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Comic Book Moments of the Week for 11/03/10

Amazing Spider-Man, Batman and Robin and Invincible make waves in an otherwise light week for comics in this edition of the Moments of the Week.  Hit the jump and enjoy!

Amazing Spider-Man #647

Halloween at the Parker residence.  Flash is Spider-Man in a wheelchair Spider-Mobile.  Betty Brant is surprisingly Jewel of all people.

Peter comes dressed as JJJ, which was an inspired choice, but Harry Osborn and his son win the prize for their Doc Ock combo.

Peter's old roommate, Vin, comes dressed as a prisoner (he just got out of jail that day) with Carlie Cooper in tow as Black Cat.

It actually turned out that the straight arrowed Vin that ended up in jail for turning on his fellow cops in the whole spider tracer storyline is now one of Norman Osborn's goons.  He even has that Green Goblin prison tattoo from the promos for the upcoming Osborn miniseries.  After threatening his newborn son, Harry comes back later and delivers one hell of a beat down on Vin as his response to the threat.

Peter and Carlie finally hook up and become an official couple after an angst filled issue. 

I would be first in line for the JJJ musical.

They had an amusing backup featuring that random party girl that was trying to hook up with Peter from the beginning of Brand New Day to get close to Harry Osborn's inner circle.  It showed her various attempts of hooking up with/stalking Peter throughout the BND era. Was actually pretty funny story that featured the above WTF moment as Venom/"Spider-Man" eats her yappy chihuahua.

Avengers Academy #6

Reptil is an Avenger that can turn various parts into reptile/dinosaur parts.  He could never go full reptile though.  After a mental assault, he does that in this issue, as seen above.

As expected, Reptil has some problems with going full dino and nearly eating someone and the whole lack of control.  Jessica Jones comes in to help in a surprisingly great moment between the two.

Batman and Robin #16

Two moments in one here.  Panel of the week for Jim Gordan in a dress while Hurt gets the hurt put on him by Bruce.

Pyg is the best new addition to the Batman rogues gallery in over a decade.

The banana peel strikes!

And Joker buries Hurt alive in some parallels to Hurt burying Batman back in RIP.

This is quite possibly the most important page in the history of Batman.

Brightest Day #13

Over in Brightest Day, Boston Brand was waiting on the white ring to tell him what to do.  Soon as the bat signal went up, it responded to Batman/Bruce's return.  The 'next' text at the bottom implies Batman to be the new protector of life that the ring is searching for, but likely just hyperbole/cliffhanger misdirection.

Generation Hope #1

Hope and the gang are in Tokyo looking for new mutants.  I sure hope Marvel doesn't get sued.

Tokyo getting blown up by Tetsuo?  Definitely getting sued. Okay, maybe there's a catch.  The new mutant seemed to be obsessed with artwork.  Maybe he's some sort of Mastermind-like mutant and draws inspiration from the artwork, like say an Akira manga?

Invincible #75

The Viltrumite leader takes Oliver on a mustache ride.

In retaliation, the good guys blow up the Viltrum homeworld by flying through it.  This is why it's a good thing Superman isn't evil and all the DC and Marvel villains out to destroy Earth are dumb.  If they had half a brain, we'd be dead in an instant from something like this.

The Viltrumites don't take the destruction of their homeworld lightly.

Secret Six #27

The use of the phrase, "...please don't brain me with your rock", and how casual she asks her not to do it just made me laugh for some reason.

Spotlighting this for the ridiculousness of Catman's get up and how inappropriate it is for Ragdoll to wear Superman underwear.

Last issue had Waller caught with her pants down.  She strikes back here.  Don't #$%^ with the Wall indeed.

Wolverine #3

Poor Sabertooth.  Killed off by Loeb, replaced by an emo version of himself and now the lapdog of the devil.

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Radlum said...

