Sunday, December 5, 2010

Comic Book Moments of the Week for 12/01/10

Alright, it's time for some Moments of The Week! The big winner this time around is Secret Six, where I had to restrain myself from just posting the whole comic. We also have some big moments from the Shadowland finale, Action Comics Annual, and the big twist at the end of Heroes for Hire. Hit the jump to see them.

Action Comics Annual #13

Don't let the hair fool you, that's Lex Luthor there making a grand exit from Apokolips.

Ant-Man & Wasp #2

Hank Pym and Eric O'Grady enter the mindscape dimension, using an armor formed from their subconscious thoughts. He's the irredeemable Ant-Man for a reason. Also, I'm pretty sure that's Finesse from the Avengers Academy in that second panel, isn't it?

Brightest Day #15

Ah, Goriest Day, my old friend, we meet again!

Generation Hope #2

Gillen addresses the homage/parody to Akira in the last issue. As Hope says, this is just Kenji's favorite fantasy.

Giant monsters. Why'd have to be giant monsters?

Heroes for Hire #1

Misty Knight is shown to be assembling heroes throughout the issue, but the final pages reveal that she is being controlled by none other than the Puppet Master. He always looks creepy, but Brad Walker delivered a truly unnerving image.

Secret Six #28

Friendship as defined by the Secret Six.

And love as well. This was a really good scene between Bane and Scandal Savage.

Lady Vic gets one in the knees. Did she kill someone close to Deadshot? I forgot why there is such animosity between the two of them.

King Shark confirmed for joining the Secret Six? I am OK with this.

(Make sure to click the image to see it in a bigger size)

The best part of this whole issue was the three page epilogue, with Giganta avenging Ryan Choi (The Atom). Gail Simone was his co-creator, and she was pretty upset when they killed him, so this is her way of addressing it.

Shadowland #5

Alright, what the heck is going on here? Last time someone stole the Ghost Rider's powers, reality was almost destroyed. Just exactly what has gotten into Daredevil?

For all of Shadowland's faults, this was a pretty clever idea. Iron Fist uses his healing power to help Daredevil fight back against the infection that is corrupting his soul.

Daredevil/Matt Murdock commits psychological seppuku.

The extended cast of Shadowland deals with the aftermath. I think most readers will take the same route as Master Izo and just drink this storyline away.

Wolverine: The Best There Is #1

Odd haircuts and people dancing at clubs? I think this calls for a crossover with Phonogram!

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mugiwara said...

* Jordan dead and beheaded Barry Allen running like a chicken. Can this be canon? Please?

*H4H: talk about overexploiting villains. The guy died in Ms Marvel, then came back in Deadpool Team Up where he died again... And here he is again... Sigh... Aren't there other mind controlling villains that could have been used?

*Shadowland: Well, at least Bullseye stay dead. I fear it won't last long, though.

*I almost hope this japanese guy to stay with the X-Men. He has zero charisma, but his power is fun, like a fusion between Madison and lionel Jeffries' abilities.

Matt Duarte said...

You know, I remembered the Ms. Marvel thing, but that was so long ago (and it was a random explosion where we didn't see his body) so I assumed it was addressed somewhere else. I had forgotten about the Deadpool Team-Up appearance, though!

Randallw said...

Lady Vic once ambushed Deadshot while he was taking a walk with his family. Deadshot's girlfriend pulled a gun and Deadshot turned the tables on Lady Vic and was about to kill her when the girlfriend pleaded he not do it in front of his daughter. He promised he'd kill Lady Vic one day and even keeps the bullet so it'll be like there was no time in between.

Ivan said...

And what happened to Matt Murdock?

Anonymous said...

i think Lady Vic tryed to kill Deadshot in his mini couple years back when he found out he had a daughter

Zdenko said...

I didn't even know about the Deadpool appearance... :/

No Taskmaster pics? No pics of RedShirt the Uber Henchman and his terrible organization MILF?

You dissapoint me, Weekly Crisis. :P

mugiwara said...

*Puppet Master appeared in the Deadpool/Machine Man team up (Dpool Team Up 890). Both kept calling hime an old lady, because of his pretty eyelashes.

@Zdenko. I just google MILF. Snort...

Jarmir said...

mugiwara: I was just wondering the same thing...why do they "kill" him if they will just forget about it and bring him back?

But as Deadpool will say: Dude looks like a girl now

Anonymous said...

PUPPET MASTER?!?! That was the big earth-shaking, Thunderbolts-style plot twist?! I understand Abbnett & Lanning's fascination with obscure b-listers, but this is like finding out your arch-enemy is an evil Don Knotts. I expected SOOOO much better from the guys that nurtured the Annihilation franchise so well. My anticipation for their IDW crossover event has been greatly diminished, and I expect H4H will be done in six issues. Wow.

Radlum said...

Shadowland was just a big meh; however, DD 512 was a nice epilogue and we found out that Black Tarantula is still alive, which is awesome.

Craig said...

It wasn't meg it was awful comics ever . Anybody could write something better then that . Diggle ruined the stellar dd run

revelshade said...

Some would call that 'psychic seppuku' bit an homage to Frank Miller's Ronin, but I don't think it has enough style to be anything but a rip-off.

Zdenko said...

@mugiwara-You didn't know what MILF was before? Wow... O.o

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