Sunday, November 28, 2010

Comic Book Moments of the Week for 11/24/10

Hello everyone! It's the feature you have all been missing the most: Moments of The Week!  Kirk is AWOL at the moment, but never fear, I will attempt to fill the gap he has left us. Lots of important books dropped this week, and we have moments from books like Action and Detective Comics, Amazing Spider-Man, Uncanny X-Men, and many more. Hit the jump to see all of them.

Action Comics #895

Scandal Savage as a kid. Just look at those pig tails. Cue all the "AWWWS"

Which actually leads the way to the crossover between Secret Six and Action Comics. Though it's weird because over in Secret Six, the team (as shown here) has disbanded into two separate groups. It could always be set up before that happened, though. No Prize to whoever figures it out!

This is from the Jimmy Olsen back-up. Though I imagine knitting must be a lot more fun if you have super speed.

Lois Lane's face in that last panel will forever haunt me in my dreams.

Amazing Spider-Man #649

That line would be a lot funnier if it didn't look like Black Cat was about to sit in that guy's face.

Attack of the Hobgoblins! Phil Urich there is killing Roderick Kingsley... and taking his head as paperweight. HEY KIDS, COMICS! (alright, that's the only time I'm doing that joke today, I promise)

Astonishing Thor #1

Mike Choi's art looks really different in this series. I don't know if it's a different inker/colorist team, but it looks much more rugged than his previous work.

Deadpool #29

There! Moon Knight has made sure that there will be one less Deadpool title next month.

Deadpool Team-Up #887

I like how they sneaked a joke in the cover. In case you can't read it, it says "Whoever pulls this hammer, if he be weak, shall be mocked by the laughter of Thor."

Come on, Deadpool! Cable has only been dead for a couple of months, and you are already looking for a new co-star?!

Detective Comics #871

The Goddamn Bat-Taser.

Classic scene. That's Dick under the Batman mask, and he doesn't pull the same disappearing act that Bruce always does.

Fantastic Four #585

Second Great Annihilation? Oh boy, this is not going to end well, is it?

Lots of interesting things on this page. Most importantly, Galactus is afraid of Franklin Richards.

Justice League: Generation Lost #14

Here's Power Girl's future outfit. She is part of the Justice League, which now looks like this in the future...

Now, to be fair, that's only the second most ridiculous costume that Martian Manhunter has worn.

Teen Titans #89

Damian is just saying what we are all thinking.

Uncanny X-Force #2

I have to say, aside from the big guy in the back, the new Horsemen of Apocalypse don't look very impressive compared to previous versions.

Uncanny X-Men #530

Looks like it's time to break out those Grant Morrison New X-Men trades, boys and girls!

Well, at least Fraction is now playing to Greg Land's strengths here. The Collective Man is the perfect character for him to draw!

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The Dangster said...

hopefully Action Comics's cross over with Secret Six will help spur interest in Secret Six.

Peter F DiSilvio said...

Excellent. Now I can calm down lol. I reread every MOTW waiting for this one to come out. When all you do is work and law school this is a great relief.

Kudos to titans for, evidently, turning a corner towards readable again.

I also love how Franklin Richards unimaginable amount of power is being addressed.

Midnight Monk said...

Glad to see MotW back and like your picks alot

ASM-Love that Goblin moment and the new take on Spidey in general, Phil Urich definitely has a bright future ahead

FF-Been surprisingly fresh, I like how Marvel Cosmic U is being told through FF. Hopefully the rest of the Cosmic books won't disappear completely

Generation Lost-Only League book I've ever given a chance and this is a good example why

X-Force-I gotta disagree on the Horsemen, I thought they were fine. The less Techno-Goth look the better in my eyes. Plus they seem like they been around for ages which make me think they were Apoc's original Horsemen or his best

Zdenko said...

Yes, MOTW!!! :D

I thought I could handle Land's return. But I can't. It's just too stiff, boring and stiff.

