Monday, January 3, 2011

All The Best Comics Have Daddy Issues #11

I'm handing over the reins on this week's column, much like I did previously with Kelly Sue DeConnick, except this time it's for a good friend and fellow comic journalist, Brandon Whaley of Rokk's Comic Book Revolution. I give him the same questions and he delivers with some thoughtful answers. Hit the jump to be enlightened.

1. How has being a father affected your comic buying/reading habits?

Brandon Whaley: Mainly, it has affected the budget. I still have plenty of time to read the comics, but finding disposable income is far more difficult these days. Due to this, I no longer pick up many books in singles, and I trade wait most of my titles. If I pick up a book in singles, that book is a must-have for me. No more giving titles a shot for the heck of it. I tend to wait until I hear some sort of feedback before I dive into something new.

2. How has being a father affected your comic writing habits?

Brandon Whaley: Honestly, I never really wrote anything comic-related until after my first daughter was born. That said, it really is difficult sometimes to sit down and write, either due to time or stress or both.

3. If you could only give your child one comic run to read, what would it be?

Brandon Whaley: Easily Spider-Man. Say what you will about his current state, I grew up on Spidey and I related to him. Same goes for my wife, and she's not even really a comic fan. My daughter already knows who he is, and I think its something every kid can relate to at some point in their lives.

4. What comic is best to read to prepare you for fatherhood?

Brandon Whaley: Hmmm, that's a tough one. I'd have to say, in all honesty, the Silver Surfer. Why? I can't really say to be honest. I just know I find myself going back to the value he taught me as a kid time and time again, and those are values that I wish to pass on to my girls.

5. Who do you think the best father in comics is?

Brandon Whaley: Magneto. No, no, I kid. Hmm...I'd have to go with Charles Rider, father of Richard Rider, aka Nova. Charles was a workaholic, and went so far as to get involved in organised crime, but he did all of this for his family. Once he found out about Rich's second life, he was very supportive of his crime-fighting duties. Apart from a spat during Civil War, Charles and Rich have gotten along pretty well.

6. Which comic character would you most want to be your child?

Brandon Whaley: Atomic Robo. Yeah, he's a robot. What of it? Seriously, how many kinds of awesome would it be to raise a robot to be a functioning member of society?

7. Any father/comics nuggets of wisdom you’d like to impart?

Brandon Whaley: Read comics to your kids. My oldest loves to read because she sees the pictures along with the words. The word balloons fascinate her. She is so curious about everything, and part of that comes from comics. We've learned colors and shapes this way. She loves Batman and Spider-Man, and I feel like the values imparted (in most all-ages titles at least) are good lessons for anyone to learn. With great power comes great responsibility. I don't think any parent can argue against their child learning such things.

Thanks for playing along with us Brandon. Cheers.

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babs said...

Anyone care ? no? okay moving on...

twobitspecialist said...

@babs - You obviously did because you took the time to reply.

I care too. These guys are all right.

tony said...

Lets be honest twobit you didnt even read it , you just came to start an arguement , just ignore her

4. What comic is best to read to prepare you for fatherhood?

Brandon Whaley: Hmmm, that's a tough one. I'd have to say, in all honesty, the Silver Surfer. Why? I can't really say to be honest. I just know I find myself going back to the value he taught me as a kid time and time again, and those are values that I wish to pass on to my girls.

........ I actually like this feature but I dont believe that it needs to go out weekly , I mean if you have answers as weak as that which doesnt clearly answer the questions just wait until you can find a stronger topic

twobitspecialist said...

@tony - I did read it. Otherwise, I'd just be a hypocrite, and that's worse than being a troll.

tom said...

stop arguing , you and the anonymous posters always ruin features by your pointless off topic childish arguements.

anyways Ithink your running out of steam for this feature , try and go out with a bang

Ryan K Lindsay said...

Wow, there's almost a really sick part of me that would want to keep this going forever just to see the entitled dickishness pour forth from trolls...but I doubt I have it in me.

Babs - I don't think I can say it enough. If you don't like it or care for it then just leave it alone. Didn't you ever learn that lesson? So sad.

