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Comic Book Moments of the Week for 12/15/10

Time for some Moments of The Week! This week we have for you: beer, milk, and plenty of blood, though not necessarily in that order. We also have Spider-Man's new suit, the reveal of villain in Green Lantern, and a couple of Galactuses (or is that Galacti?). What are you waiting for? Hit the jump to see all of the moments.

Amazing Spider-Man #650

Milk?! Come on, Black Cat, true divas bathe in champagne

The new suit explained. It's light and sound reflecting. High-tech Spidey!

Batman & Robin #18

I didn't post this character appearance a couple of weeks ago, but she has a huge hole in her head (you'll see in a bit). She survives because her head is mostly empty. Apparently this is a real disease, look it up.

Batman doesn't get to "mansplain" things.

I don't know what's funnier, the giant scissors or the bag marked "girlfriend's body parts".

Batman #705

Yeahbuwhatnow? I'm not following this series, anyone care to explain?

Birds of Prey #7

The girls from Birds of Prey take Dove to a stripper club for her birthday. I was half-expecting the strippers to be members of Secret Six. Or for them to be in the same club.

Oracle plans her "death" to protect the people around her. Doesn't look like she is going to go back to being Batgirl after all.

Chaos War #4

Athena explains why she has switched sides. I'm not the God of Wisdom or anything, but that's not exactly a sound plan, is it? Let's just hope that after all of reality is destroyed and thrown into complete darkness and chaos, life and order will just reinsert themselves again.

Oh Amadeus Cho, this is why we love you.

Green Lantern: Emerald Warriors #5

This scene just cracked me up. Guy Gardner is just having a normal day and he randomly starts projectile vomiting blood all over the place. But wait, there's more!

All that blood that Guy vomited went up on the wall and formed some kind of vision of the future. Lots of bits are in there and in the next page. Also, I'm not a doctor, but I'm pretty sure that if you vomit THAT MUCH BLOOD, you would be dead.

Green Lantern #60

You know, in all of my years reading comics, I think this scene best sums up Hal Jordan: he's the kind of guy that when a friend gives him a book, he goes and watches the movie instead.

The creature that was collecting all the entities is revealed: Krona. Time to break out those copies of Trinity!

Strange Tales II #3

New rule: from now on, every time Galactus appears on a comic, Marvel must hire this James Stokoe guy to draw him.

Thunderbolts #151

This issue revealed through a flashback the origin of Ghost. The first time reading this page, I didn't catch on that Ghost was "redacting" his name out of the story, and I thought it was just swear words being censored. Makes the scene much funnier though!

 OH SH.. The new member of Thunderbolts is none other than Hyperion (who is basically a clone of Superman). I admit I had to look up which version of the character this was, because there's several of them running around.

Uncanny X-Force #3

Deadpool-Tent confirmed for getting it's own ongoing series in April.

Wolverine #4

A new take on the fastball special. To be honest, with all the times that Wolverine gets possessed, I'm surprised Colossus hadn't thought of doing this earlier.

Throughout this arc there has been a mysterious man in hell that was interested in Wolverine getting out there. It's none other than Logan's father. I'm intrigued to see where this is going to go. 

X-Factor #212

Darwin, whose power is to constantly evolve to save and protect himself, was touched by Hela, which should have caused him instant death. In response, Darwin's powers turn him immortal... and grow him a cape and a headpiece. Yeah, I don't know.

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Randallw said...

I also thought Ghost was being sworn at. At first I thought he was just some average programmer who got no respect.

Matt Duarte said...

Well, that makes me feel better knowing that I wasn't the only one.

Ivan said...

So, the new spidey costume is cool an all that, but what is going to be the excuse to keep him from using it all the time? It gets destroyed? Too expensive to keep functional for a longe time?

Bill said...

I've been following Batman. I might've missed something, but it doesn't make any more sense to me. And if I did miss something, I don't care.

onefinemess said...

I haven't had time to look up Ghost's original origin, I wonder if they changed much? I'm also wondering what it was in particular about his story that creeped Moonstone out so much. I mean, her expression was drawn as being pretty shocked. I don't see anything shocking in his story though I mean, how could she not have seen that coming?

re: Darwin: Also. Yeah. This is probably the first time in his whole run that I think David has missed a step. I think it was a good idea, but the execution was not the best and in fact rather wacky. I mean, couldn't he just have evolved into some god-energy absorber or something simpler? Not an omegadeath god who trashes Hela (even though I'm sure she'll still be around in Thor)?

MisterSmith said...

I wonder what kind of milk Black Cat is bathing in? Because, well, BOOBS.


I find the wording "...when I suddenly puked up SOME blood" (emphasis mine) entirely amusing. That is not SOME blood, that is about ten peoples' worth!

I really hope Marvel gives James Stokoe some more work. That panel alone more or less justified the existence of this second run of Strange Tales, but I'd love to really see him go all out.

