character better. He wanted to bring Spidey back, and this was his way of doing it.

twobitspecialist said...

@Ryan - He wanted to bring Spidey back? So while he was married, he was gone somewhere? Most of these BND stories could've been written with a married Spidey. There had to be another way.

Cael said...

My friend, theories... ABOUND. If you could answer the WHY? of it, you win the internet. But the fact is this:

a) It definitely wasn't the writers's decision, it was editorial. Fact it, nobody wanted to run with that but had to.

a) If he did it for personal reasons, it just makes him an ***hole for putting his own interests first and abusing his power as EIC.

b) If he did it because he felt he needed to (if you believe any one of the billion moronic reasons he's stated), he still did it in the worst possible way which screwed continuity, characters, fans and common sense all at once.

More likely there isn't a singular reason for the debacle. The fact Marvel wrote itself into a hole about Peter's identity being public, for example, and didn't know wher to go from there. Quesada probably had a personal agenda to push. Someone wanted a way to bring Harry back. Someone thought some Spidey hook-ups would be interesting, but couldn't do it if they were married. There's a conspiracy to put Quesada's niece into comics. Maybe the editorial staff had a deal with Mephisto.

Who knows? The bottom line is, it was done, it sucked, so please fix it. Instead, all we get is a condescending attitude to fans and an unwillingness to own up to the fact THEY MESSED UP.

M├ędard said...

I must say I really like the Ramos art, for that I am excited to pick this issue up.

I'm not too excited about the new Spider-costumes. Who knows, they might give some cool stories, but on a visuel level they don't interest me at all.

The new job could be great, so long they treat it better then his previous new job in science that he got in Amazing Spider-Man (vol. 2) #1.

Carlie as his girlfriend? I'm not at all surprised. Up till she's been pretty dull and it feels very forced.

Anonymous said...


Ken said...

Carlie is actually modeled after Quesada's niece?

That's as bad as Marv Wolfman making Terry Long himself.

twobitspecialist said...

@Ken - You think that's bad? Quesada keeps photo-referencing himself when drawing Peter Parker...

stillanerd said...

@Ken--Correction, Ken. Carlie is actually named after his daughter (albeit her name is apparently spelled differently). Which actually makes it worse.

Tom B said...

I think this kind of discussion is exactly what the writer of this article has in mind :)

Sirius said...

"Why did they unmarry my favorite character, heartlessly making him interesting for the first time in twenty years?"

Is... is... is he serious? Let's get one thing clear: Spider Man was made more interesting thanks to good writers on his BND arcs. One More Day factored NOTHING into the equation. Practically every 'good' and 'interesting' story they did in BND could still have been done if they were married. Everyone knows this.

Quesada loves telling us that everything that happened after the marriage was still in continuity... even though they're not married anymore. Assuming that is somehow possible, the question is of course... WHY un-marry them in the first place?! Virtually NOTHING about BND hinges critically on Peter being single. Except maybe Marvel shoving Quesada's daughter/niece/grand-aunt as the love of Peter's life (who he can never marry without inciting WW3).

OMD was just an easy cop-out to de-unmask Spidey... but why the marriage had to be thrown into the mix and MJ under the bus I will never know.

Menshevik said...

What amuses me most is how some people talk about the "new direction" and "giving them time" as if Dan Slott was some kind of innocent victim who had all this shoved on him and had not been one (and arguably the most important) of the members of the "Brain Trust" that defined the Anti-Spider-Man of the post-OMD era.

Menshevik said...

@Sirius -
Of course he's serious. Because the dictionary definition of "interesting" is "having sex with partners to whom one isn't married". And nothing else.

fodigg said...

Wow, lotta discussion on this one. I see Spider-Man's love life still stirs controversy.

Spidey will always be the "unexplainable harem" guy. He's a loser, but he's surrounded by babes he keeps holding the interest of for some reason. Carlie is just another addition.

Logan said...

So now the question is: who's the biggest man-whore in comics? Cause Peter Parker is giving Dick Grayson some serious competition!

Kirk Warren said...

@Logan - Thats an insult to Dick Grayson's 'man whore of the year for all years' title. There's Dick and then there's everyone else. No exceptions. =D

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