Tom - I agree - but what sort of bang should I explode?

Anonymous said...

You know if your features always get a negative response maybe the feature isn't that great ( don't jump down my throat)

Ryan K Lindsay said...

...I am more annoyed that I say it too often. If you don't like it, don't read it. The onus shouldn't have to be on me to not write it to placate you.

And I'm pretty sure I've never said this feature was the greatest thing ever. But it's something I want to do, for now. I would think, in a polite world, that wouold be enough.

Gail said...

Sorry you criticise writers yet you can't take the heat yourself? Get a grip

Ryan K Lindsay said...

I just had the best idea. Babs, Gail, the whole gang can get in on it.

You create a site that doesn't comment on comics but rather comments on comics commentary. You can create a post for every comic news article you come across, you link to it, then you put in your two cents. Every article, from CBR to ComicsAlliance to us here at the Weekly Crisis. We post an article and you link to it and then give your verdict. You can say what you like or don't about it, or you can say whatever you like, I won't restrain you. It can be a 'Media Watch' type site. I actually think that would be really cool.

But I guess that's what the comments here are for. I just think a site that condensed everything and told you what was crap and what was great would be really interesting.

Brandon Whaley said...

You guys get the best comments. I honestly take no offense to them, they must really care about my answers to critique them so closely. I never knew you cared!
Seriously though, if you guys hate every single article posted here, why do you visit? Masochism?

Kevin said...

You know by commenting on this you are only showing that you actually care what is said. Just like any other form of entertainment you actions speak louder than words. If you do not like a column or review than don't read them. Both Ryan and Brandon are just trying to give you another perspective to consider just like everyone that writes commentary or reviews on any website like here at the Weekly Crisis and me and my bros at the Revolution.

In truth you only feed our egos by acknowledging what we write matters to you. ;)

In any case this was a very good article Ryan.

Brandon Whaley said...

Indeed Kevin, as they say, there's no such thing as bad publicity :)

Anonymous said...

Oh boy, castigate Ryan for having the gall to post something you didn't approve of. That is known as entitlement, not a trait one should be proud of having. Please practice a small amount of decorum and the world can be a happier place.

Fun and interesting series that comes at these topics from a viewpoint I've yet to graduate to in life. Keep up the money work you Awesome Australian!

Anonymous said...

That silver surfer A was stupid

Anonymous said...

How come you call everyone that gives a negative comment a troll? I mean you give writers criticism yet when you get some you immediately call it trolling , kinda puts you in a bad light . I mean yes some comments can be harsh but some of them point out something bad whereas the positive comments are "very good" ," insightful" ," fun and interesting" okay the comments are nice what exactly is good about them ? You kinda get the impression you just skipped the whole article , ignoring the contents just to defend Ryan . So my opinion that while I like this feature considering Im a mother myself was that the interview was weak ps plz do not call me a troll

Ryan K Lindsay said...

@Anon14 - see, you're not a troll because you are actually conversing. That's the difference. You state your opinion and why. Babs, up the top there, that's a troll. It doesn't offer insight or any real opinion, it's just snarky, bordering on rude, and I don't ever really appreciate it.

My rule of thumb is, look at your comment and see if you'd say it to my face, or anyone's face. If the answer is no, then you're probably a troll. Babs is trolling here, but I'm not even certain anyone else truly is. Tony and Tom aren't really. Even the anon right before you offers a viewpoint, which is appreciated. I laugh that it is put down so poorly, but it has a right to be there. Babs, the way she words things and her intent, I don't think that's necessary.

I don't look for praise, hell, Tom rips a very good argument into me in a short space and that I can handle, even agree with. I just wonder, would you say these things to a person's face?

You, Anon16, are not a troll. You are welcome anytime :)

Ivan said...

People don't seem to realize there's a ton of difference between snark and criticism (even of the not-constructive kind).

Matt Duarte said...

Holy smokes, 18 comments, this is the most popular feature of these past two weeks!


Calico said...

I really liked this book. I would suggest it to everyone, well worth the read.

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