Friday, November 19, 2010

Crisis on Infinite Arts - Miguel Sepulveda's Cosmo and Silver Surfer

Newsarama had preview pages up for the upcoming Thanos Imperative: Devestation one-shot/epilogue and the above image from Miguel Sepulveda show off everything great about Marvel's cosmic titles with Cosmo and the Silver Surfer riding his board through space.

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Ken said...

I need to buy that page.

I mean, that's just perfect, and a nice way to cheer up everyone bummed out about the Thanos Imperative ending.

Klep said...

This page is one of the best things that have ever existed.

Anonymous said...

From the looks of the pages, it definitely seems to be the beginning of a "Cosmic Avengers" team, complete with Cosmo as the resident telepath. (Mantis might have been a better choice since she's been an Avenger, but you can't argue with a Soviet canine riding a space-faring surfboard.) Blastaar is definitely not having a good day.

I'm left to wonder if the issue will touch on any of the following plot threads left dangling:

1) Will Blastaar acknowledge the battle he's having with Annihilus' forces back at 42 (the Negative Zone Prison)?

2) How do the recent events fit into the machinations for the Fraternity of Raptors? They groomed Gladiator to take over for the Kree after they assassinated Queen Lilandra. The Raptors were being positioned as the counterpoint to the Nova Corps. With the Corps' dissolution, will these "Cosmic Avengers" be enough to stop them? Or will they inadvertently advance the Raptors' cause?

3) At the end of the Inhumans mini-series, Medusa hoped to use the Cancerverse to solve the problem of the Kree's evolutionary dead-end. I assume that was probably going to be a plot point for the "Thanos Initiative" tie-ins, but probably got cut once "Nova" and "GotG" suspended publication. I suspect she probably captured one of the Cancerverse beings before the Fault collapsed, and will try to interbreed them with the Kree. Maybe this plot point will be the one that leads to the Shadow War that prophesized in "Nova", which culminates in the death of Medusa.

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