I found Hyperion's reveal underwhelming. Maybe it's just the way I'm reading it, but it seemed to be mentioned so matter-of-factly and just a way to make the issue's page count. I'm really excited for him to be on, but it's just the way he was brought in.

Anonymous said...

"New rule: from now on, every time Galactus appears on a comic, Marvel must hire this James Stokoe guy to draw him."

Please be kidding. Galactus looks like he's made out of LEGOs in this panel.

Bobby Weenus said...


Shawn said...

Poor Guy, in the words of Milo Thatch from Disney's Atlantis, "Carrots?! Why is it always carrots?" Come to think of it, Guy did a lot of thinking while he was yakking his brains out. Usually for me it's like, "Ogod, ogod, ogod here it comes again...huuurgle!!" Must be why he's a GL and I'm not.

Brandon Whaley said...

@Anonymous - Sure, Galactus looks like he's made out of Legos...but Legos that can devour worlds.

Heh, just kidding, I'm not a fan either.

John J said...

"The creature that was collecting all the entities is revealed: Krona. Time to break out those copies of Trinity!"

Krona essentially created the Mulitverse. I dunno if readers need to pull up a crappy weekly series to to know who he is. Crisis on Infinite Earths may be a better (and more important) book. But hey, I'm sure you've never read it.

Anonymous said...

"Galactus looks like he's made out of LEGOs in this panel"

You say that almost as if its a bad thing?!?! lol, aka me saying i liked James Stokoe interpretation.

- AndyK

sdelmonte said...

Krona...OK, I get why one review said this is just another "Geoff uses an obscure character, whatever" moment. But my first reaction was, "Krona...oh, wow." I haven't been reading this every month, but I am definitely looking forward to the collection.

As for Riddler, I have read just enough of Daniel's Batman run to know that Daniel undid everything Paul Dini did to make Nigma a really interesting character and reverted him to just another crazy supervillain. I miss Edward Nigma, PI, already.

Matt Duarte said...

@John J.: I know who Krona is. Of course I have read Crisis on Infinite Earths (it's sitting four feet away from me at this moment, in my bookshelf). I was commenting on the fact that, as far I know, Trinity was the last place that Kronas showed up.

But hey, thanks for implying I don't know what I'm talking about. Asshole.

John J said...

@Matt Duarte: hahaha, no problem dude.

At least you got way too offended by it and didn't take it as good-natured ribbing as I had hoped. But hey, it's hard to read inflection in text, and you seem extraordinarily defense, so bad mixture all around I suppose! :)

twobitspecialist said...

ASM #650 - I gotta say, I shouldn't have been reading that comic in public. 0_o

B&R #18 AND GL:EW #5 - Matt, I see you as the kind of guy who is always cracking up at inappropriate times. I doubt that was the intended purpose of those scenes, but that's comics for ya! ;)

Batman #705 - So Edward Nigma has a daughter, and she goes by the name "Enigma." Did they really run out of riddler-related puns? Betcha the girl's real name starts with E, too.

T-bolts #151 - I liked this issue. I honestly don't know how much backstory has there ever been for Ghost, and I don't care if it contradicts it. Also, what I always loved about Thunderbolts is having obscure super-villains getting a moment to shine.

Matt Duarte said...

@John: Alright, my bad, I admit that the insult was uncalled for.

@twobit: It's just the ridiculousness of the situation that gets me. First of all, who takes the time to label their bag of human parts? And I just keep imagining poor Guy trying to go through the rest of his day and vomiting at incredibly inappropriate times.

And I really enjoyed that Galactus. It's certainly a different take on a classic.

Daryll B. said...

I had to laugh when a reviewer at another site said "I had to look up the mystery villain in Green Lantern" yet later in the review the reviewer then says "I have followed the GL books since Hal's return".... Really? The "mystery" villain has been mentioned AND shown during both major GL storylines in addition to Countdown, Final Crisis and Trinity. Kinda hard to miss this villain ESPECIALLY with how linked he is to GL mythos...

Speaking of that same universe... I didn't know the red rings produced their own blood supply because that was WAY more than an adult male can produce.

Good thing I got out of Spidey-ville or my hater-aid would be going non-stop. Milk bath? Spidey Armor 3.0? ugh....

Okies, someone has some explaining to do because Hyperion is dead... in another universe. Did the GrandMaster create a new one?

Galactus picture is cool as a one piece/poster but I don't think I could read a monthly of him in that style.. especially after the great art we got of him during the DnA cosmic run....

The gal with the hole in her head and Riddler introducing this universe's Enigma were both "Holy ****" moments followed by huh? what?

Sue me but I always thought Wolvie's father would turn out to be involved with Apocalypse in some fashion...(thus helping to explain his long life..)

Darwin this week > Amadeus Cho.... I did not see him evolving into Death's Avatar to counter Hela coming....

Awesome moments as usual Matt....

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