Really looking forward to Batman Inc; however, I was kind of expecting Bruce to reveal that he's Batman, instead of pulling an Iron Man like he did

Osborn having cult-like followers is pretty interesting; I mean, the guy must have some supporters among the civilian population and this has the potential for more Norman-related stories in upcoming issues of ASM.
Also, baby Doc Ock is the cutest thing I've seen in a long time.

Ivan said...

Aunt May should NOT wear a miniskirt.

And does Harry still have the goblin-serum powers?

Klep said...

Really, anything Ragdoll does is incredibly inappropriate.

So Big Time is starting, and with it a Spider-relationship we know has an expiration date with a character that nobody actually likes. Marvel clearly wants us to think Carlie is great for Peter (because they keep bashing us over the head with characters talking about how great they are for each other), but there's still no reason for us to care about the relationship given that we know it can't go anywhere. If Peter can never be married because it "ages" him, then all of his relationships are doomed, regardless of how much Marvel wants us to think they matter.

Aaron K said...

Catman is totally just trying to be Thor. That helmet is a huge rip-off of the Jurgens-era Thor, e.g.,

Anonymous said...

Some thoughts:
1.Baby Ock was cute for all of five seconds until I remembered that he tried to kidnap and experiment on him LAST ISSUE! Plus, Ock was responsible for the death of George Stacy and Gwen was Harry's oldest friend. This is pretty close to Harry dressing up as the Goblin with the kid dressed as a pumpkin bomb for inappropriate costume choices.
2. So Carlie is not only super smart but she is so physically attractive that Peter honestly thinks she's Felicia?
3. By all that is holy don't make Vin the new Hobogoblin. Hobby is a member of Spidey's A-List and deserves better than to be Norman's proxy/stooge.

twobitspecialist said...

I haven't gotten Avengers Academy yet. I didn't know Jessica Jones was in it! Now I HAVE to get it, you know?

Dennis N said...


John G said...

Damn, that Invincible sure is gory! Is Kirkman trying to one-up Garth Ennis or?

mugiwara said...

So, because Parker can't get married, there is no more surprise, his relation can't go anywhere? What's the difference with Parker being married? Could his relationship with MJ have gone anywhere? They couldn't have children, they couldn't cheat... There was even less room for surprises and changes than with BND Parkern who can at least stop a relationship and begin another.
I'm also surprised how MJ got more interesting now that she is a Watson again.

Generation Hope: I liked the nod to Akira in the preview, but now it's getting embarassing.

Wolverine: I didn't think it was possible to love Aaron anymore, but he just changed one of the lamest villains ever into a puppy dog. Thank you, Aaron, and please don't bring him back to life! (besides, thank you for killing the Silver Japanese Cliché)

Stagger Lee said...

re: "This is quite possibly the most important page in the history of Batman."

Surely you are not serious. This is a Morrison thing and once he quits the Bat franchise, within two years probably, it's only a matter of time before DC brings Batman back to "one man war against crime"-status. If history has taught us anything, it is that great though Morrison's ideas may be, other writers hardly ever latch onto and expand upon them. The good thing about Morrison is how he thinks outside the box, but it also makes it more difficult to maintain a high degree of quality throughout the franchise when the other creators tend to be more conventional types.

Anonymous said...

imgoing to ut and say it. avengers acdamey is better then young avengers . seriously young avengers is the twilight of comics

Matt Duarte said...

@Radlum: The story is most definitely going to play out in the Osborn mini series.

What will be interesting is that from now Bat-writers will NOT be able to use the "urban legend" aspect anymore. With all the publicity this kind of stunt is bound to get, there's no denying that Batman exists. Well, at least until the next retcon punch.

As for Generation Hope, that is a very clear homage to Akira. Gillen said that he (and artist Salvador Espin) were playing homage to 80's Japanese movies.

Kirk Warren said...

