Monday, December 13, 2010

All The Best Comics Have Daddy Issues #9

Last week, the column didn't run because my 'net went down and things just didn't recover. This week I've decided to farm the duties out, either because I'm extremely lazy or because I wanted to give you all a little treat. I'd like to think this is more as a treat. I've blathered on about fatherhood for a few months so I thought it might be time to get a look at the other side. I also thought there was no one better to do this than the always lovely Kelly Sue DeConnick. So, here she is.

1. How has being a mother affected your comic buying/reading habits?

Kelly Sue: My stomach for violence isn’t what it once was. This has probably affected my TV viewing (on, honestly, the rare occasion I have to watch TV that isn’t a kids’ show) more than it has my comic reading/buying, but it’s a thing. I used to watch a lot of (well, okay, here’s a horrifying thing to admit) “true crime” TV, but I can’t bear it any more.

2. How has being a mother affected your comic writing habits?

Kelly Sue: I’m a more disciplined writer than I used to be. But that might be age and experience as much as anything else.

3. If you could only give your child one comic run to read, what would it be?

Kelly Sue: Well... my kids are 3 and 6 months. So... It’s not really applicable at the moment.

4. What comic is best to read to prepare you for motherhood?

Kelly Sue: Harsh reality coming, brace yourself. Ready? Okay, here it is:

Nothing can prepare you for motherhood. A bazillion people have already survived it though, and a good half of them were not nearly as smart as you, Person Who Is Going To Be A Mother. You’ll do fine. That said, you might want to get some sleep now.

And if I could go back in time, I’d learn to nap.

5. Who do you think the best mother in comics is?

Kelly Sue: I’m having trouble thinking of good mothers in comics, honestly. Jessica Jones, I guess...?

6. Which comic character would you most want to be your child?

Kelly Sue: Rogue, maybe? That girl needs someone to make her some spaghetti.

7. Any mother/comics nuggets of wisdom you’d like to impart?

Kelly Sue: Go clean your room. And would it kill you to wear some pants that fit? Also: I love you. No matter what.

But seriously—go. Clean. Now.

Thank you for playing.

Kelly Sue: NOW or you’re grounded.

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IronFist Fan said...

Nice Interview Ryan very straight to the point and of course Kelly Sue is awesome

Anonymous said...

Your Osborn series RAWKS!

How long does it take you to finish a script for one comic, from start to finish?

When will you pen an ongoing? I can see you writing the Thunderbolts, Parker is excellent, but I would love to see your take.

Keep up the great work!

Lane F. Narscil

Ivan said...

Hey, how about the Scarlet Witch? She's such a good mother that she WISHED her kids into existence, and it worked for a while! :P

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