Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Reader Question: Who Might Be The Next Thunderbolt?

Hey kids, do you want to play Luke Cage and select your own heinous villain to be a government-sponsored, nanite-controlled, covert-op whipping boy? If you've answered yes then you might just have such an opportunity over at Marvel.com where they have asked us to: Choose The Next Thunderbolt!

Jeff Parker has totally promised to maybe consider the results of this poll so how can you say no to that offer? Hit the link above to vote, or the jump below to see what your options are.

This seems like it might be more fun than anything else but the opportunity to have your voice heard should never be squandered. Below is the list of possibile candidates floated by Marvel to become the next Thunderbolt. It's an interesting list, have a look:
  • Batroc
  • Mr Hyde
  • Dark Beast
  • Absorbing Man
  • Sandman
  • Ana Kraven
  • Dr. Demonicus
  • Madame Masque
  • Living Laser
  • Scarecrow
  • The Griffin
  • The Shocker
  • Brother Grimm
  • Other: {write in your own}
That's a very interesting list to choose from, I feel. There's a variety of random and awesome villains there, from a diverse range of titles and families within the Marvel U. Any of these guys and gals could make a great Thunderbolt if the poll goes their way and then Parker decides to even listen to it.

My vote has gone in for Madame Masque. I think she's an intriguing character and there are still plenty of great stories to tell about and with her. I'm voting for her purely because I want to see her in comics more, not to mention written by Jeff Parker. That's a match made in heaven, to me.

My secondary vote, were I given one, would go to Batroc. Why? Because he's Batroc, he's aweosme, he's funny, he's got an accent, and I think he would work extremely well within the current dynamic of Thunderbolts that Parker is playing with. He would make the biggest splash as a new entrant and I can only hope his placement of first on the list will promote plenty of donkey votes his way to get him across the line.

It is definitely noticeable to see the absence of certain villains from this list. Where is Mr Fear from Daredevil? He'd make a great addition to the team. Why isn't there a symbiote choice on offer? How could they have left off Cottonmouth, or Mojo, or Mysterio, or Sin?

I really don't know why Deadpool hasn't been put into this team yet, he'd be a perfect fit. Right?

As the voting stands right now, The Shocker has a massive lead with 29.08% of the vote, with Scarecrow close behind on 19.17%, and Batroc bringing in the top trio with 16.76%. Poor old Madam Masque is doing okay but far off the lead with only 7.15% of the vote. At least she's doing better than Mr Hyde, Living Laser, The Griffin, and Brother Grimm who barely have 2.50% between them all.


Who would you vote for as your next Thunderbolt? Is it someone on the list or would you cast your voice to the wind on a write-in addition? Let us know in the comments, and make sure you hit the link and have your say. Thunderbolts - Publicity Stunts Like Lightning!

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Daryll B. said...

Let's have a lil fun with this..... OK First I'll eliminate those that creators have tried to "redeem" in the past (because we know some clod will come in the future will come and undo it)....

Eliminates: Batroc (sorry Ryan), Dark Beast, Absorbing Man, Sandman, Madame Masque (sorry again), Living Laser

OK, villain has to have a buzz to their name....

Eliminates: Dr. Demonicus, The Griffin, Brother Grimm

Established villain who is known in "several books/universes" in recent times....

Eliminates: Ana Kraven, Scarecrow, Mr Hyde

So guess what? That only leaves The Shocker as the prime candidate for the squad in my opinion.

Matt Duarte said...

I voted for Batroc ze leaper!

Zdenko said...

Voted for Sandman. :)

Ivan said...

When I voted for Batroc he was winning. Oh well, Shocker can be fun too.

Anonymous said...

Madame Masque

twobitspecialist said...

I voted for Madame Masque because the T-bolts needs more ladyz! Besides, someone in the comments there made a good point: she's becoming less of an obscure character with her appearances in Iron Man, and we want more recognizable villains, don't we?

At this point, Shocker is got a quarter of the total votes, with Absorbing Man and Madame Masque following close by. I hope Absorbing Man doesn't become a T-bolt. I never really liked him.

Anonymous said...

Doctor Demonicus, hands down. He would mutate animals into Godzilla-sized monstrosities. (See "Shogun Warriors".) Imagine the Thunderbolts trying to do a covert ops mission in Pakistan, and all subtlety is blown when a 80-story demon dog bursts out of nowhere!

captain koma said...

Its easy - Doctor Bong

Midnight Monk said...

Surprised by so much Shocker love but funny story, I been thinking about the guy alot since seeing Montana in recent ASM lol, I voted Madam Masque though I really enjoyed her while she was in the Hoods Gang and especially during Dark Reign

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