Sunday, December 26, 2010

Comic Book Moments of the Week for 12/22/10

I hope everyone is having a nice Boxing Day, for those of you that know what that is. For the rest of us, here are some Moments of The Week. Today we have plenty of Batman, Inc. around the world, Larfreeze celebrating Christmas, and plenty of Millarisms from Superior and Kick-Ass. Hit the jump to see them all.

Batman Annual #28 

This is Nightrunner, the representative of Batman, Inc. in France. If you have been reading, you know there's some fake controversy stirred up by racists that are pissed off he is of Muslim decent. In any case, I think it's a pretty strong design, and this page looks great.

Batman, Inc. #2

Rule Number 2: You DON'T use guns.

This page "hear" would be great if not for the incredibly obvious spelling error.

The kid learns fast, doesn't he?

Deadpool #30

Deadpool outsmarts the vampires. And the X-Men, who somehow didn't think to do this.

Green Lantern Corps #55

Guy gets to vomit blood, Ganthet gets to vomit blood, EVERYBODY GETS TO VOMIT BLOOD!

Pretty cool splash page of the Sinestro Corps arriving to fight the Weaponer, but I'm pretty sure some of these characters are dead, unless I'm mistaken.

Invincible #76

In space, no one can hear you gurgle on your own blood. Spoiler: Don't worry, neither of them died. They show up on the next moment...

Apparently Oliver didn't die either, and he's getting a bionic arm and jaw.

Green Lantern: Larfreeze Special #1

Here's the recipe for the Larfreeze cookies. Make sure to click and see it bigger. Apparently, some people have already made them and were bombarding Geoff Johns via Twitter with photos of them.

 Aw yeah, Tiny Titans Lantern Corps! This was easily the best part of the whole issue. Click to see the bigger version.

Legion of Super-Heroes #8

Mon-El is going to be the new leader of the Legion.

Nemesis #4

Nemesis meets his end at the hands of Blake Murrow. Also, Speed Lines Everywhere.

And apparently Nemesis wasn't even the big bad, just a henchman of an even bigger villain who has been planning this all along and that gives super powers to rich and bored people. I can't even believe they optioned this for a movie.

Punisher: In The Blood #2

Venom gets caught with his pants down, literally.

Superior #3

Superior gets his own Lois...except that she dresses like a hooker. I mean, come on, that's a U-Neck and she doesn't seem to be wearing a bra. I know this is part of Leinil Yu's stick, but if you are trying to portray someone as professional, you can imagine she would not wear this to work.

Uncanny X-Men #531

ARMS DO NOT WORK THAT WAY! Either that or this virus atrophies the way muscles and bones work, in which case, carry on.

X1N1 hasn't infected any homo sapiens... until now. Dr. Rao injects herself to test if it can happen, and I have a feeling this one is going to end in tears.

Wonder Woman #605

Really, Wonder Woman? You are going to wreck the guy's pawn shop and threaten him because he is not paying you enough for that statue? That's not very heroic.

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Ken said...

Didn't even know Nemesis #4 came out. And it seems to have a terrible ending, not really a shocker there.

Greg Land traced a WWE wrestler for Namor, a Cena or someone not Triple H.

Glad to see Mon-El won the LoSH vote, although it screws with Levitz's story.

onefinemess said...

Man, Greg Land is really stepping up his game and finally learning not to trace, isn't he? .... Yeah. Those pages are terrible. Whoever he is tracing for Dr. Rao.... he's used that face for Susan Storm and god knows how many others... but hey, at least he changed the skin tone!


I do dig that Nightrunner design though! I thought the stuff in the wings was part of the design at first, before I zoomed - like he had newspaper clipping wings/cape. Which I really dug too.

Midnight Monk said...

Batman-Gotta say I not that impressed with Nightrunner's outfit, it seems too "unoriginal" but still the people complaining just because his Muslim decent are idiots

As for Mr.Unknown..looking awesome, got to see an Non-Bat look

Punisher-Wow...just wow lmao

X-Men- I think Ken is right on the money, Namor looks like Dave Batista with pointy ears lol.

As for Dr. Rao, I see Greg Land can make a porn face with every female *facepalm*, anyway hope she doesn't die

Michael said...

Aww, you left out the most wtf part of the Nemesis ending, apparently the bigger bad wrote that letter and left the bottle TEN YEARS AGO!

Seriously Miller, what the hell?

Space Jawa said...

Deadpool shows why guns aren't just for cowards.

On Nemesis: So if there's someone who can make people supervillains, then wouldn't it stand to reason that there should also be someone sooner or later who'd be able to make people superheroes? Or someone who would try to find a way to make people superheroes?

On Wonder Woman: Wow, she's really a jerk. I wonder if she took notes from Superman.

Daryll B. said...

You just know that Deadpool watched the whole X-Men vs Vampires thing with a crooked eye wondering:"I thought you posers said you fought vampires before???"

O you know those crazies were going to come out about Nightrunner... They b**** about everything not "pure" in their eyes...

Related note... how long before we have the Ra's and Bruce organizations hitting headlong into each other? Even LutherCorp and Batman Inc.?

I liked The LoSH issue because I remember the Death of Brande...but for all those new to the Legion Universe (i.e. all those that jumped on with Johns-ification), a brief one page recap of the incident would have helped.

Mon-El as Leader? Whoo Boy..this gonna be interesting..especially when he has to give Shady orders.....

Glom crosses over to the Tiny Titans book.. I see it now... Him, Croc and Match hanging about trouble...

Anonymous said...

Millar won't notice any complaint, as he is buried under a mountain of cash.

Wes Addington said...

I actually made the Orange Lantern cookies. They were wonderful.

Matt Duarte said...

@Wes: Ha, that's amazing.

Shawn said...

Wonder Woman? Two words: Antiques. Roadshow. Or how about just one: Ebay!!

Anonymous said...

@ Space Jawa

No there won't be any superheroes in Nemesis. In Millar's mind, the willingness and ability to cause human pain, suffering, and death determine the worth of a person. Otherwise there would have been a lot of Oliver Queen like people who wanted superpowers instead of only sadistic villains.

Jeremy said...

Boy, Kirkman can write flavorless exposition with the best of them. Every time I see an page from Invincible its either Uber-violence or somebody is droning all with endless exposition that sound like it could come from anybody's mouth.

The Dangster said...

for the record, that's not the real venom in Punisher.

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