Jarmir said...

is it me or does beast boy look like Elijah Wood?

Akylle said...

Snyder writes a damn good Dick Grayson.

Ivan said...

Does Slott address why Phil is acting like that? If not, I hope he does at some point. Right now it seems like an ass-pull.

Max Barnard said...

I'm gonna bring all the hate in the world down on me and say that Land's shown a marked improvement between this issue of UXM and his covers for series like Thunderbolts. He's not good, but he's getting there. eventually. one day.

As for Galactus being scared of Franklin, I'm gonna just put it on my list of things that I think will lead to more and more of "Earth X" bleeding into the current 616. I mean who wouldn't be scared of your potential replacement?

Anonymous said...

why does everyone call fraction a superstar ? apart from iron man and cassanove everything has been from average to passable

Bobby Weenus said...

I know people are just going to reference Land's porn tracings but how come no one in Marvel has said anything to him about the fact that every woman he's ever drawn is either grinning, smiling, or shouting with a smile? Reading that comic was painful, I can't stand how every female in his art has a coy smile, when the dialog has no reason for it.

Ian @ Trade Reading Order said...

one of the best weeks in a long time. Love those batman moments and the future justice league.

Zdenko said...

Oh, and knowing from where Land traces his ''work,'' made that picture of the blond woman inhaling from the inhaler very disturbing to me.:P

Ryan K Lindsay said...

@Anon 9 - I'd call him a superstar because Casanova is easily on of the best comics ever made. The Immortal Iron Fist was the business, and The Order was pretty damn fine. Last of the Independents was pretty great and Rex Mantooth certainly has to be seen to be believed.

I haven't read much of his current Marvel offerings but I think the mixture of his past quality and his present status on three tentpole titles make his a superstar for sure...hell, even that Pattinson kid is a superstar and he's only ever really played one character - but maybe that comment is inviting a new set of troll into this site so let's not go there, ha.

Matt Duarte said...

@Bobby: Tom Brevoort on formspring gets asked about Land on a weekly basis, but he doesn't seem fazed by them.

Naymlap said...

I'm with Weenus.
The problem for me with Land's work isn't the fact that he's tracing porn. It's that they look like they're posed photographs. Everyone is always smiling and most of the time in a static pose (even when in action).
Is Leistien inking him this issue, because it looks less flat than usual. And I have a theory that Land isn't simply a bad artist, but Leistein's inks actually highlight the faults in Land's pencils.

Steven said...

Galactus acting afraid of Franklin was a cool moment. Although if Hickman ends up yet another in a long line of writers who decide to screw with the kid I'll be annoyed.

It's already a little annoying that Marvel is acting like the idea of "killing" a member of the FF is new. Waid killed off Ben Grimm and had Reed willing to go to Heaven to get him back. Reed "died" back in the 90s.

mugiwara said...

@Ivan: Phil was a nutjob the last time we saw him, in Loners, so Slott is constant with the characterisation. But I wouldn't hold my breath for an explanation about what happened between him, Hollow and the Fujikawa Group after the end of the mini.
For now, I'm just glad he killed an established villain and hope that Slott won't bring Kingsley back.

I don't expect either that the terrible writer who is ruining Uncanny X-Men will explain how Collective Man got from Chinese super hero to terrorist nutjob.

Ivan said...

Huh, I didn't even know about this "Loners" comic, I thought Phil was being rescued from a much longer absence. Oh well, joke's on me.

Dennis N said...

Fraction gets superstar status for his work on Iron Man, X-Men, and now Thor, three top titles. I tried Casanova but didn't like it. I know that'll bring the heat down on me. Invincible Iron Man has been excellent though.

DØK7ØR said...

That is so funny what you said about Greg Land and drawing The Collective Man. So damn true, Matt! So true. lol.

Anonymous said...

GAH! it hurts my head so much whenever i see greg land's artwork. How does this man stay employed?!?!

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