@Stagger Lee - I'm happy with the statement regarding the importance of that page. Morrison will be working on Batman for another year or more at the least. This change will have ah uge affect on Batman and the entire family of books and will take a One More Day-like debacle to retcon away if DC ever wants to go back to the previous status quo. Short of his origin, the death of Jason Todd (retconned though) and breaking of his back (magic'd away with powered healer), there can't be much else bigger than this public announcement of funding from Bruce Wayne and the Batman, Inc initiative.

Now, if it rots on the vine and gets swept under the rug in less than a year's time or the minute Morrison stops writing the book, I'll take my licks and eat crow, but it's hard to look at that page and not see it as a huge turning point in the franchise.

Flip The Page said...

ah thank god Matt! I was hoping someone would say it!

Gillen's made a point of saying in interviews that he's heavily homaging various 80s japanese horror material and the like which is, yes, because the fifth light is an artist. It feels a bit iffy at times i must say, but imitation is the highest form of flattery and it's done SO well.

twobitspecialist said...

I like Avengers: Children's Crusade. I just thought I'd throw that out there.

Also, the life of Peter Parker WAS going somewhere. He graduated high school, then college, and then got a REAL job. In the meantime, he got married and had a child. The BND Parker is stuck now in a weird limbo where he can't make any progress at all in life for the sake of the status quo, which, as I pointed out, has made a natural progression throughout 40 years. Same with MJ.

I also liked Sabretooth and Silver Samurai.

Just stating my opinions. I trust that's okay with y'all. ;)

Matt Duarte said...

Forgot to say it earlier, but...

Looks like Oliver needs a hand against those Viltrumites.


Anonymous said...

"throw it out there " .....okay but why? LOL

Klep said...

@mugiwara - The only reason Peter and MJ couldn't have a child is the same as one of the reasons they were split up: that it 'ages' Peter and we can't have him actually display any character growth. I fail to see how serial girlfriends that he can never get too attached to is more interesting than the relationship he had with MJ, and could have had with MJ and (presumably) little May. I would LOVE to read about Peter trying to squeeze being a father into his life. Peter dealing with some kind of harem trying to pick his WUN TWU WUV is really tired and boring by contrast, particularly when said WUN TWU WUV is as much of a blank as Carlie Cooper.

Ryan K Lindsay said...

Imagine the fans when Frank Miller wrote Year One..."this will never mean anything once Miller goes back to Marvel. We'll have our Batusi back in a year, I'm calling it now!!!', ha. Things never change...except for the Batman title, there's no going back now, ha.

It's just a shame that the most important page in Batman's recent history doesn't look that good...

Anonymous said...

Man, who knew Freddie Mercury could kick ass.

In a way I kinda saw that coming though but will Oliver get patched up later on or not.

I still need to pick thsi book up at my local shop, so glad I have it pulled.

On Catman as Warlord, well I don't know exactly on who came first there to really comment (Thor or Warlord)

Ivan said...

Stagger Lee is right. As cool as this new direction is, it will eventually end. I don't think it's going to be anytime soon, but eventually things are going back to status quo. But I hope they milk this premise dry first.

Aaron K said...

Has Batman been officially sanctioned by the law of Gotham City, such as the Avengers are in the Marvel U? Otherwise, I think Bruce Wayne just publicly admitted to aiding and abetting a known felon. Basically, he's now as guilty as Batman for all those beatings over the years, which is pretty appropriate since he's Batman. But, now he just gave the prosecutor a confession. Comic book writers ignore the element of law when convenient, and focus on it when convenient. It's horribly inconsistent.

Anonymous said...

@Aaron K

haha good one. In the real world Wayne would be arrested on the spot for what you said. However in the comic book world, I'm excited to see where Morrison takes this. At least its a new sandbox for Batman writers to play in for the next few years.

Anonymous said...

Poor Tim. He works so hard, faking paralysis and all, to throw Vicki Vale off their scent and then Bruce has to go and do this :-P

Dennis N said...

You should have included the panel from Chaos War #3 when Amadeus Cho tells Thor he loves him, and Thor reciprocates and they both agree to never speak of it again. Moment of the week for me.

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