Sunday, December 12, 2010

Comic Book Moments of the Week for 12/08/10

Because you demanded it, another week, another editions of Moments of The Week! Your weekly look at all the important events, funny moments, and groan worthy scenes in comics. This week is plagued by resurrections and returns, as several characters make a come back to the comics scene. Hit the jump  to see all of the moments.

The Flash #7

Captain Boomerang breaks into Iron Heights and breaks out Reverse Flash from prison. No good can come out of this. Return #1...

Incredible Hulks #618

Abomination breaks out of hell because of the events of Chaos War. Return #2...

Justice League: Generation Lost #15

Max Lord can't find Wonder Woman because of (what I assume) are the changes occurring in her own title?

Booster Gold brings up this old argument again about heroes killing, though at least he makes a better argument: he doesn't want Max dead because he wants to beat the @#$% out of him first.

New Avengers #7

Here we learn that the New Avengers are going to get paid for being members of the team. Well, most of them...

Except for Spider-Man, because he needs to reveal his identity in order to get paid. Typical Parker luck. This also segues into the next moment, where we see a montage of the nanny candidates.

This page is great, and packed with jokes. My favorite is D-Man asking about Captain America, but I want to write a Thank You note to Bendis for having Immonen draw Machine Man into the mix. It's the closest thing we are going to get to a Nextwave revival, I think.

Squirrel Girl is chosen as the nanny, and we get this moment here. I'm not exactly sure what's going on here, to be honest. My first gut would be to think that Squirrel Girl and Wolverine fought in the past, but the conversation hints at a relationship, doesn't it? Remember that she was 14 when she first showed up, so by Marvel time she's probably only 18 or 19, and Logan is over 100 years old.

What the hell is wrong with Wong?! Either something is up with him, or Bendis completely screwed up his characterization here (wouldn't be the first time he's done that).


Starro The Conqueror shows up again. Return #3...

Red Robin #18

Tim Drake confirmed for ultimate Lady's Man?

Shadowland: After The Fall #1

I like Black Panther's new outfit, it certainly says "urban warrior". By the way, is it just me or does Chechetto's art look reminiscent of Steve McNiven's style a bit? Maybe it's just the colors, but I couldn't help to think of him when I read this.

These police officers seem a bit eager to forget that Daredevil locked up a bunch of their coworkers in a dungeon for who knows how long. Anyway, aside from this moment, After The Fall is actually pretty good, and if you want a palette cleanser after the Shadowland #5 you should check it out.

Superboy #2

 Superboy x Poison Ivy? Fanficcers, get to it!

The Parasite Frogs deserve their own ongoing series. And maybe a crossover with Pet Avengers.

Thor #618

Odin is brought back to life. This is a month after Loki also returned. What the heck is Fraction up to? Also, Return #4...

Thor: The Mighty Avenger #7

Those two scientists look kind of familiar, don't they?

Ultimate Avengers 3 #4

To be fair, if I was Blade I would hate Twilight too. Oh wait, I'm not Blade and I hate it anyway.

The Stark twins have a nice and peaceful conversation.

Ah, good! And here I was thinking I would go a whole Moment of The Week without making an "HEY KIDS, COMICS!" joke.

Warriors Three #2

Who knew that Woody Allen was such a badass?

Widowmaker #1

Ronin shows up again, though it's someone completely different under the mask, and has killed a bunch of people. Also, for those keeping score, this is Return #5. Do let me know if I missed any others!

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Space Jawa said...

I'd never ever heard of D-Man before this week, but now I can't help but feel sorry for the guy.

Zdenko said...

WEll, Wong will be Jarvis for them, if you were studying to be a magician your whole life and it added only to you being a cook for a bunch of supeheroes, you wouldn't be mad?

Ivan said...

Here's a crazy idea. Iron Fist cashes his check (he doesn't need the money anyway), and HANDS OVER THE FUCKING MONEY TO SPIDER-MAN. Not brain surgery. They have to go out of their way to show Spier-Man as a loser, even when he isn't that much of a loser anymore in his own title.

Also, the Wolverine/Squirrel Girl thing? Not cute, not funny, just annoying. Wong? Funny.

Matt Duarte said...

@Zdenko: I'm not saying he shouldn't be mad, but he is usually more respectful, isn't he?

@Ivan: Well, this could have happened before Big Time. And Iron Fist lost most of his company, so he could definitely use the paycheck.

Zdenko said...

@Matt-If I recall corectly, during the time when New Avengers slummed in Strange's house during issue 35 or something, he was like that to them, also. Basically, Wong doesn't like the fact he has to cater to their every need.

It doesn't seem to much out-of-character for him, honestly.

Btw. in the nanny 2pager, the guy between Sersi and Echo the ''Spider-Man lives here?Pass.'' guy... Who's he? Trapster?

Ivan said...

Out of curiosity: is the value of those checks revealed?

Ok, so Iron Fist could use the money, but I'm pretty sure Ben gets an allowance from Reed. :P

Anonymous said...

I don't understand "hey kids comics" joke . The avengers ultimate are clearly not intended for children

Naymlap said...

I think the Wong thing is becoming something of a running joke. Wong yelled at Wolverine for screwing up his kitchen in the Sanctum Sanctorum (sp) when the New Avengers were hiding out there.
Then Bucky complained about the mess the New Avengers were making in his apartment during Dark Reign.
The lesson is that the New Avengers are a bunch of [expletive] slobs. Bendis is ruining the Avengers franchise. Back when Roy Thomas was writing the Avengers they picked up after themselves.

Matt Duarte said...

@Zdenko: Yeah, I think it's him.

@Ivan: There was an issue of Fantastic Four recently (I think) that had Ben going up to Reed and telling him that the New Avengers were paying him more.

@Anon: Yeah, but it's using what looks like the Hulk and what looks like Iron Man, two wildly popular character with kids, in a scene where one punches the head cleanly out of the other.

Space Jawa said...

@Matt (9): The issue of New Avengers has Ben comment along the same lines ("This is better than my Fantastic Four pay.").

Zdenko said...

@Iva-The value of checks isn't revealed.

Btw. shame you couldn't post the whole 3 pgs of that Blade VS Twilight scene. The first 2 pgs we're hilarius. :)

Midnight Monk said...

NA-Surprising to Echo again, atleast BMB admitted that she was literally forgotten by the rest of these guys. Why hasn't she ever been brought back is an utter mystery to me

As for Wong, he had a point about being nothing but the New Avengers version of Jarvis, Someone of his caliber deserves more respect

RR- Tim Drake is DC's new man-whore, I guess he'll be working his way through the Titan girls soon enough

Ryan K Lindsay said...

Why does Spider-Man say 'oy'? Is that him saying 'oy'? Bendis is a decent writer, at times, but he puts far too much of himself into established characters at times. He should make Scarlet 'oy, vey' her way through a story, but not Spidey.

loran16 said...

Ryan, Spider-Man isn't Jewish, but he's a native New Yorker. The word, while yiddish in origin, is not exactly foreign to New Yorkers and is part of the common vernacular. Using "oy" wouldn't be out of character for him, really.

Klep said...

And so we see the true power of Squirrel Girl. Not only is she capable of defeating major cosmic-level threats like Thanos (the real Thanos, and not a robot or clone or anything), but she can have a relationship with Wolverine without being brutally slaughtered!

Steven said...

It seems out of character for Wong because, other than and before Bendis wrote him that way, he never had an attitude anything like that. All of the examples given in the comments are from times when Bendis wrote him out of character.

Space Jawa said...

I'm neither Jewish nor from the New York area (from the midwest), and I've even used "oy" on multiple occasions. I could probably accept a lot of characters with personalities that are more on the lighthearted side of things saying it and not see it as being something too out of character.

Rolls off the tongue nicely, too.

Zdenko said...

I'm from Bosnia and a catholic and I use Oy quite often and most of my friends do.

Anonymous said...

I am not even American and I say "oy" as well lol

*awaits a post from an alien who frequently uses the term as well*

Ivan said...

I'm brazilian and I...don't use "oy" at all because oy sounds like "hi" in our language.

Anonymous said...



Brandan said...

Tim Drake is a vigin, which makes it kinda hard to be a man-whore.

Does Red Star showing up in Red Robin count as a Return?

Mewzard said...

Ah, the return of Starro the Conqueror, should be quite an enjoyable return. I just hope this time, he brings his fight to Earth. The JLA need to have that face off.

twobitspecialist said...

I recognized some of the prospective nannies, but not all. Hellcat, She-Hulk, Deadpool, Tigra, and Cassie Lang. Who are the others?

Matt Duarte said...

From left to right, top to bottom: Hellcat, Mantis, D-Man, Firebird, Machine Man, Sersi, Trapster, Echo, U.S. Archer, Molly Hayes, Madame Web, Ultragirl, Groot, D-Man again, Howard The Duck's girlfriend, Deadpool, Sepulchre, Stature, D-Man (again), She-Hulk, U.S. Archer (again), Nighthawk, Sepulchre (again), Devlor, Tigra, and Squirrel Girl.

I had to look up a couple of those. I had no idea who Devlor or U.S. Archer were until I looked them up.

twobitspecialist said...

Thanks! I like how they asked Madame Web, a BLIND lady, to be a nanny. 'course, that could be explained away two ways:

1)They asked Julia Carpenter, and they didn't know she was the new Madame Web, or

2)She can use her clairvoyance to avoid danger to the baby, which would actually be pretty cool. Too bad she has such a strict schedule.

Anonymous said...

Gotta Love Blade for Hating Twilight. god I hope he did stake that FAKE VAMPIRE in this dream.

I just wish more folk would catch on like I have, that woman wrote a sexfic about ANGEL (yes that Angel from the Buffy verse) and her and that is where this all started. Tell me that pussy Edward doesn't look like him.

Squirrel Girl and Wolverine that I wish I never heard. Logan is the world's oldest Pedo now if you ask me.

Anonymous said...

Squirrel Girl did not fight Wolverine in the past. The opposite, he had his mind read and and it showed Squirrel Girl is who he dreams about.

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